Thursday, June 25, 2009

Greek Revival

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Justin Fox Burks

With its one-shoulder styling and delicate belt, Jenny Dusanek's Grecian-inspired top is perfect for hot summer nights on the Peabody rooftop. Wearing the top with slim black pants from Banana Republic and delicate thongs from White House Black Market, Dusanek described her style as "modern yet classic."

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Bare Shoulders

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Justin Fox Burks

When heading to the Peabody rooftop party, Terri Robinson wanted to wear something cool, but on the classic side. She choose a sleeveless top from White House Black Market with a charcoal-wash jean.

She said she wasn't used to wearing her shoulders bare, but she's "getting more into it lately. ... I feel young and vibrant. Life is great."

Our favorite part, though, was when she said, "I don't do trampy."

As if we couldn't tell.

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Beaded Halter

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Justin Fox Burks

Out of all the people we've shot so far, Regina Washington was the one I felt like we ambushed.

I mean, most of our fashionistas have been walking around, hanging out, partying ... in two words: easily approachable.

Washington was eating dinner with a friend.

I thought she looked so cool and collected and, yes, comfortable, that I couldn't resist interrupting her dinner. And that was before I saw all her great jewelry.

Thanks again, Regina!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eye-Con Three-Day Sale

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Eye-Con on Union Avenue is celebrating its fourth birthday with a three-day sale, starting tomorrow, June 25th.


It pays to shop early: the store is offering 25 percent off of everything in-store Thursday, with extended hours from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Friday everything is 15 percent off, and Saturday everything is 10 percent off. If you bring a friend — and, really, who likes to shop alone? — you both get an additional 5 percent off.

On Point

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Justin Fox Burks

Briana Alston’s Moda International dress and very strappy stilettos are certainly on point.

“I got these shoes four years ago, but I’ve never worn them until now,” she says. “I didn’t think I could walk in them, but it’s going okay so far.”

[Little story: You'll notice that there is a man standing on the right side of this shot. Now he looks like he might be listening to the band, and in all fairness, we were on the Peabody Rooftop, so he was. But he was also behind us when we walked up ... As soon as we started taking pictures of Briana, this guy jumped in the shot and then tried to act nonchalant about it. So there he is. And that makes me giggle.]

Modern Cleopatra

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Justin Fox Burks

In the version of this picture that we ran in the paper, Jessica Robinson was wearing this dress strapless and said she preferred it that way, because it showed off her shoulders. It appears (as evidenced by this shot) we also wanted to see it with the straps up.

This was actually the first outfit we shot for the summer style issue or the blog. Justin and I were trolling around South Main, right before the monthly trolley night was about to start. We saw Jessica from across the street and I think both of us were drawn to the color and pattern of her dress. There was also a little bit of wind and it gave the dress a nice fluid feel.

We ran across the street and followed her into Runway, which, at the time at least, had this dress in stock.

[Of course, when we started looking at the photos, we noticed her coworker with the 6-mile-long legs and wondered why we didn't get a shot of her, too!]


Braid and Boots

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Justin Fox Burks

I just thought Frankie Manuel's whole vibe was so cute. We were walking south on Second when we spotted her in a big group of people, one of whom I vaguely remember wearing wearing a monocle. (We probably should have taken a picture of that guy.)

The single braid with the boots makes me think of the country, and the dress is just so summery. Together, I l thought she just looked really fresh.

I asked her what her favorite part of her outfit was and she originally said it was her two necklaces. As someone who is a sucker for double necklaces — triple necklaces, too — I was charmed (pun intended, of course). Then she backtracked and went with the boots, which she had just had resoled.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oceans 13

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Justin Fox Burks

"My dress is from the Gap about 10 years ago and the sash is from the Limited, from about 12 years ago."

—Melissa Shaw Hurt

"We recently saw Oceans 13, and that was our inspiration. Fresh to death. She picked everything out."

—Joey Hurt, in front of Dish in Cooper Young

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Little Black Dress

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Justin Fox Burks

"This is a BCBG dress I found at Macy's. I wear it to work a lot and I go out in it. It's got kind of a low neckline thing going on. And I got a really good deal on it."

"I'm a shoe person. They make you feel like you've stepped it up a notch."

— Ada Askew, 25, on South Main

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Dress Shorts

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Justin Fox Burks

One of summer’s most popular looks is short shorts and lots of leg. And 22-year-old Rebecca Casad, who we caught up with in Cooper-Young, does it well with a BCBG top, beaded necklace, and gladiator heels by Ann Taylor.

Of the shoes she says, “I definitely wanted to show these with shorts.”

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Justin Fox Burks

What’s the new word for fierce? Because that’s what we thought when we spotted Flyer cover girl LaShonda Matlock at the Peabody Rooftop party, rocking what she called Christian Louboutin knockoffs and a patterned dress from Express that she got on sale.

“You can be fashionable in this recession and still be practical,” she says.


"In the roller derby now ..."

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Justin Fox Burks

"My shorts are from Forever Young. The top is from Old Navy, but I got it at a Switch and Bitch [for the uninitiated, where a bunch of people get together and trade clothes]. I just got these boots from my sister and I wanted to wear them.

And I'm in the roller derby now, so I wanted to show off my legs."

— Valerie Hopkins, 23, in Cooper-Young


"Whatever I have, I wear."

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Justin Fox Burks

"It was whatever was in my room."

How would you describe your personal style?

"Just typical Urban Outfitters. Whatever I have, I wear."

— Loran McNeely, 19, on South Main



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