Monday, July 25, 2016

Relevant Roasters To Become French Truck Coffee

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Geoffrey Meeker of French Truck Coffee
  • Geoffrey Meeker of French Truck Coffee

Geoffrey Meeker of the New Orleans-based French Truck Coffee has entered into a partnership with Jimmy Lewis of Relevant Roasters

Relevant Roasters will be rebranded French Truck Coffee, with Lewis in charge of the Memphis operation. The rebranding is set for September. In addition, they will open a roaster and cafe in the Crosstown Concourse building. 

Meeker started French Truck out of his home in 2012. He says he got into coffee via his cousin.

"She brought me a bag of coffee from a San Francisco roaster that was roasted the day before she got on the plane, and it was an epiphany," Meeker says. "I couldn't understand why coffee could be so good and I had never had it before. I then set about reverse-engineering to see how it could be done."

Meeker, who has a background as a chef, started the micro-roaster out of his laundry room. The coffee was delivered to customers' homes via a vintage truck. 


French Truck outgrew the laundry room. The business was moved into a warehouse with a coffee bar like Relevant's. There is now a French Truck Cafe as well.

It sells 14 types of coffee — 8 single-origin, 6 blends. 
According to Meeker, Lewis first contacted him to compare notes on the roasting business, and, eventually, Lewis asked him he was interested in a partnership. Meeker initially told him no before reconsidering what combining the brands might mean. 

As for the rebranding of Relevant into French Truck, Meeker explains the reason, "It's twofold: We feel, and Jimmy is of this opinion, that our brand is a really strong brand and it's got a lot of legs. And number two, if we were to remain two separate entities as far as naming goes, we wouldn't be able to capitalize on some of the efficiencies of having a larger operation because we would be buying two kinds of bags, two different websites, etc., etc., etc."

"Some of the steps that we've already taken and some of the lessons we've already learned get added into what Relevant was doing. We wouldn't have done this if Jimmy hadn't stayed on board," Meeker adds. 

The Crosstown Concourse French Truck will be a roaster/cafe with large windows on all sides so customers can get a peek into the roaster. The cafe will serve a European-inspired menu and beer and wine. Meeker envisions for the space coffee-centric education events, pop-up restaurants, and cuppings. 

Says Meeker of the partnership, "Jimmy already has amazing equipment. With our background in buying coffee and his background in roasting and us putting all that together, it just means that the Relevant Roaster product when it becomes French Truck is going to take one step forward as far as quality goes and the coffee that we're going to be selling in Memphis is world class, on par with what you might find in San Francisco and New York." 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Music, Food, Fun at First Caribbean Jerk Festival

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The first annual Memphis Caribbean Jerk Festival took place at the Water Tower Pavilion on Broad Street last Saturday. The festival featured jerk food vendors, live music and/or a deejay all day, face painting, and vendors selling clothing, jewelry, cigars, and fragrances.
At the Memphis Caribbean Jerk Festival
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At the Memphis Caribbean Jerk Festival

Frank Chin took in all the action at the first Memphis Caribbean Jerk Festival. 

By Frank Chin

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Guess Where I'm Eating Contest 107

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People dodge traffic for this stuff ... 


The first person to correctly ID the dish and where I'm eating wins a fabulous prize. 

To enter, submit your answer to me via email at

The answer to GWIE 106 is the scrambled eggs, hash browns, and biscuits at Barksdale, and the winner is ... Leslie Thompson! 

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Vintage 901 Wine Fest, etc.

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Vintage 901, a new wine festival, is set for March 10-12, 2017. 

The three-day event will include dinners, live music, and food trucks. It will be hosted by Laurie Forster, sommelier and author of The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine. 


Cosmic Coconut is closed while they remodel, but no worries, juiceheads, the CC juice truck is operating outside the Sanderland site, 7:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. 

A limited menu of juices, smoothies, and wheatgrass and ginger shots are being served. 


• I would buy this wine for the bendy straw alone. Available at Miss Cordelia's


Memphis Flyer Burger Week runs through Tuesday. This here is the Bluff City Burger from Huey's. 

McAlister's Deli is offering locals a free 32 oz. sweet tea all day long on Thursday, July 21st. 

To prepare for the day, according to a press release, McAlister's conducted a survey, which found that more than half of those surveyed would rather give up chocolate than a cold glass of sweet tea. This couldn't possibly be true, but ... FREE SWEET TEA! 

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sacred 8 Dinner Series, and more news

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• Friends, this may be the only culinary event in Memphis, if not the world, inspired by the movie Point Break — and not the infamous Patrick Swayze/Keanu Reeves vehicle but the remake. 

Chef Phillip Levy has created a series of eight supper club dinners called Sacred 8, which is a nod to a Japanese philosopher character and his eight feats of nature in Point Break, Levy says.

The dinners will be titled — "Master of Eight Lives," "Emergence of Ice," "Illuminating Earth," "Ultimatum," etc. Each will have a menu reflective of the season. For example, Levy says he's considering for the first dinner, held on August 13th, serving as one of the courses a quail egg with the yolk representing the sun. 

The dinners are limited to 35 guests. Location and menu will be revealed on the day of the event.


Levy, who is 27, trained under Andreas Kisler at the Peabody before moving to San Diego and then making his way back to Memphis. He now works as a personal chef.  

The tagline for Sacred 8 is "Are you ready for the challenge?" and the last dinner is called the "Ultimatum."  It's at the beginning of the summer, and I'm thinking of serving a tricky dish you don't want to try." 

• Attention barbecue lovers, Chef Shuttle announced Tuesday that they are now delivering Rendezvous. 

* Boscos Squared will reopen tomorrow after being closed since July 4th for renovations. A rep calls it a freshening up with new paint for the bar and the floors redone. 


• Picked up this big little cake from Bluff City Coffee. I guess it's about 3 or four slices. They have chocolate, carrot, and strawberry. Cakes are $10. 

Y'all must not want Mrs. Winner's, after all. The crowdfunding campaign has raised only $285 out of its $32,000 goal. Nine days are left in the campaign. 


• Sammy Hagar sighting at Sammy Hagar's Red Rocker Bar & Grill. (Is that bear Sammy Hagar too????) 

Hagar was in town to present checks, totalling $50,000, to the local charities the Mid-South Food Bank, The Boys and Girls Club of Crittenden County, and the Steudlein Learning Center. 

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flyer Cocktail Hour: Staff Samples New-to-Memphis Vodkas

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Two new vodka brands — LEAF Vodka and Khortytsa — are area available in Memphis by way of Athens Distributing.


A representative for the companies shipped the Flyer staff some samples to review, so on Friday afternoon, we had a little office cocktail hour. What can we say? Journalism is hard work, but somebody has to do it.


I tried the LEAF Vodka mixed with locally made (and incredibly spicy) Nikki's Hot Ass Bloody Mary Mix. LEAF is made with Rocky Mountain mineral water, which the company claims lends the vodka "a warm and savory impression." I've no idea what a warm and savory impression tastes like, but I can attest that this vodka is incredibly smooth. LEAF might be best enjoyed in a vodka martini, where nothing could come between its flavor and your mouth.


The Nikki's mix is great, but it's spiciness does tend to mask delicate flavors, meaning Nikki's is ideal for mixing with just about any vodka — high- or low-end. LEAF Vodka retails for about $19 for a 750mL bottle, a decent price for a vodka this good. Bonus: It's certified USDA organic.

Flyer reporter Chris Davis also had a bloody mary, and he said the LEAF Vodka "made my bloody merry." Reporter Toby Sells, who had his LEAF mixed with Simply Lemonade, said "I could hardly taste it, which means it was good vodka."


Next up was the Khortytsa vodka, an import from the Ukraine. They sent us their Platinum Vodka and their Honey Hot Pepper Vodka. Apparently, Khortytsa is the third biggest seller of vodka in the world, but they're just starting to enter the U.S. market. The Khortytsa (pronounced Hor-Ti-Tsa) Distillery was named among the world’s best distilleries at the 2014 New York International Spirits Competition. From the press release: "It uses a local organic filter containing schungite (a unique natural mineral) which allows it to get as close as possible to the structure of natural water. The filtration process is further enhanced with special birch and alder-tree charcoal and quartz sand sourced near the famous Crystal Mountains of the Urals near Yekaterinburg, Russia."

But how does it taste? I sampled the Platinum straight up, and it was smooth sailing. I could seriously just drink this stuff on the rocks (with a little water mixed in, of course). 

I didn't try the Honey Hot Pepper because, as a vegan, I don't consume products that contain honey. And while we weren't entirely sure if the honey was just an added flavor or actually in the product, I didn't take a chance. However, a few other staffers tried it, and there were mixed reviews.

Managing editor Susan Ellis tried it straight-up, and she said, while the vodka was smooth, she couldn't taste a pepper flavor or a honey flavor. IMB editor Richard Alley had his mixed with Nikki's Hot Ass mix, and he said he couldn't taste anything besides the mix, which he said was too hot for him. Flyer graphic designer Brian Rollins said the Honey Hot Pepper Vodka smelled like a hospital, and I took whiff and agreed. It had a sterile aroma, like something you might use to clean off medical equipment. I didn't notice that smell in the Platinum Khortytsa.

The LEAF Vodka was definitely the staff favorite, but I'd say the Platinum Khortytsa was smoothest vodka of the bunch.

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Friday, July 1, 2016

The Latest from DeJaVu, Kimbal Musk, other news

Posted By on Fri, Jul 1, 2016 at 11:13 AM

* A DeJaVu in Midtown? 

Not exactly, says chef/owner Gary Williams. 

The Renaissance, an event venue at 1588 Madison, is now serving Williams' Creole fare, but it is not, says Williams, an extension of the DeJaVu brand. 

The DeJaVu food truck is, however, part of the brand. Williams says the truck is ready to go and is waiting to make its debut. 

"Get out the way," he says. "We're coming." 


• Did you read the story at Eater, "Why Kimbal Musk Is Opening a $5-And-Under Restaurant Concept"?

It was um ... 

"This is a park [Shelby Farms where the Kitchen will be] that's meant for all of Memphis and the population of the city lies across the income spectrum — it's not located in a wealthy part of town," says Musk.
and er ... 

"When we look at the restaurants that serve most people in Memphis, it's places like McDonald's and other fast food joints," he says. 
(just like every city in America). 

Those quibbles aside, what was interesting is the $5-and-under idea, which, according to the story will be tested out in Memphis at the Kitchenette.

The Kitchenette, at Shelby Farms, will be the grab-and-go off-shoot of the Kitchen. 

But says a spokesperson for the Kitchen, "The articles about Kimbal's $5 restaurant are not correct. The Kitchen at Shelby Farms Park will have a sister grab 'n go cafe in the Visitor's Center called Kitchenette. It will feature items on the menu that visitors can eat at the Visitors Center or they can "grab 'n go" to the park. Sandwiches, salads, coffee, etc. The information about $5 pricing is not accurate.

"Our Next Door concept opening in Crosstown Concourse will have simple, real food at affordable prices that are in-line with casual dining restaurants such as Chilis or TGI Fridays."

The Kitchen holds a grand opening fund-raiser on August 13th.  


Wine in grocery stores starting today. First 50 people to purchase wine at Kroger get a corkscrew. 

• The Memphis Food & Wine Festival has been announced for October. 

The event, to be held at the Botanic Garden, will be hosted by Jose Gutierrez and will feature Jean-Georges Vongerichten (huge!). 

Cuisine will be from 28 chefs, both local and nationally known.

Tickets are $200 per person, with prices to go up to $250 September 15th. 

• The Memphis Caribbean Jerk Festival is July 16th at the Water Tower Pavilion on Broad. Expect all kinds of Caribbean dishes — from jerk to veggies and more. There will also be a domino tournament. 


* Why the hell not? 
(I liked 'em.)

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Guess Where I'm Eating Contest 106

Posted By on Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 11:34 AM

This place has lots of regulars ... 
The first person to ID the dish and where I'm eating wins a fabulous prize. To enter submit your answer to me via email at

The answer to GWIE 105 is the Pad Thai at Mosa, and the winner is ... Anita Lotz! 

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Al Kapone to Promote Hustle Vodka, Memphis Heat Cinnamon Whiskey

Posted By on Thu, Jun 23, 2016 at 8:51 AM


Bill Brooks has been in the liquor business out of St. Charles, Illinois, near Chicago, for nearly 40 years. Most of that time, he says, has been dealing in the Al Capone of the Roaring Twenties, specifically Tommy Guns vodka. And this is how he got hooked up with local rapper Al Kapone about five years ago. He enlisted Kapone to help promote Tommy Guns, which comes in a tommy gun-shaped bottle.

Their latest collaboration is Hustle Vodka and Memphis Heat Cinnamon Whiskey, produced by Dehner Distillery.

Actually, there are three products being launched: the vodka, the whiskey, and the rum-based Sassy Girl C.R.E.A.M.

Brooks tells me that C.R.E.A.M. is known to mean "Cash Rules Everything Around Me." On the label of Sassy Girl C.R.E.A.M. is a white woman on one side, a black woman on the other. Brooks reasons that liquor stores can turn the bottle any way it suits them. "It's the only product that goes after the urban woman demographic," he says. "And, if not, fine, it's cream." 

It's with the same savvy that Brooks has approached the Kapone-related brands. (Brooks says that Kapone told him to find a woman to promote Sassy Girl.)

"He was instrumental on the design," says Brooks of Kapone. The Hustle Vodka label has diamonds spelling out "hustle" against a gold nugget background. An earlier incarnation of the label was more ornate, with Kapone suggesting they make it simpler. Some versions has the rapper on the label.  

The label for Memphis Heat show a skyline of the city, including the "M" bridge, and flames. Brooks says that denotes the heat in Memphis and the "heat" in Memphis — all the cool things like Kapone's favs the Memphis Grizzlies. 

 "Al is our promoter," says Brooks. "We're using Memphis as a hub. From there, we go to Atlanta, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Florida." 

Hustle Vodka and Memphis Heat should be in the stores sometime around mid-July. 

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Update on LBOE, and Other News

Posted By on Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 3:38 PM

  • Justin Fox Burks

• Quick update on LBOE, which shut down in April after a fire. 

Tyler Adams of LBOE writes in a email, "Construction has started. The roof should be done in a couple weeks then interior work can start. Hopefully September for opening. We will be at Burger Fest on August 28th."


• Congrats to Babalu which won "Best Margarita" at last weekend's Margarita Festival, put on by the Flyer

A good time was had by all. Check out the photos on our Facebook page

• More fun from the Flyer: Burger Week is coming up July 13th-19th. 

Restaurants across the city will be offering a $5 burger special during the week. 

More info to come ... 


• First, there were beerings, and coming soon ... brewcelets! 

• MasterChef Junior winner Logan Guleff is participating in the James Bear Foundations's Blended Burger Project, which has a goal of serving healthier burgers. 

Chefs from across the country create burgers that incorporate mushrooms and then put them up for a vote. The top vote-getters win a trip to New York to cook at the James Beard House.

Guleff's burger is the Mushroom Monster. Vote here.  

Krystal is offering a limited time "Fired-Up" menu. Featured items  — burgers, corndogs, and chicken sandwiches — can be topped with a cheese sauce made with Tabasco sauce. There's also a Fired Up combo. 

Through August 7th. 

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Guess Where I'm Eating Contest 105

Posted By on Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 10:59 AM

I could eat this most days of the week ... 
The first person to correctly ID the dish and where I'm eating wins a fabulous prize. 

To enter, submit your answer to me via email at

The answer to GWIE 104 is Dyer's Double Double, and the winner is Will Irvine!

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Lettuce Eat Name Change, Plus More News

Posted By on Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 2:28 PM


• Lettuce Eat, the salad-riffic restaurant in Germantown, is now The Wild Beet Salad Co.

According to owner Kelcie Hamm, it was a trademark issue, and Lettuce Entertain You, which owns some 60-plus restaurants from Santa Monica to Chicago, has "dibs" on the word lettuce. She said it was okay with one restaurant, but since there were plans for a second Lettuce Eat ... 

A second Wild Beet is in the works at Knickerbocker Plaza in East Memphis. Hamm is expecting a late-August opening. 

• Tomorrow, June 18th, is International Sushi Day, and Kroger is celebrating with $2.99 California rolls. The event is designed to introduce newbies to sushi.

There will be sushi demos and samples from Hissho Sushi, which provides the sushi for Kroger, at the Farmington store from 11 a.m. to noon. (And did you know that on Wednesdays, select rolls are $5???

Doc's Wine, Spirits & More is celebrating its 1st anniversary on Saturday. There will be music from Chris Johnson, Charvey Mac, and the Story & the Song. Limited edition beers will be available at the growler station, and there will be samples from Porcellino's, Nikki's Hot A** Chips, Judy's Pound Cakes, and many more. 
Loflin Yard recently began serving lunch on Fridays. The menu features a charred romaine salad, shrimp po'boy, pimento cheese po'boy, and more. 

On Saturday, they are hosting a "Changing of the Yard" event, in which the Back Yard, behind the Coach House, is introduced to the public. There will be live music, plus corn hole and ring game tournaments. 

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What Type of Restaurant Does Memphis Need?

Posted By on Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 11:39 AM


Stealing this idea from the Nashville Scene.
A writer was inspired to put up the post after a visit to Loflin Yard. (And, no, she decides, Nashville does not need a Loflin Yard.)

Is there one restaurant — cuisine, a chain, whatever — that Memphis needs? 

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Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Bring Mrs. Winners to Memphis

Posted By on Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 9:09 AM


Back in February, Mrs. Winners president John Buttolph announced he was looking for franchisees to bring Mrs. Winners back to the Memphis market. The chain, which specializes in chicken and biscuits, went into bankruptcy in 2010, closing its Memphis locations. 

Rachel Pedersen, who is the social media director of Mrs. Winners, wants to be that franchisee. 

"I monitor all the social media channels, and one thing I noticed was that Memphis was not just asking but begging and pleading us to bring back Mrs. Winners," she says.

Pedersen, who is based in Minnesota, is currently in Memphis scouting locations with her husband and her father. Her father will relocate to Memphis to run the restaurant.

They've set up a crowdfunding campaign with Indiegogo to the get the restaurant open. They're hoping to raise $30,000. Participants will receive rewards, with one getting free Mrs. Winners for life.

The long range goal is to have five Mrs. Winners opened in five years.

"We want to have a Mrs. Winners in every single corner of Memphis," says Pedersen.  

Learn more about the crowdfunding campaign via the Mrs. Winners Memphis website

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Replenish Juicery Now Open in Bartlett

Posted By on Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 12:05 PM

  • Replenish, Facebook
You know Replenish Cold-Pressed Juicery, Tea, and Kombucha from the Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market. They opened a brick-and-mortar space in Bartlett in January. 

Replenish is two doors down from Gus's, something Jackson calls "symbiotic." "We need each other," she says. 

There are 9 juices, 19 smoothies, plus customers can customize their own juices and smoothies. Replenish makes kombucha, which is also sold at Curb Market and Miss Cordelia's. 

One popular juice is the Happy Day with kale, cilantro, pineapple, and green apple. Heart Beet has beets, cucumbers, apple, lemon, and ginger. 

Smoothies include the incredible hulk with bananas, kale, mango, hemp, and almond milk. There's also the cashew milk smoothie sweetened with dates. 

Jackson says she was raised around co-ops and health food stores. "Food is medicine," she says. 

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