Friday, May 15, 2015

Moms with Style - Alexandra Nicole and son Jack - The Ivory Closet

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Life hasn’t slowed down for Alexandra Nicole this past year after opening her third boutique in Memphis. Nope, not even close.

Since the Cedar Room opened in Harbor Town, Alexandra has styled the fashion spreads of Click Magazine, created an online store for The Ivory Closet, and launched her own lifestyle blog, while simultaneously working on a Masters degree and planning her wedding this spring, not forgetting probably the most significant addition to her life — baby Jack.

Even other working moms would want to know how she successfully does it all, and in this particular series, how she does it all while maintaining her sense of style.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Meet the Artist Behind Vashti's Jewels - Q & A with Carole Manley

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If you’ve visited MUSE boutique downtown, you might have noticed a local line of handmade jewelry they feature – Vashti’s Jewels. In fact, a couple of the heirloom quality necklaces from that line were included in the Style Sessions Favorite Finds list earlier this year. Today, we have the pleasure of meeting the artist behind Vashti’s Jewels - Carole Manley. Carole’s attention to the jewels she incorporates, the decorative fasteners, and special crafting techniques are what make the pieces such great heirlooms.

See some of her current pieces below, perfect gift ideas for Mother's Day.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Moms with Style - Laura Boswell and daughter Leighton - Walking in Memphis in High Heels

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For Laura Boswell, author of the style blog Walking in Memphis in High Heels, the inevitable change is a positive one. As the first in the Moms with Style series this month, Laura shares her experience as a new mom while managing in the fun of fashion and life she’s always had.

Followers of her blog have been guided through Memphis by her warm smile that enhances her appeal as a pioneer of sorts, confidently exploring new trends. Candidly documenting her outfits during the week, readers get to discover real ways to enjoy the challenge of work wear. Her exploration of new trends begin to make work wear more chic and feminine.

Now a new mom to 6-month-old Leighton, Laura finds a way to incorporate comfort with style and, of course, includes baby in on the fun.

“I wear high heels most everyday, especially for work, but when I am out and about with Leighton (at the zoo for instance), I always pack a pair of sandals. I tend to go for rompers, jeans or shorts instead of dresses and skirts since I am bound to end up on the ground playing with Leighton at some point during the day.”

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Style Week with Vera Stanfield - Look 5 - On Stage with the Side Street Steppers

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Today, we go from the porch to the stage to spotlight Vera and the Side Street Steppers, a band she founded with her husband Christian. According to their website, their music hasn’t been easily described. They play music from a historically large range of time they used to describe as pre-war. They cover many genres — “blues, jazz, country, hokum, jug band, fiddle tunes, and more.” The chosen description in short is “Vintage Music.”

“Vintage Music is old music, but not just any old music. Vintage Music is timeless, as exciting to listen to today as it was when first performed. This is the music of America, of all the people who have come and gone and contributed a verse to our national song. Collectively, it tells the story of who we are and where we have been—what we have endured and how we got through.” — Excerpt from Side Street Steppers website.

Recalling Vera’s story about falling in love with this style of music through dancing, there seemed to be a connection to dance through the band name the Side Street Steppers.

“So it seems like almost all the bands who play this style of music have band names based on the formula 'The Something Something Something-ers.' For example, The Asylum Street Spankers, the Jake Leg Stompers, the California Feet Warmers, and the Cheap Suit Serenaders. So, since Christian and I met and love dancing, we took Steppers. And because this music is a little off the beaten path, we decided Side Street, as opposed to Main Street.” Vera confirms.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Style Week with Vera Stanfield - Look 4 with husband Christian

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Today, we finally meet Christian, get a look inside their home, and find out how many Trashy Diva outfits Vera actually owns. The butterfly dress worn in today’s series was originally owned by her friend Wendi Hardage, who worked at CrazyBeautiful. Vera explained that the older Trashy Diva dresses are very collectible and, as evidence of her obsession, has joined a Facebook community called Desperately Seeking Trashy Diva. Today’s dress is Trashy Diva, of course. The butterfly print is highly sought after.
“I love bold, happy prints — the busier, the better. And the bangles were given to me by Christian for Christmas. He gives seriously amazing gifts!” says Vera about her husband and bandmate.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Style Week with Vera Stanfield - Look 3 at Home - The Romper

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Today, Vera welcomes us to her home, explains what led her to Memphis, and how her collection of vintage clothes began. She has had a longtime love for classics and history, starting with her obsession with Egyptian culture as a little girl Huntsville, Alabama. In fact, she received her degree in Classics from the University of Alabama. She moved to Memphis the day she graduated in December of 2008, quickly decided after meeting her now husband and Memphian Christian Stanfield. “Love at first sight,” she confesses. (More about that story later.)

“I loved Memphis from the moment I got here. The city's musical history was a draw, but also Memphis is so alive today with all the revitalization projects and Choose 901 movement. There is so much culture here — culinary, music, art. I feel like there is so much to do here all the time that I can't possibly take advantage of all that this city has to offer.”

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Style Week with Vera Stanfield - Look 2 - Denim Overalls and Flannel

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"This look is sort of inspired by the Rosie the Riveter look of the 1940s working gal, what with the head scarf and sneakers and all."  -Vera

How wonderful that Vera describes this as her "dressed down" look. Even with denim overalls and flannel, she effortlessly keeps up a high level of style and creates a beautiful interpretation of Rosie the Riveter with the addition of the bomber jacket and bottle cap earrings.

Right across South Main from Red Velvet Vintage is Love Pop soda shop where Vera was grabbing a six-pack of assorted sodas to take to her family in Huntsville, Alabama, her hometown. 
"We did the same thing for them at Christmas, and it's becoming something of a tradition now whenever we visit."
And according to Vera, it was just a "happy coincidence" that she wore the bottle cap earrings to an old-fashioned soda pop shop. 

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Style Week with Vera Stanfield - Look 1

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Today, we're going to go back in time, literally and figuratively, to properly introduce you to Vera Stanfield, boutique manager of Red Velvet Vintage. Back in February, we featured a peek into Red Velvet and some of the vintage and vintage-inspired items they carry. Certainly a signature fixture of the boutique is Vera herself, dressed in vintage attire and completed with the perfect red lips. That day, she stood as the living example of the 1920s to 1950s era the boutique sought to honor. Saying that Vera dressed the part would be inaccurate.

"I get asked a lot if I really wear these clothes. If this is really me," Vera laughs. "It really is who I am." 

As mentioned before, she naturally became the boutique manager partly because she was one of Red Velvet owner Eryka Smith's best vintage clothing customers at CrazyBeautiful.

"My personal style philosophy is never to be afraid to mix retro and modern. I'm not a purist about vintage fashion. This outfit, for example, has the metallic silver and gold penny loafers - a great modern take on a classic style. I love true vintage pieces as well as vintage inspired new styles."

After learning this, it was hard to only feature Vera once in just one outfit. For the past two months, I've been photographing her around town, on stage with her band the Side Street Steppers, and at home with her bandmate/husband Christian. I have gotten to see that this is indeed the true Vera. So stay tuned this week as each day features another great outfit and a deeper look into her everyday life. 

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Thuyvi Vo - Weekend Wear from Stock&Belle

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I met style maven and artist Thuyvi Vo while trying on clothes at Stock&Belle. Here, she shows us how to take the standard "white tee and jeans" look up a notch, perfect for the weekend or, for Thuyvi, any day of the week. 

Starting with the great pair of boyfriend jeans, the outfit is balanced with a feminine touch — strappy wedges and a loose fit tee. Striking another balance is the hat in a light natural tone to top it all off.


You will find Thuyvi working at the Madewell store in Saddle Creek. To see more style inspiration from her, follow her on instagram @thuyvivo. To see her work as an artist and graphic designer, go to 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Everbloom Designs - Flower Crown DIY

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Kristin Wolter-Canfield, owner and creative director of Everbloom Designs and also one of the key vendors at the Wedding Dress Ball, takes her passion for art and design into the artful composition of flowers (or any object, for that matter) when called to use her intuitive eye in photo and set styling. She has filled many tabletops with her signature floral arrangements, but today, she shows us how to make a floral arrangement you can wear.

Here, Kristin is wearing the gorgeous crown of flowers she created in the step-by-step tutorial below, just in time for wedding season and for those attending the Wedding Dress Ball taking place this Saturday.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Stock&Belle and Salon 387 - Boutique Peek

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Now open on South Main is the newest store concept by CrazyBeautiful owner Eryka Smith and Chad West reflective of their partnership and love for style beyond clothing.

“His. Hers. Home. Hair.” – Chad’s latest idea for the Stock&Belle tagline. The two-story building at 387 South Main houses men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories; furniture, lighting, and home goods; and a salon and barber. 

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Favorite Find - Antonello Luxury Eco-conscious Handbags

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How often do you find the words luxury and eco-conscious used to describe a fashion accessory?

These bags by Antonello are superbly those things plus oh so chic. Handcrafted in Italy, these totes are available locally at Joseph. The bright colors and patterns they carry will take you right into spring and Easter weekend. 

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph

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Memphis Fashion Week kicks off with a fitting mix of cocktails and shopping to highlight local fashion and international brands. Joseph, a name in Memphis fashion for 85 years, co-hosted the opening night party with Memphis Fashion Week this past Monday at their Laurelwood boutique. Carrying lines such as Diane Von Furstenberg, also one of this year’s featured designers presented by Joseph, the semi-shopping event benefitted the Memphis Fashion Fund and Emerging Memphis Designer Project.

Left: MFW Director Abby Phillips and mom Beth Elzemeyer  Right: Joseph team Katie Mulrooney and Barrie Wurzburg with Abby and Beth.
  • Left: MFW Director Abby Phillips and mom Beth Elzemeyer Right: Joseph team Katie Mulrooney and Barrie Wurzburg with Abby and Beth.

Just as exciting as the incredible fashion hanging on the racks were the styles worn by the attendees. See a few that capture a range of unique and refined style in the slideshow below. To see more coverage of the event, click over to Memphis lifestyle blog KP Fusion

A list of events for Memphis Fashion Week are on their website: 
A complete list of events including more local shopping events on Saturday are included in the MFW app.
Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph
Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph

Memphis Fashion Week Opening Party at Joseph

Click to View 9 slides

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Women Behind the Wedding Dress Ball Event

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On April 18th, Memphis will host the first Wedding Dress Ball in the U.S. Known and held overseas in the United Kingdom, the trademarked event is a party where, simply put, women get an excuse to wear their wedding dress again.
“All of the fun, great food, dancing; none of the pressure,” says Brittney Andres-Rossi of Over Easy Events. When describing the origin of the idea before finding anything of its kind, she explained, “I was attending a friend’s wedding admiring her wedding dress with a table of ladies – the details, the buttons. We then talked about our own wedding dresses, continuing on for almost an hour. If we talked that long about them, I thought, ‘Why not wear them again?’”

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Memphis Fashion Week's 2015 Emerging Memphis Designers

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This year’s selection of emerging Memphis designers presented by Memphis Fashion Week

On Friday, March 27th, these 10 designers will present their custom designs at this year’s Memphis Fashion Week (MFW), after months of designing and crafting for that significant moment - a chance to share their hard work with the Memphis fashion community. The experience will also help them explore their craft and even shape how they see their future in fashion.

“The designers this year have a very clear vision of their design aesthetic, which has been fun to see brought to life through fabric and construction,” says MFW Director Abby Phillips about the designers mentored through this year’s Emerging Memphis Designer Project (EMDP).

Proceeds from Memphis Fashion Week support this project by giving the selected designers the funds for materials and the one-on-one mentoring needed to navigate that process of bringing their vision to life. Here, each designer stands with a model wearing their spring/summer piece created specifically for this year’s runway.

The night of the show, the EMDP designs will be judged partially by a panel of judges and partially by Audience Choice. The judges will be designer Pat Kerr, musician Grace Askew, and costumer Bruce Bui. First place winners for the Singles and Mini Collections each receive a scholarship to the Continuing Education Fashion Design classes at Memphis College of Art, a gift card to online retailer Spoonflower to create custom-printed fabrics, and an automatic acceptance into the EMDP next year. Second place will receive a $50 gift card to online retailer Spoonflower to create custom-printed fabrics.

“Memphis Fashion Week is a wonderful opportunity for emerging and established industry professionals to share their creative insight, connect with other talented individuals,” says EMDP designer Maggie Dandridge. “It serves as a springboard for catapulting Memphis into mainstream fashion.”



  • Years designing: 7
  • Occupation: Fashion Designer and Entrepreneur
  • Inspirations: My faith, people, and music.
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Poly-spandex blend, mesh, and woven spandex blend.
  • Memphis fashion has evolved from the Southern traditions that have shaped our style and creative influence.



  • Years designing: 7
  • Occupation: IT Help Desk Technician\Struggling Designer
  • My collection is a combination of a love for modern comfort, design, technology, and the fairy princess in everyone. 
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Jersey knit fabrics, emerald green and white, 4-way stretch cream lace, stretch sangria purple chiffon, and metallic silver, green and gold threads. 
  • Favorite local boutique: K'PreSha Boutique
  • Memphis fashion is whatever we say it is. 



  • Years designing: 1 -1/2
  • Proudest accomplishment: Winning 3rd place in the 2014 Memphis City Beautiful Trashion Show. 
  • Where did you learn design: My mom taught me sewing basics, but the rest is self-taught.
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Nylon lycra, chiffon, and satin.
  • My collection is graceful.



  • Years designing: 4
  • Occupation: Real Estate Development/Project Management
  • Favorite local boutique: Muse and Hoot & Louise.
  • Memphis Fashion Week is very much needed.
  • Proudest accomplishment: My daughters 
  • Inspirations: Nature and Old Hollywood
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Sateen cotton, rayon/poly blend.



  • Years designing: 6
  • Occupation: Student
  • Fashion indulgence: Embellishments and leather
  • Memphis Fashion Week is an amazing opportunity for the growing fashion community in Memphis.
  • My collection is all about the details.
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Laser-cut leather, silk chiffon, stretch taffeta. 



  • Years designing: 26
  • Occupation: Artist, Instructor at the Pink Palace
  • Where did you learn design: My dad and most recently the Memphis College of Art Continuing Ed Fashion Design Class by MFW.
  • My collection is elegant but easy, with a nod to traditional crafts.
  • Inspirations: My biggest inspiration is Memphis itself - its people, places, culture, and uniqueness.
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Handwoven textiles, handmade twine, yarn, beading, hand-dyed linen.



  • Years designing: 4
  • Proudest accomplishment: Graduating from University of Memphis 
  • Fashion indulgence: One-of-a-kind garments and accessories.
  • Favorite local boutique: Sache
  • Inspirations: The Mad Max movie franchise, particularly Mad Max Fury Road
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Mix of linen, cotton, denim, twill and faux leather.



  • Years designing: 22
  • Occupation: Attorney
  • My collection is classic with a modern twist.
  • Inspirations: Nature and architecture
  • Favorite local boutique: Sachi
  • Memphis fashion is classic Southern charm with a modern edge.
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Lace, wool suiting, and silk.



  • Years designing: 2
  • Occupation: Ballet Teacher
  • Proudest accomplishment: Walking the New York Fashion Week runway for designer Stevie Boi 
  • My collection is elegant with clean lines and daring fabrics.
  • Fabrics/textiles used: Blue and pink jacquard for the jumpsuit and a fuchsia chiffon for the headwrap.



  • Years designing: 2
  • Occupation: High school student
  • Memphis Fashion Week is an opportunity to experience fashion before I study it further. It has given me the freedom to explore a big-city industry in my own hometown.
  • My collection is an infusion of traditional Greek dress with modern influences
  • Inspirations: The laid-back atmosphere, architecture, and history of Mykonos, Greece.

Memphis Fashion Week is March 23rd-28th at various locations. For more details on the designers and all events, download the MFW app or visit them online at
Tickets are on sale now.


Shoot Location: Memphis Zoo. Models: Joe Schmulian, Peyton Couch, and Mckenzie Jones with AMAX Talent, and Jazzmine King. Hair and makeup by Faizah Husniyah. Sketches by EMDP designers. 

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