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Re: “An Unnatural State

I live in Higden and as today March 13 we had a tremor this is the fourth I have felt in six months my sister lives down the street on flat ground and feels nothing we are on a hill it shakes the trailer and it has happened a all different times I have rights but no contract but I don't care I know this is not normal I have felt for 5 years as long as we have owed this plus scared the dogs they get up to run. Any thoughts on this.

Posted by Jayne on 03/14/2017 at 4:32 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers

Occupy was an extremely wealthy movement. There's a certain kind of indigence only the extremely wealthy can afford. You don't develop a taste for art until your taste for food has been satiated. Those dirty kids may have seemed fashionably poor, but nobody puts up a tent in the financial district unless they're fairly sure a bailout call to mumsy and daddums can get them a lawyer if they need one. The problem of trustee oogles has mainly dodged Memphis because of our reputation, but there's an entire class of indigent rich kids treating the planet like a summer camp.

All education should be based on the truth. You can't say there is a different truth for a given value of money, and that the rich deserve some sort of better truth to learn than the poor. Any attempt to improve the truth merely renders it a lie.

And that's the real problem. People think there's a dollar amount on the truth, and somehow they can buy a better truth. The truth, like all the best things in life, is not for sale.

Yes, I agree that freedom is what has made America great. Part of what that freedom means is the American dream of having the freedom to rise to the middle class without the need for a helping hand from your parents. Once you enshrine the class struggle in multi-generational terms, you place class in the hands of family provenance instead of individual merit. Basically, you pave the road to a descent back into the ages of Kings instead of the age of Presidents.

In my world view, private primary school is at best a shake to defraud the well meaning poor of their money, and at worst a cynical attempt to return to a segregated school system based on economic class in direct contravention of Brown v. Board. Separate in inherently unequal, whether that separation is an attempt at achieving superiority for your children, or forcing inferiority on the children of others. The quality of a child's education is not determined by the success of the children sitting in the surrounding desks. The quality of a child's education is a direct function of that specific child's own hard work at learning the truth, a truth that does not change with the name of the school, or it's district, or it's regulating body.

I went to public school. I learned not because of my parents, my teachers or my school, but because I studied my books on my own. That's how self-determination works; personal responsibility.

Many of the lucrative office positions that made the American dream possible a generation ago have been replaced by computers. Detroit's lucrative automanufacturing jobs have been replaced by automation. Even dirt poor field labor has been replaced by combine harvesters. Even ditch diggers have been replaced by backhoes.

In such a world, no amount of education can promise a better job. The meterman is going the way of the milkman and the iceman, leaving behind only the burgerflipper and the toilet scrubber, jobs much more closely related to the biological truth of the human condition.

And this is where the dirty OWS kids come from. They have extremely expensive educations, but no jobs and no opportunities. If it weren't for their parents many of them would be homeless, and if you are going to be homeless, you might as well set up your shanty town on Wall Street. Educated about their rights to assembly and redress of grievances, their irritation to the establishment is only exacerbated by their educations, instead of their will to power satiated.

Realizing that the educated are more of a threat than a benefit, the state has decided to slash education quality.

And here we are, with this "voucher" shake, designed to do exactly that.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 03/14/2017 at 4:28 PM

Re: “Meet the Resistance: ACLU Hosts 'Resistance Training' Saturday

moverhill, t's people like you that require a 1st amendment. Otherwise we may never have heard of Meir Kahane, the Zionist Organization of America or anybody that says more than boo.
Grow the fuck up.
LoveBC, you've been bumped down the list.

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Posted by Mia S Kite on 03/14/2017 at 4:21 PM

Re: “Jerry Lee Lewis' Cafe & Honky Tonk


Posted by Kelli Lawson on 03/14/2017 at 4:21 PM

Re: “Supreme Court: Servers Can't Sue Employers for Skimming Tips

Tipping generally is an archaic form of compensation for servers, and this specific case only reinforces just some of the problems with compensation for labor done "at the whim" of both the public and employers.

Tipping as part of a larger accepted method of compensation should be abolished.

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Posted by Rich on 03/14/2017 at 3:06 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers

One quick point, the Occupy movement was not a wealthy movement, at least as far as I could see. That was a starving artist, anti-corporate movement unless I'm missing something. It was a movement against the wealthy, a socio-economic movement more than anything.

On the schooling, I do think we need public school reform. However, I can't stand behind the idea that private schooling is a bad thing or that it should be eliminated. What makes this country great is our freedom. That freedom extends to the right to choose where to live, who to associate with, where to send your kids to school, etc. If a group of people want to get together, pool their funds, and hire the best teachers to teach children in small classes with immaculate facilities, that's part of the American dream. It's something for others to aspire to be able to do.

Yes, we recognize that there are certain standards that need to be achieved for schools, but I have no problem with people with means choosing to do something different with their children if they can. They've earned that right.

The great thing about America is that if you think that's advantageous for those kids to attend elite private schools, you have the chance to find a way to build your own wealth and afford to send your own kids or grandkids to those schools some day.

Take my wife's grandfather. His family lost everything in the Depression. He grew up wearing burlap sacks in many cases for clothing. He started his own business though, and it grew into a highly successful small town business. With that success, he was able to send his two kids to college, and he was able to afford to pay for my wife, his only granddaughter, to attend the best private school in the area. He literally started from nothing, built himself up, and he passed along opportunity to his kids and grandkids. Anyone can do that if they have the desire, intelligence, and work ethic.

A great example is our most recent President. Barack Obama's parents didn't grow up wealthy, but they both made enough of themselves to provide him with more opportunity. He obviously had just a little bit of success himself, and with that success, he sent his daughters to an elite private school and now on to Ivy League education. That's the American dream. Maybe you can't always realize it all in one generation, but if you build for your kids and they build on the start you've given them, they can realize the dream and achieve major levels of success.

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Posted by GroveReb84 on 03/14/2017 at 2:38 PM

Re: “Meet the Resistance: ACLU Hosts 'Resistance Training' Saturday

The ACLU has never learned that not all speech should/needs to/is entitled to protection under the First Amendment. It should NEVER have rushed to the defense of the Nazis who demonstrated in Skokie, chosen by those anti-Semitic hatemongers because of its high concentration of Holocaust survivors, same for Milo Yonopolis (sp?). Some speech is so abhorrent it should never be uttered, much less protected. The sooner the ACLU understands that hate speech should not be protected, the more valid its efforts will be seen as being.

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Posted by moverhill on 03/14/2017 at 1:14 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers

America is one country, not several coexisting countries separated by class.

Americans should attend one set of schools, not several stratified educational systems separated by class.

The purpose of public education is assimilation into society, and not to put too fine a shine on it, military readiness. In a war situation, a soldier will have to put aside previous distinctions of race and class in favor of rank and file. If privately educated students are consistently failing to assimilate into the military melting pot, those failing educational systems should be rightfully abolished.

If we could get along by allowing some people to have a lesser education, whether because they had the privilege of being able to afford a privately inferior school, or the poverty to be in an inferior public school, we would. However, we can't. It doesn't work. We end up with protests, we end up with crime, we end up with no go zones, we end up with devalued property and the need to build again from the ground up.

We are one nation. We are one family. When we fail to teach the skills necessary to assimilate into society, we end up with outcasts that do things like stage huge protests and intentionally block and destroy infrastructure. It doesn't matter if they are outcasts because they are rich or poor. OWS was rich. BLM is poor. Both are intentionally disruptive, and would not need to exist on a level playing field.

Would I be comfortable with a private muslim school turning out a class of students that are racially, linguistically, and religiously distinct from a public school? No. Absolutely not. Forcing children to learn scientific truth that contradicts their faith is not an oppression of religious freedom. If their faith is strong, they will not be affected. However, by learning what other people believe, even if they disagree with it, they will be better suited to live in society.

By the same token, allowing private christian schools to do the exact same thing is also anathema.

I remember well the lesson I learned with Frayser Academy, an un-accredited private segregation academy that hid behind religious freedom to create a white school in Frayser. I did not attend that school, but many children from my church did. However, because that school did not teach science, but religion, they were unaccredited, and thus their diplomas were worthless, meaning each of those expensively educated children had to pass the same GED dropouts had to take. All the money that had been invested in them was wasted, the money that would have paid for their college educations squandered in private highschool. Thus, the poor whites of Frayser were boondoggled out of their futures, and Frayser still has not recovered from the loss.

Like it or not, all schools should be forced to conform to world standards, and according to No Child Left Behind, they are. No school is truly private; all schools are government regulated by the accreditation process. Is it socialist to admit you are a member of a society? Is it wrong to demand that children learn real life social skills, like how to mix with children from different educational levels and economic backgrounds, in social studies?

I know you may be tempted to all my argument national socialism, but before you do, keep in mind no one is ashamed to called Kindergarten by it's German name, and it's effectiveness speaks for itself.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 03/14/2017 at 11:55 AM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers


Are you suggesting a shut down of private education?

Good luck with that. This isn't a Communist country and never will be. As long as we have freedom of choice, there will be people who choose to pay to create better schooling options for themselves.

And yes, there are often plenty of issues with kids in private schools, usually to do with having funds available and parents that are often busy with high power jobs that require a lot of travel and attention. You give a kid access to money and unsupervised time, and yes many will go astray.

It's really not that much different than the kid who goes unsupervised because he lives with a single mother that has to work two jobs to pay rent. Unsupervised free time is bad for kids from most walks of life. The only difference between the two is the types of trouble that are available to them.

There are certainly advantages to being born on third base. However, I don't think that trying to eliminate those advantages is good for society. For example, my parents were both born to blue collar families. Both grandfathers were military. Both made modest livings.

My parents wanted to do better for their kids, and they did. They were able to afford to live in better neighborhoods with better public schools. They were able to send me off to college and pay me an allowance to live on, so that I didn't have to work through school. They also introduced me to people who have helped me through the early parts of my career. I was very privileged. I wasn't born into a trust fund, and I didn't inherit a business to run, but I had a lot of opportunity afforded to me, more than my parents had. My parents had more than my grandparents.

My goal is to provide at least as much for my children, and maybe more if possible. That's a big motivation for a lot of people, how you're able to improve chances for your children. If you took that away, you take away a lot of the motivation people have to try to have success.

Don't get me wrong, part of what I want to do is to set myself up for a comfortable early retirement where I can travel and enjoy my Golden years, but right now, my focus is on achieving more to provide the best opportunities for my kids. A big part of what drives the economy is the desire of people to provide for their families.

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Posted by GroveReb84 on 03/14/2017 at 10:49 AM

Re: “Chandler Parsons out indefinitely with partial meniscus tear

Between the performance issues and this new injury, I think it's pretty clear that he needs to just shut it down. If he needs surgery, go get it and work toward next season.

He's been a drag on this year's team. He knows it. The coaches know it. The only reason he's been getting minutes is because they're wanting to work toward a chemistry for the future. The injury provides cover to go ahead and shut it down and get ready to be 100% next year.

Fiz found a good starting line up with Conley, Gasol, J-Mike, Carter, and Allen last night. Stick with that. Work Zach heavy minutes off the bench, and try to reclaim the defensive intensity of past seasons over the final few weeks to give us a fighting chance in a first round match up with what now looks like a best case scenario of the Rockets.

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Posted by GroveReb84 on 03/14/2017 at 10:15 AM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers

Even with a fancy version of a GED, poor kids will still be from poor families, and the rich kids they meet will be taught that blood is thicker than water in history class.

Meritocracy only works on a level playing field. Having a class divide between public and private highschools causes a class divide. Public education needs to be on par with world standards, and that means not letting the prissy rich kids get out of compulsory service in public government run schools.

So many times I've seen kids from private schools end up spun out on dope because they were honestly never taught how to deal with it in school. That's an education that can only be had by mixing with other children of every socioeconomic level. Segregating certain children based on wealth only paints targets on their foreheads for every pimp on the street.

The best thing you can do to keep your kids on the straight and narrow is to let them see what happens to other kids who are not.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 03/14/2017 at 8:48 AM

Re: “Meet the Resistance: ACLU Hosts 'Resistance Training' Saturday

It's not that I trust non profits. It's that I also don't trust the government. If the ACLU didn't exist, it would need to be created.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 03/14/2017 at 8:14 AM

Re: “Meet the Resistance: ACLU Hosts 'Resistance Training' Saturday

LoveBC, don't sell yourself short. You have established definitive proof just how full of shit homo sapiens can be.

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Posted by Mia S Kite on 03/14/2017 at 6:45 AM

Re: “Meet the Resistance: ACLU Hosts 'Resistance Training' Saturday

Nick R. My educational accomplishments are slight, I never did earn a doctorate, which means I have never contributed any original research, but just regenerated knowledge from others' R&D, - I managed to earn a Master's in engineering and have never registered a patent and most of my financial accomplishments are from STEM skills, disciplined investing in my 401K and other financial instruments. I am not a Master of the Universe and have never engaged in any Wall Street machinations.
I never did say there was anything wrong with cats. I've owned a couple. I just like dogs better.
And sadly CL, I have to agree with you agreeing with me. NPs, like time shares, sound like a good idea, but are often rip offs. United Way makes a good pitch, but I just don't trust them. As I mentioned earlier, the ACLU was not there when I needed them (but were around to defend KKK members and Nazis) but my dogs - and cats were.
I have struggled before, and I know what it is like to have my rights violated. I volunteer often to help others, but tend to gravitate toward activities that have to do with concrete problem solving, like filling plates rather than abstractions like the hand wrangling from groups such as SURJ.

Posted by LoveBC on 03/13/2017 at 11:01 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers


Probably not that clear cut, but that is about the size of it.

Please note that students already on scholarship at these private schools would not qualify, and could never qualify for a new voucher. The student would have to be a new incoming student.

There is also the proposition that these seats can certainly be filled with full pay students, and there will be a cost to the schools to accept those vouchers, as you have pointed out. From the parent's side, there is going to be the cost of transportation which might not be so easy. The student of course will be under the gun academically from day one. The elite private schools are touchy as hell about their academic reputations and they are going to be very careful who they admit. Saying all that, there are going to be some deserving inner city kids who are deserving of a shot and some of these private schools are going to make sure they get it. Just not very many, I think.

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Posted by ArlingtonPop on 03/13/2017 at 10:05 PM

Re: “Meet the Resistance: ACLU Hosts 'Resistance Training' Saturday

Sadly I have to confirm (from 1st hand experience) your take on the machinations of many non-profits.
BUT that has nothing to do with the historic contributions of the ACLU and their part in the emphasis all Americans sound when we feel our rights violated.

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Posted by CL Mullins on 03/13/2017 at 6:45 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers


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Posted by CL Mullins on 03/13/2017 at 6:38 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers

Grove and AP,
So in effect, it would simply serve to reduce the value of the scholarship the private school offered to the "student" because the state is offering to pick up the tab for at least a portion of that "free ride".

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Posted by barf on 03/13/2017 at 6:22 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers


There is some truth to that. Many private schools already give scholarships to these kids that are 6-6, 240 and run a 4.5

Now, they could just accept the voucher money AND grant a scholarship for the remainder. For those few select kids, they just get an extra $7K of funds.

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Posted by GroveReb84 on 03/13/2017 at 5:01 PM

Re: “John DeBerry: An Outlier on Vouchers


And there you have it.

Although one of my more cynical friends remarked the other day that perhaps some of these more expensive private schools might be inclined to accept the $7K and even provide transportation, too.

Provided of course the child in question was 6'6', 240 pounds, and runs a 4.5.

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Posted by ArlingtonPop on 03/13/2017 at 4:33 PM

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