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Re: “Joe Brown, Champion of Diversity?

Okay, let’s get something straight. This comment space is not going to be given over to people sneaking in new repetitions of gratuitous, unsubstantiated allegations about the private lives of candidates or public officials, whether said outright or disguised as “if” clauses. Period. Anything like that will go bye-bye, right away. A couple of comments just have.

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Posted by Jackson Baker on 07/17/2014 at 8:38 AM

Re: “Joe Brown, Champion of Diversity?

I have found that off-the-cuff remarks are much more indicative of a politician's true position than carefully crafted policy statements.

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Posted by Jeff on 07/17/2014 at 7:24 AM

Re: “Black Flag Waves On

Zoogz Rift was a genius may he rest in peace. You are stupid.

Posted by Whatever on 07/17/2014 at 3:16 AM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

Service 1. Okay, you've balanced the score, but Richard cooled it upon request, and, now that you've given it back to him in spades, would you do so as well?

I'd rather see the dialogue take a somewhat less ad hominem turn.


Posted by Jackson Baker on 07/16/2014 at 11:47 PM

Re: “Memphis Artists Describe Their Ideal Art Space

I would like to see a fully realized outdoor sculpture garden/park....
Art viewing is most certainly not all about white walls..and sterile places...
Most galleries feel like hospitals to me...
except hospitals tend to have more thriving cultures!
(bad pun intended)

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Posted by Palmer Eldritch Casper Mejia on 07/16/2014 at 7:24 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

Why endorse in a nonpartisan race? Could the motivation be to raise money from the judicial candidates to fund a ballot for all Democratic candidates? Just asking. Can anyone supply the answer?

1 like, 2 dislikes
Posted by Good Habits on 07/16/2014 at 7:10 PM

Re: “Memphis City Council Cuts Employee Benefits In Budget Vote

I dont know how council members can sleep at night. You broke a commitment you made to retirees who fulfilled a commitment to you and your citizens. Changing benefits for future employees is fair game, for retirees is sinful. Another reason to avoid a city full of pitfalls.

Posted by Todd Stetzer on 07/16/2014 at 6:14 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

in response to "Richard Parks/loosebooub":

"Perhaps Gomes will now stop making the FALSE and therefore UNETHICAL and MISLEADING claim that she is endorsed by the MBA, whose President has made it quite clear to all that THE MBA HAS NOT ENDORSED ANY CANDIDATE. Gomes alone, among all the candidates, is still making this false claim even though I personally pointed out to her and all present at St. Augustine Church on last Sunday; including her campaign manager/counselor, Mrs. Ruby Wharton, that HER CLAIM IS FALSE."

First off, I like how you apologized using “lawparks”, but you go on your tirades as “loosebooub”. Next, Judge Gomes usually does not say endorsed, just that she got a sizable vote from the MBA, which she did (60.7%).

Lately I have heard some judges mention their endorsement or support from the MBA based on their percentage of the vote as well. Everyone knows that the MBA does not endorse, but candidates who do very well sometimes make the mistake of saying endorsement/support.

However, Judge Gomes did not mention how sizable the MBA vote was. She got 60.7%, Parks/you got 4.6%, and the other person received 4.1%, which indicates that she does a very good job and needs to continue to do so.

The MBA is comprised of attorneys who mostly appear before various Judges and practice with various lawyers every day. Every judicial election, they vote based on competency, character, fairness, etc. on each candidate in each judicial race or not if they are unsure of the candidates.

So 60.7% of the voting lawyers voted for Judge Kathy Gomes and 4.6% voted for you/Parks. Obviously, they voted to state her credentials, her fairness, her competency, her compassion, and her presence for the next eight years as the Probate Court Judge.

Instead of your tirades about a person who only exists in “your world”, you need to “step up your game” and focus on “real life” issues. If Judge Gomes had done anything illegal and/or unethical, she would have been censured for it.

Since that has not happened, and instead as received thank yous and praise for her time on the bench. Her 60.7% tells me that she has done a good job, is doing a good job and is needed to continue to protect the disabled and the elderly.

And your 4.6% indicates that everyone is and should vote for Judge Kathleen Gomes for Probate Court Judge – Division 1.

5 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Service1 on 07/16/2014 at 6:07 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

In response to Richard Parks:

“Apparently, being endorsed by the Republican Party is not enough for some of these disgruntled, rogue, "faux-Democrats", insurgents, who are now grasping at the "straws" of FORMER Democrats. Money and special interests talk but VOTERS SHOULD NOT BE DECEIVED by their desperation and the sound of their clanging brass cymbals. If these questionable incumbents were doing such a great job in their present positions, they would no doubt have the full support of genuine Democrats and would not have to engage in such theater.

Gomes and Donald are even more suspect as choices for informed voters because they have neither the support of the Republican nor the Democratic Party. Time for them to stop feeding from the public trough. Rather than continuing to ask what voters can do for them, they should start asking what they can do for their Maker, their profession and the people they were supposed to serve.”

Not sure who you are talking about. Judge Gomes and Judge Donald are life-long Democrats, even though party should not be an issue for judicial races. Van Turner and David Cocke are not former democrats, they are past leaders of the Shelby County Democratic Party not one term, but two terms each one and respected lawyers, and currently support other Democrats, donate to their campaigns and assist them in getting elected.

Who are you? You run for office (against Judge Blackett and then against Jim Strickland), but you do not participate in the Party, donate, help others get elected, which is your right of course. Until I checked your voting record, I thought you were a Republican considering I have never heard of you before and you told the Republicans you are a card-carrying Republican (according to some friends) to get their endorsement.

These incumbents do a great job based on the vote they received from the MBA. The attorneys who appear before them every day, and some of the Party members have already expressed disappointment in some of the people they endorsed (I believe you were included in that).

5 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Service1 on 07/16/2014 at 5:47 PM

Re: “Short-changing Justice in Shelby County

At the end of the day just in the famous words of supreme court justice sotomayor "race matters" we live in a city where blacks make up close 29% of the judiciary and 73% of the actual population but the courts have 97% black ppl prosecuted daily not because they committed crimes but because they were black & accused of committing crimes. All black ppl are not criminals & all crimes shouldn't be prosecuted. A good judge knows this, and makes sound decisions. A good judge does require some judicial experience but if they follow the law and consult with advisory committees when they are unsure they will hardly ever break the law or require judicial review. I am glad to know that Judge Beasley will still be on the bench and hopefully he can guide these new judges properly and set a professional tone that will scream justice for all. No matter what any of you think change is Eminent and on the horizon either we can embrace it was resist it.
I can personally say after watching judge Beasley he has a decorum that is of impartiality and he is not afraid to admonish those who bring racial concerns in his division. I believe that's why he felt comfortable making these statements. As an Inercultuarist, I feel that it is important that we have these discussions about race it is very much needed in Memphis. The hatred of others is sickening and it is time for accountability and leadership & there is nothing wrong with bringing new fresh ideas ,faces, races, inexperience merging with seasoned judges to build on all those factors.

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Posted by Justice Moses on 07/16/2014 at 5:15 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

Justice shouldn't have a political party.

9 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by B on 07/16/2014 at 5:09 PM

Re: “Grizzly Wild Wings: The Grizzlies have a crowd of 2's and 3's

@Strait Shooter,

You make a good point. Depth is a luxury.

I can remember that even during the WCF run two years ago, Lionel basically had to ride his starters forever.

Marc basically had to play 40-44 minutes. Same with Conley. When Keyon Dooling and Jeryd Bayless (playing out of position) are your back up PG options, and when Darrell Arthur is your 3rd big off the bench, you're in a tough spot.

This roster is in MUCH better shape than it was two years ago. The front line talent may not be dramatically improved, but there are more options, and the team should be able to weather injuries a bit better. The WCF team was very fortunate with injuries all year. Had they suffered any major injuries, that team would've dropped fast.

Posted by GroveReb84 on 07/16/2014 at 4:46 PM

Re: “Mayor Wharton Launches "Inspiring Young Men of Color" Initiative

Any initiative designed to help people of color is a good one.

Start with kindergarten. I would give maximum help for grades 1-6. By 7th grade, close to gang age, it may be too late to catch up.

I really wish all students would follow the RULES IN SCHOOLS. Lets get more discipline in the schools!

Posted by TruthBeTold on 07/16/2014 at 4:34 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

Mr. Baker,
I realize the Flyer web site isn't a democracy, but if I did get a vote I would vote for you to cut the thread on which loosebooub hangs.

2 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by Drift Boat on 07/16/2014 at 4:29 PM

Re: “Grizzly Wild Wings: The Grizzlies have a crowd of 2's and 3's

One more thing: Is it a bit unfair to single out Tony Allen for having an attitude problem this past season? After all, the single biggest public display of an attitude problem came from Quincy Pondexter, not Tony.

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Posted by Strait Shooter on 07/16/2014 at 4:25 PM

Re: “Fourteen Memphis Smoke Shops Shut Down

Tobacco Super Store has the most over priced cigarettes,bongs & glass pipes...Take my advice...GO ANYWHERE ELSE...Its on Winchester...Please save your money

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Posted by Crazy girl on 07/16/2014 at 4:11 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

"....... they have neither the support of the Republican nor the Democratic Party."

Why would that be a bad thing? :)

9 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by tomguleff on 07/16/2014 at 3:50 PM

Re: “Grizzly Wild Wings: The Grizzlies have a crowd of 2's and 3's

Interesting indeed. For the first time since they've been in Memphis, the Grizzlies are deep on the wings, deep at point guard and deep enough at center. If Jarnell Stokes turns out to be decent, they might even be deep enough at power forward. (Not necessarily talented enough to win it all, of course. But deep enough to more than match most other teams from top to bottom.) Kudos to the front office.

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Posted by Strait Shooter on 07/16/2014 at 3:34 PM

Re: “Grizzly Wild Wings: The Grizzlies have a crowd of 2's and 3's

Great article and good food for thought from a fan perspective.

(1) Regarding the Tayshaun situation - it's understandable that we would think Joerger will want to start him based on recent history, but we have to keep in mind the organization (presumably which Joerger has major decision making power) first option was to trade Tayshaun on draft night. Jordan Adams was really the second option. This tells me that Joerger understands that Tay is not that viable of an NBA player and that they will decrease his minutes. Maybe? At least it's a positive sign?

(2) I disagree with your premise that MEM has too many wing players. I think Joerger envisions a more free flowing offense with multiple decision and shot makers on the court at the same time. Defense will be the issue, but I don't think he and the FO are that hung up about positional logjams.

(3) Jordon Adams has long arms. Jordon Adams has really long arms. This gives him a significant competitive edge among his peers, one that may make up for his lack of athleticism. It allows him to finish around the basket in creative and unexpected ways, it allows him to get his shot off, and it allows him to reach in and get steals at a very high rate. Worth noting that long arms is probably one of the major reasons that Zbo has been able to be so productive for so long.

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Neo-Realist on 07/16/2014 at 3:32 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

My sincere apologies to Judge Gomes. It has just come to my attention that she has of late retracted her previously published false claim of "Endorsement" by the Memphis Bar Association on her website. I regret my early comment of today relative to her continuing false assertion and any harm it may have caused anyone; especially Judge Gomes. It was certainly not my intent to say or do anything improper. I was in error. When you’re wrong; you’re wrong. I am ashamed of my error and will certainly try diligently to do better in the future. Please forgive me for misspeaking. Voters are certainly free to forgive her and to vote for her. After all, this is America; political speech and forgiveness are indispensible virtues of a free and honorable people. We should not abuse, overlook or diminish their importance.
Peace be with you all. Richard Parks

7 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by lawparks on 07/16/2014 at 3:28 PM


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