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Re: “Pedaltown Bicycle Co. Headed to Broad

Also, I wonder how the local bike shops compete in sales against Internet sellers such as Bikes Direct. They will sell one a aluminum frame bike with Ultagra components for around a grand, and will top end bike with a carbon frame bike with Dura Ace components for around 4 grand and these are sold tax free. Bike stores will charge roughly double for bikes with the same components. Walmart used to sell high quality bikes on line, maybe they still do, and sell mostly el-cheepos in the store, although some of the Walmarts in upper income areas would occasionally sell mid quality bikes.

Correct me if I am wrong, but Pacific makes just about all bikes sold in America. I believe they own the Schwinn name, as well as Motobecane among others.

Most people, including my wife, don't understand the difference between a big box bike and a LBS bike, but there is a difference, although I personally think most people need go no higher than 105 components, but there is also snobbery among cyclists.

The Bikesmith people are outstanding mechanics. They fixed my top end mountain big box store bike (read medium quality) to shift smooth after I tore up the rear derailer hanger by ignoring some clicking sounds.

Posted by LoveBC on 03/27/2017 at 10:40 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime


(and I do miss Winthrop Rockefeller type Republicans)

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Posted by CL Mullins on 03/27/2017 at 10:22 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

Journalist? You can't even manage to comment on this article without double posts. But you are enough of an 'expert' to criticize JB's writing style. Looks like 'somebody' here 'doesn't know what they don't know'.

Tell you what. Let me know where you write, and I'll call your editor to discuss your JSP.


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Posted by Thoughtful on 03/27/2017 at 9:23 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

@CL - It bares its teetheses!!!!…

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Posted by OakTree on 03/27/2017 at 7:51 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

@Thoughtful - Not only a racist, but singularly imperceptive. Still, what do you want from a troll who quotes Rumsfeld? Insight?

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Posted by OakTree on 03/27/2017 at 7:46 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. OTOH: Sometimes it isn't.

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Posted by Bric-a-Brac on 03/27/2017 at 7:01 PM

Re: “The Vault Going in Double J Space

Lets see how long this venture will last.

Posted by arealchef on 03/27/2017 at 6:21 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

tic tic tic

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Posted by CL Mullins on 03/27/2017 at 6:02 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

Thoughtful: who asked you? Are you Oak's alter ego, or just his---um--- bitch?

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Posted by moverhill on 03/27/2017 at 5:31 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

God, you really are a petty little bitch aren't you? Didn't even realize you were quoting Rumsfeld, so you try to claim it was Mao's hero instead. Either way, you still look like a fool.

'Confucius say...' Really? Racist much?

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Posted by Thoughtful on 03/27/2017 at 4:57 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

Oak: the quote was from Confucius, not Rumsfeld. Confucius say: "True wisdom is knowing what you don't know." Thanks, though, for, once again, proving my point. As for jealousy being the motivation for calling out a breach of ethics, have it your way. I wouldn't want to interfere with your obsequious sycophancy.

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Posted by moverhill on 03/27/2017 at 4:36 PM

Re: “Whistle-Blower’s Crime

Oak: the quote wasn't from Rumsfeld (one of your heroes, perhaps?), it was from Confucius (one of mine), who said "true wisdom is knowing what you don't know." If you knew what you don't know, you would have known that. But, I guess you're the exception to that rule, eh? As for jealousy being the motivation for calling out ethical lapses, have it your way. I wouldn't want to interfere with your obsequious sycophancy. I do admire you, though, for maintaining the veneer of a pseudo-intellectual. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

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Posted by moverhill on 03/27/2017 at 4:30 PM

Re: “Pedaltown Bicycle Co. Headed to Broad

Until you have ridden a $150 big box bike into the ground, you will not appreciate the value of a proper bike shop bike with proper bike shop quality components. $350 is a steal for a new bike shop bike, and I wouldn't expect that bike to come with shocks or more than three gears if any at all. It's a good price for a passable urban fixie for riding flat pavement

Comparing the two is like comparing a moped to a motorcycle, or a go cart to a grand am. Bikes are very modular, and although the frames on big box bikes can be indistinguishable to a casual rider, the wheels, tires, bottom bracket, and shifters on an el-cheapo bike simply are not capable of handling more than a few hundred miles at the top end. A good bike shop bike can do thousands of miles between services.

Although it is possible to replace cheap parts in a piecemeal fashion to bring a cheap bike up to commuter grade, doing so will cost between double and triple the price of a ride-off-the-showroom-floor bike shop model.

For instance, a top end carbon frame can cost 3-7 THOUSAND dollars. $350 is a tenth of that; an amazing bargain.

More interesting is how this will effect Bikesmith, which already supplies low cost bike services in the Broad Ave. arts district.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 03/27/2017 at 4:19 PM

Re: “Pedaltown Bicycle Co. Headed to Broad

In 1970 a Schwinn Suburban listed for $85. So $350 for a brand new, good quality bike 47 years later compares pretty favorably. BTW, that same year a Schwinn Paramount listed for $400, but that was essentially a hand-built racer. We've been spoiled by imports sold at discount stores.

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Posted by Memphomania on 03/27/2017 at 2:47 PM

Re: “Pedaltown Bicycle Co. Headed to Broad

Well, good luck on his new business, but $350 for "a lower cost of entry"???? I clearly have been out of that market for a long time, because that does not mean a lower cost of entry to me. (old man yells at cloud)

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Posted by LeftWingCracker on 03/27/2017 at 2:25 PM

Re: “Undocumented Students in Tennessee Win Small Victory on the Hill

I have a solution.

Leave immigration plans to the states. If certain states want to limit immigration numbers to a certain number per yet, let them do so. If certain states want to open their borders to any and all comers with a simple form to become a legal citizen of the US and of that state, let them have at it.

Just make it where there is a residency period within a state before a citizen can gain full citizenship status to work in other states.

That way, states like California that want open borders can let everyone in they want, and states like Texas that want to restrict immigration can restrict it. What I don't like is that the national government makes decisions that disproportionately impact a border state like Texas. Let all the states choose what they want to choose, and thus those states that are more open can enjoy the good and bad that come with open borders. Let the people decide what they want. It's easy to sit in Vermont and tell people in Texas and Arizona what they should think of immigration.

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Posted by GroveReb84 on 03/27/2017 at 1:17 PM

Re: “BBB Warns of Several Questionable Businesses Owned by the Same Person

If only there was some kind of federal regulatory board to keep business predators from hopping states when they get caught...

Wait, is that why "business" hates the idea of a strong Fed?

Posted by FUNKbrs on 03/27/2017 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Fight Over Forrest Statue Isn't Over


I thought I remembered it properly from the previous time I read the Mississippi Secession letter, but this is the continuation of the quote you posted:

"Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery-- the greatest material interest of the world. Its labor supplies the product which constitutes by far the largest and most important portions of commerce of the earth. These products are peculiar to the climate verging on the tropical regions, and by an imperious law of nature, none but the black race can bear exposure to the tropical sun."

So not only is slavery key to Mississippi's interests in secession, but slavery of the black race in particular was of utmost importance.

That's one of my favorite sections, because it really takes away any arguments that secession was about anything other than preserving slavery of black men and women. So yes, while the Southern states made economic arguments around secession, those arguments were made around the premise that free labor from the black race was economically necessary.

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Posted by GroveReb84 on 03/27/2017 at 1:11 PM

Re: “Down by the Riverside

Interesting discussion. My son lives in Memphis. I live in Collierville. We get together on occasion along with some of his friends (a diverse group) and visit Tom Lee Park by car and have lunch I believe on Main. Seems like everyone has a good time and Memphis gets some business. I've always encountered a good mix of friendly people at the park and nearby business. My son and some of his friends from Memphis also hike in various parks in suburban cities and towns and dine out nearby afterwards. Again, seems like everyone has a good time and the local businesses make some cash. Not sure the us v. them theme is well thought out.

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Posted by Timeout4 on 03/27/2017 at 10:43 AM

Re: “Down by the Riverside

I stand by my assertion that Downtown needs parking to attract people. But I suppose I should have said - "most people aren't going to walk or bike..."
I'm physically fit, but I still find a bike ride from Midtown to be pretty exhausting. If I'm heading Downtown to spend some time (going to a game, show or to eat - or to go hang out on the Riverfront which is germane to the topic), I can't imagine getting back on the bike for a 6 mile ride.
And when you're riding tired, you're more likely to make mistakes like getting too close to traffic, hitting a pothole- that's the unsafe part.
But, of course, that's just me.

Posted by nobody on 03/27/2017 at 10:26 AM

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