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  • Remembering Hell

    More than a dozen Memphians are included in a traveling photography exhibit that focuses on the lives of men and women who survived the Holocaust. Called “Living On,” the exhibit offers larger-than-life portraits, accompanied by text panels that describe each person’s experience in his or her own words. ...
  • Lance and Justin Sittin' in a Tree ...

    In a shocker (Well, actually, not so much), former 'N Sync boy-bander Lance Bass has just told People Magazine that he is gay. More important, (or at least more interesting) however, is this old McDonald's commercial in which Britney Spears and the boys of 'N Sync play spin the bottle.

    You see, Lance spins it and when it stops, it points at Justin.

    That's comedy gold, folks.

  • King's Ransom?

    The Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau this week rejected a request to help fund a proposed $262,000 expansion of the Elvis Presley Museum.

    Board members were asked to contribute $50,000 to the project but declined because they have not seen the Foundation's operating budget. If they see a budget, they might reconsider, said board member Everett Kinsey.

    "We would look at it, but we already spend about $70,000 a year on the birthplace," he said. "We buy billboards for them and do other things."

    Read the rest.

  • Wanted: Offbeat Houses

    The idea came to you in a flash. You’d saved all those Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans, and the roof was leaking, so it seemed only natural to patch the roof with flattened beer cans. Then you liked the effect so much that you just went kinda crazy, and over a period of days, weeks, and months, you managed to cover your entire house with beer cans — and even used the pulltabs for decorations.

    Sure, your wife left you because she thought you were crazy, and you’re battling that lawsuit from the neighborhood association, but there’s good news: You might get your house on television.

    A new HGTV series called Offbeat America is looking for houses in Memphis that stand out from the rest ...

  • Sure, Memphis is rough, but come on!

    Mississippi’s Sun Herald recently reported that two men from Memphis were arrested and charged with grand larceny after trying to rob a bank in Oakland, Mississippi.

    But what really caught our eye was this: “Police from Oakland, deputies from Yalobusha and Tallahatchie counties, state troopers and Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officers were involved in the arrests.”

    Wildlife and fisheries officers? That seems a little excessive. Why not just call in lion tamers or Dog the bounty hunter?

    The Memphis men took $11,000 in the hold-up, but police believe that all the money has been recovered.

  • Man Indicted for Voting Twice

    Just in time for election season, D.A. Bill Gibbons issued a press release today announcing the indictment of 60-year-old Willie F. McCain of Nesbitt, MS. McCain is charged with two counts of illegal registration or voting and one count of false entries on official registration or election documents. According to the indictment, on November 2nd, 2004, McCain voted twice in the same election — once in Mississippi and once in Tennessee.
  • Farish Street Blues

    Construction of an entertainment district and apartments on Farish Street in Jackson, Mississippi, has been held up by a lack of funding from the state.

    Farish Street is a planned entertainment/residential area being developed by Beale Street's John Elkington, CEO of the Memphis-based Performa company. According a Jackson Clarion-Ledger story, Elkington told City Council members on Monday that his company will not receive all the state money it needs to complete the work.

    "This has gotten to the point that it's very frustrating," Elkington said. "We could have been finished with Farish Street by now."

  • We're NUMBER ONE!

    Yep. Memphis finally won one of those irritating national surveys — the kind where we typically finish as one of the fattest, sweatiest, or worst for women ... or something. Not this time, by God. The Bluff City has — wait for it — the cheapest downtown parking in America! A story in the Columbus Business Journal has all the glorious details.
  • The Big One

    The lengthy August 3rd election ballot is generating a healthy early turnout, but many races still hang in the balance.
  • Sales Tax Holiday!

    Governor Phil Bredesen is visiting four counties today to remind Tennesseans of the state's first sales tax holiday this weekend. The holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 4, and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 6. Bredesen is making stops at retail outlets in Shelby, Hamilton, Washington and Knox counties.

    “This weekend's first-ever sales tax holiday in Tennessee is the realization of one of the goals I set when I first took office,” Bredesen said. “The sales tax holiday underscores my commitment to education. The three-day holiday will provide tax savings for Tennessee's working families as they prepare for the school year ahead.” For more details, go here.

  • "Art of the Tomb" Opens Today

    Peabody Place Museum will be flashing some new bling during the month of August. The museum - which houses year-round the best public collection of Chinese art in the Midsouth - will be exhibiting “Art of the Tomb,” a show featuring many items new to the museum such as figurines, sculptures, and furnishings that were discovered in ancient Chinese burial tombs.

    The objects come from the Tang dynasty (considered the golden age of Chinese civilization) and the Han dynasty (the folks who invented paper and adopted Confucianism as a way of life). They are impressive not only for the beauty and intricacy of their design but for their ability to survive, in some cases, thousands of years.

    For museum hours and admission costs, check out the Flyer’s searchable online calendar

  • Hotty With No Toddy

    The board of aldermen in Oxford denied a request by the local restaurant association to be allowed to served alcohol on Sunday, September 2nd. That just happens to be the date of Ol' Miss' opening game of the football season against Memphis.

    So be forewarned Tiger fans: If you plan on celebrating the Tigers' victory in Oxford, it's going to be mighty dry in local restaurants after the game. Read all about it.

  • Love Bites

    Homegrown actress and ever-increasing tabloid fodder Ginnifer Goodwin is getting even more ink these days since hooking up with fellow actor (and Katie Holmes reject) Chris Klein. Any rumors about the two breaking up or even cooling off can now be laid to rest. Goodwin now has he dubious honor of making the celebrity sightings on Gawker Stalker — cruising the streets of New York proudly sporting one of love's most hickish battle scars. Big Love indeed!
  • Craig Brewer in Nashville

    “If we can’t get through this take, we’re cutting some gang members,” the director says. He doesn’t yell; he doesn’t have to. It’s the tone a coach uses just before someone gets booted off the squad. As if sensing some recalcitrance, the director adds, “You should thank me for stopping it. A year from now, you’re gonna be watching this at the premiere, and you’re gonna have your friends and family there. And I don’t want you looking silly.”

    The "director" in this scene is Memphis' Craig Brewer, whose work with some gang members in Nashville trying to make a movie is the Nashville Scene's cover story this week. Suffice it to say, our homeboy looks good while doing good works.

  • Frankly, We Prefer "Pants Python"

    Photos recently surfaced of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz frolicking in Hawaii, leading all the professional nosy Nellies to continue their speculation about the couple’s status. The gossip columns have been awash with “They’re off/They’re back on” rumors, but we’re more concerned about this sentence, published in Scotland’s Daily Record: “The singer, known as Trousersnake, appeared smitten by Charlie’s Angels beauty Cameron in her pretty white and brown bikini.”

    Trousersnake?! Maybe we’re late to the party, but is that his nickname everywhere? Seriously, we’d hate to hear what the Daily Record would call us.

  • Foote Notes

    This fall, PBS will air a series by the acclaimed Ken Burns on World War II. Which got us reflecting on the epic Civil War documentary by the same filmmaker, first aired in 1990. Memphis’ own Shelby Foote, of course, became the star of that series, earning as much fame for his on-screen reflections as he did for the three-volume Civil War narrative he spent the prime years of his life writing. Now just over a year since Foote’s death, we consider his life — and his reflections — well worth remembering. Read this comprehensive interview with Foote — conducted shortly after his 1999 induction into Washington’s Academy of Achievement.
  • Lost

    Memphis Animal Services is looking for a black female chow-chow who escaped the animal control vehicle last Friday night.

    “It’s important that this dog be found as she was involved in a bite case,” said Phil Synder, Memphis Animal Services administrator. “[She] does have a family that desperately wants her back home.”

    Synder says she could be anywhere between the shelter and the owner’s home in Frayser. She responds to the name Tina and weighs between 35 and 40 pounds. Anyone with information about the dog should call 362-5310.

We Recommend

  • Funny Ha-Ha

    Stand-up comedy club opens in Bartlett.


  • Jessie's Last Dance

    The funeral service for North Mississippi blues artist Jessie Mae Hemphill is scheduled for 2 p.m., Sunday, July 30th, at the Church of Christ, 401 West Gilmore St. in Senatobia, Mississippi. The viewing will be held Saturday, July 29th, at Felix Cauthen Funeral Home, 13653 Hwy 4 West.

    Donations are being solicited to help cover the cost of the funeral, and burial. To learn more, go here.

  • William Lee Ellis reveals God’s Tattoos

    William Lee Ellis plays a CD-release party for his latest, God's Tattoos, Friday, July 28th, at the Church of the Holy Communion at 4645 Walnut Grove. Read a review of the CD in this week’s Flyer.
  • Universal Motown Records Signs Memphis Producer Kia Shine

    Memphis rap/hip-hop artist and producer Kia Shine has signed with Universal Motown Records, through a venture with Rap Hustlaz Records, an urban music enterprise owned by Shine and his business partner Jack Frost.

    Shine's debut single, "Respect My Fresh," is getting southern radio play and making some national inroads.

    Shine makes his national television debut guest-hosting BET's v106 & Park August 7th. Read more.


  • Cohen Responds

    In the last two weeks of the 9th District congreessional campaign, Candidate Steve Cohen, the presumed leader in the 15-strong Democratic field, has come in for attack after attack from his opponents – ranging from a push-poll (Ed Stanton) asking the district’s predominantly Christian black voters how they feel about the religious views of their representative (Cohen is Jewish) to a suggestion that Cohen’s willingness to consider involving himself, if elected, with the Congressional Black Caucus is based on a scheme to divert money to Israel (Julian Bolton) to a scattershot attack across the board of the longtime state senator’s reputation (Nikki Tinker, via Emily’s List mailouts).

    The beleaguered candidate hasn’t exactly cried foul at the nature of his press coverage, though several observers think he has ample reason to. But he did respond to the allegations about his record, both in a press conference, and in an email.

  • Gail Mathes' 'Hail Kerry' Gambit

    Okay, it's the fourth quarter, the scoreboard (the one kept by the conventionally wise, anyhow) shows you behind in your race for District Attorney General against incumbent Bill Gibbons, and you have to do something - quick. Got it! Why not ask a recent presidential candidate to make robo-calls for you? Say, John Kerry, the Democrat who carried Shelby County handily in his race against George W. Bush two years ago. Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket! And that's what Gail Mathes, the Democratic nominee for D.A. is doing even as we speak. Calls are going out all over Shelby County to prospective voters, and the man from Massachusetts - whose wife Theresa was hosted by Mathes during Kerry's 2004 race - is evidently happy to do the talking. (For more, including the robo-call itself, go to "Political Beat".)

  • Front Porch Politics and "Clean Money"

    “Money can’t buy you love,” said the Beatles a generation ago. In a striking demonstration of commitment to the cause of “clean money and clean elections,” a goodly-sized crowd gathered Sunday in the front yard of District 29 state Senate candidate Steve Haley to hear him and two other speakers – Democracy for Memphis activist Brad Watkins and state Representative John DeBerry – insist that money can’t buy you good government, either. In an obvious reference to a highly public campaign or two going on just now, the stem-winding DeBerry commented, “Thousands upon captive thousands of dollars are being pumped into Memphis and Shelby County to tell us that people we’ve never heard from before are better than those that we know.”

    In his remarks, Democrat Haley stood on his Sledge Avenue home-base platform and unveiled political planks like strong handgun legislation, an end to regressive taxation, a further strengthening of predatory lending law, and, most importantly, publicly financed elections. “Clean money and clean elections,” said Haley. “That’s why we’re here. That’s the centerpiece of my campaign.” The District 29 seat is, of course, the one that was vacated by a state Senate vote last spring after disclosures of apparent voting fraud.

  • Tinker Won't Repudiate Anti-Cohen Mailer

    The official position of 9th District congressional candidate Nikki Tinker is that she was not involved in the distribution of a mass mailout attacking opponent Steve Cohen for various alleged failings – including chronic absenteeism in the state Senate, opposition to state funding of K-12 programs, and over-protectiveness toward the sex-shop industry (all charges called distortions by the Cohen campaign).

    But Tinker will decline to repudiate the mailer, said campaign spokesperson Joshua Phillips on Thursday. The Emily's List mailout, the second produced on Tinker's behalf in recent weeks that attacked Cohen, follows by days a similarly vitriolic attack on the senator by another opponent, Shelby County Commissioner Julian Bolton. (For more, go to "Political Beat".)

  • Harold Sr., A C Pony up For Bolton

    As the 9th District Democratic congressional primary heads into its final week, not only is mud being slung at an intensifying rate by this or that candidate, but now it appears that some previously uncommitted warhorses are picking sides. The financial disclosures of candidate Julian Bolton (one of the recent slingers) show that former congressman and longtime political broker Harold Ford Sr. has forked over $2100 – the maximum permitted – to Bolton’s coffers. This, after a Bolton visit to Palm Beach, Ford’s current residence, and appeal for support.

    This news may come as a shock to Nikki Tinker (a slinger in her own right) and Joe Ford Jr. (so far a non-slinger), two other candidates who have laid claim to Ford-clan political support. Shelby County mayor A C Wharton, who may merely be honoring a county-government associate, has meanwhile contributed to Bolton’s campaign to the tune of $1000. (For more, including facsimile of Bolton's financial disclosure, go to "Political Beat".)


  • Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

    We've always thought NASCAR fans were a little spooky. Now, here's proof: Officials at Memphis Motorsports park have anounced that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, will serve as Grand Marshal (or should we say "Mistress") of the NASCAR Busch Series Sam’s Town 250 on Saturday, October 28th. Be there or be scared. For all the chilling details, go here.
  • Shane, Shane, Shane

    William: Hey Shane,what was your reaction when you heard you got traded to houston?

    Shane Battier: My initial reaction was shock. This is the first time I got traded, and after five years in Memphis, I thought I'd be there for a long time. But after the initial shock, I then realized that I was coming to a good situation with a winning team, a contending team. ..."

    Read more of Shane Battier's "chat" with Houston Rockets fans, then try to imagine a similar chat with the elusive Stromile Swift ...

  • Of Harts and Roses

    The highlight of the 2006 Memphis Redbirds season will likely be the "Valentine’s in July" game played last Sunday. (Home runs by Mike Rose and Bo Hart in the 16th inning won the five-hour marathon for Memphis. Get it?) Hart’s latest heroics, got us wondering: Where did the love between St. Louis and Hart go to die? A sensation upon being called up to the Cardinals in 2003, Hart is remembered as a “one-summer wonder” by Jeff Gordon in his reflections on the recent history of second-basemen in St. Louis.



  • Letter from the Editor

    There have now been 100 people murdered in Memphis this year ...


  • Gore in Memphis

    You’ve seen the documentary film An Inconvenient Truth. Now meet the author: global-warming lecturer (among other things) Al Gore — in Memphis. He’ll be signing at Davis-Kidd Booksellers on Monday, July 31st, at 5 p.m. (Sorry, no personalized autographs and no posed photography.) You’ll need a ticket for this event. Get one by purchasing the book An Inconvenient Truth (Rodale Press). Those tickets are available beginning Saturday, July 29th, at 9 a.m. For more info, call the Davis-Kidd at 683-9801.
  • Calling All Book Clubs — Now

    The deadline is Saturday, July 29th, for your book club to register with the Memphis Public Library & Information Center. Register why? So your club can be entered into a drawing that will guarantee you space — seating is limited — to attend the free Tell Me About a Book! Book Club Conference. It’s an all-day event sponsored by the library and scheduled for August 26th at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library at 3030 Poplar. Keynote speaker is Dennis Lehane, author of Mystic River. For complete details, go to the library's web site, visit your branch library, or call 415-2700.

Food & Wine

  • Eclectic Delectibles .... Mmmmm.

    "Crave, pine and yearn no more! Memphis Mae’s has opened its doors in Croton-on-Hudson. Memphis Mae’s is the first authentic southern BBQ restaurant in northern Westchester County. But Mae’s is much more than finger lickin’ good BBQ – it is an eclectic delectable collection of down-home comfort food served in a warm bistro-style setting."

    Ick. Combine a purple-prose press release with some damn Yankees trying to start a BBQ "bistro" in someplace called "Croton-on Hudson" (surely they made that up), and you've got the makings of a culinary disaster.



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