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  • The Memphis Kings of eBay

    How do you measure fame? That’s easy — by the number of items a celebrity has listed on eBay. So we did a quick scan of the online auction and made some surprising discoveries.

    There's only one item for sale for man-about-town David Gest, a September 2006 Daily Mail article about his ill-fated marriage to Liza Minelli. We’ll pass on that. Next was our hometown movie star, Cybill Shepherd, with precisely 52 listings, including an autographed photo posing in just bra and panties ...

  • National Media Reformers to Meet in Memphis

    Bill Moyers, Jane Fonda, Phil Donahue, FCC Commissioners, national bloggers, and hundreds of others interested in reforming America's media will meet in Memphis January 14-17 for the 3rd National Conference for Media Reform. The conference is billed as an "energizing weekend [that] will present ideas and strategies for winning the fight for better media and connect you with thousands of media reformers from across the nation."

    To learn more, go here.

  • Not THAT Bill

    You say tomato ... From the Shelby County District Attorney's office comes this urgent missive to the media:

    "The Shelby County D.A.'s Office has received several calls from confused citizens and reporters regarding the TBI investigation into District Attorney Bill GIBSON from Middle Tennessee. While their names are very similar, there is no investigation into Shelby County District Attorney Bill GIBBONS. If you report this story today, it would be greatly appreciated if you clarify to your viewers, listeners and readers that Bill Gibson is the D.A. in rural, middle Tennessee covering Clay, Cumberland, DeKalb, Overton, Pickett, Putnam and White counties."

    To read about the GIBSON investigation, go here.

  • The Key To Winning Elections

    Want to influence Shelby County voting in a big way? Here's how: Hang on to that plastic mini-bar "key" the next time you check out of your favorite hotel. Why? Because, according to this article, it will also open Diebold voting machines. After that, you're free to hack away. Now that's democracy in action.
  • Binh Lam Ho Death Suicide

    This just in from the Shelby County sheriff's office: The death of Binh Lam Ho, who was found collapsed in his cell at 201 Poplar, has been ruled a suicide. Officials say he hung himself with a bedsheet.

    Bihn Lam Ho was jailed earlier this summer on charges of kidnapping a 16-year-old girl.

  • Romeo Dallaire Talk

    Romeo Dallaire, a U.N. commander in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, will speak tonight as part of Facing History and Ourselves Community Conversations. To get more information on the talk, go here.
  • Oh, Say Can You Sing ... ?

    The Memphis RiverKings are holding auditions for National Anthem singers this Saturday, September 23 from noon to 2 p.m. in rooms six and seven of the DeSoto Civic Center Convention Hall.

    Auditions are open to people of all ages. Singers should come prepared to perform a cappella. Pitch pipes are allowed. Registration will be in the Grand Hall of the DeSoto Civic Center, at the West Entrance. For more information, please contact Joey Thorsen at Tell 'em Roseanne sent you.

  • Elvis and Jesus: Separated at Birth?

    One has been called the King of Kings, the other the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. But those aren’t the only similarities between Jesus Christ and Elvis Presley.

    Whosoever, the online magazine for gays, lesbians, and transgendered Christians, has highlighted other commonalities shared by two of the world’s most beloved kings.

    For example: “Jesus said: "Love thy neighbor." (Matthew 22:39). Elvis said: "Don't be cruel." (RCA, 1956)”

    “Jesus is the Lord's shepherd. Elvis dated Cybill Shepherd. ...

    Click headline to read more — and to see just a sample of what turns up when you search Google images for "elvis jesus". Holy Crap!

  • Melton Down

    In our July 20th issue, we published a story about Frank Melton, the mayor of Jackson, Misssissippi, and his unconventional efforts to curb crime in his city. Melton often acts as chief enforcer in a Wyatt Earp-style campaign against evil-doers. Now, it seems things have taken an ugly turn for Mayor Melton; he has been indicted following a story by the Jackson Free Press that describes Melton and his lackeys illegally demolishing a man’s home in an ill-conceived raid. Read it all here.
  • Oh, Jesus

    This just in: The Tennessee Governmental Prayer Alliance is being launched on Wednesday in all 95 counties of Tennessee. According to its press release the TGPA "works to build a canopy of prayer over our governmental leaders in our state and nation."

    The TGPA is an offshoot of the National Governmental Prayer Alliance, which led a prayer to get George W. Bush elected president in 2000.

  • Car for Sale

    A generous 2003 Ferrari Enzo owner has donated the $1 million auto to be auctioned off during St. Jude's lavish Runway for Life gala Friday night in Beverly Hills.

    The car goes up to 217 mph, and only 399 of the 2003 model were manufactured and sold. Another car was made and given to Pope John Paul II.

    Bidding opens at a measly $875,000.

  • Woohoo! Biodiesel!

    According to Biodiesel Magazine’s Web site, Milagro Biofuels of Memphis produced its first biodiesel Monday in an old cotton oil mill.

    Milagro is waiting for samples sent to the EPA to be certified and expects to begin selling its product by the end of September. Oddly enough, Harold Ford, Jr., the congressman currently running for U.S. Senate, filmed part of his campaign commercial at the new biodiesel facility. But, in the interest of maturity and environmentalism, we’ll refrain from making a gas joke. This time.

  • As Others See Us ...

    "'Midtown is Memphis,' proclaim the proud bumper stickers you'll see all over the city. Midtown encompasses some of Memphis' most historic neighborhoods, such as Central Gardens and Evergreen, as well as some of its hippest quarters, like the happening Cooper-Young and Idlewild areas. In Midtown, you'll find urban artists and university students mixing with young professionals and old Memphis families, creating a vibrant arts district known for antique shops, galleries, coffee shops, craft stores, restaurants and bars."

    The "hip" and "happening" Idlewild area, eh? Guess we shouldn't be picky when a Nashville newspaper writes a story that reads like a brochure from the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau. To read all about the glories of our fair city, go here.

  • Wiggin' Out

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, wig shop Bella Cabella is offering free wig assistance workshops for women experiencing hair loss from chemo treatments.

    Every Monday in October, the workshop will feature tips on achieving the right style and cut, as well as wig maintenance. The workshops will be taught by five-year cancer survivor Dee Odom and wig stylist Cybil Liggins. For more, go here.

  • Three 6 and Sixty

    If you watched NBC’s new Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip Monday night, you might have seen some familiar Memphis musicians. Studio 60, created by West Wing-er Aaron Sorkin, features a fictionalized Saturday Night Live-type show. And in the pilot episode, Memphis rappers Three 6 Mafia play/are the musical guest of the variety show that the “real” show is based around. It’s very meta.

    The coolest part? A couple of characters barge into Three 6’s dressing room and find it full of smoke and littered with bongs and joints.

    Go here to learn more about the show or watch the premiere episode online.

  • SexyBack on Beale

    Justin Timberlake rocked Beale Street this morning, courtesy of Good Morning America’s fall concert series. Dressed in his trademark suit vest and slim-fitting pants, the former boy-bander gave an energetic performance that included “SexyBack,” his current hit single, and “Rock Your Body” from Justified.

    The crowd, which consisted of truant coeds, young families, and downtown employees began arriving before 5 a.m. Justin and his band went on around 7:30.

    The only sour note? The chorus of boos that greeted Memphis mayor Willie Herenton when he took to the stage to announce “Justin Timberlake Day.”

  • Pushing Ten

    Local air traffic controllers are losing sleep over a proposed scheduling change.

We Recommend


  • The Eagle, Soars Again

    "Civilian deaths in Iraq, ex-AG John Ashcroft is reported as saying, are the result of 'Muslim-on-Muslim violence.'" To which The Gadfly, who returneth, saith: 'Bird-Doo.' Proceed to "Political Beat" for a fuller explanation. Therein also lies new info on the Ford brothers, a suspect city-tax collection deal, and more.
  • Tate Gets Democrats' Senate Nod

    Architect Reginald Tate on Thursday night was named Democratic nominee for the District 33 state Senate seat vacated for "health reasons" two weeks ago by Tennessee Waltz indictee Kathryn Bowers. Tate, buoyed by a solid bloc of votes from members of the Shelby County Democratic Party's "Chism faction" (after political broker/Shelby County Commissioner Sidney Chism), defeated four other applicants for the position. His nearest competitor was veteran county employee Ed Stanton Jr., father of recent congressional hopeful Ed Stanton III. Tate will be heavily favored over Republican Michael Floyd in November.


  • Letter from the Editor

    Five years after Pearl Harbor, the United States was already engaged in the rebuilding of Japan. Five years after 9/11, our troops are refereeing a bloody internal war in Iraq ...


  • Soul Man and American Idol

    "Moore, 70, was already a veteran of gospel and R&B groups when he met Dave Prater at a club in Miami, Florida, in 1961. Musically, the two fit together like bacon and corn bread, and when Jerry Wexler signed them to the Atlantic Records family in 1965, assigning them to Atlantic partner Stax Records, they finally had a label that knew how to use them.

    "The duo was teamed with writer/producers Isaac Hayes and David Porter, and with the crack musical support of Booker T. and the MG's and the Memphis Horns, cranked out a series of soul classics: 'You Don't Know Like I Know,' 'When Something Is Wrong With My Baby,' 'Hold On, I'm Comin', 'Soul Man,' 'I Thank You.'

    "Their nickname was 'Double Dynamite.' But socially, the two got to the point where they could barely stand each other, a condition that affected their shows. ..."

    Read the rest of this profile of Soul Man Sam Moore here, including news about his new album with American Idol's Randy Jackson. Dawg!




Food & Drink

  • Paula Deen Cha-ching!

    Food Network star Paula Deen will be making a number of appearances in Memphis, September 28th-30th. Fans can spend up to $400 to see the "Queen of Southern Cooking."

    On Thursday and Friday, she'll be taping her show Paula's Home Cooking at the Mid-South Fair. Tickets run between $25 to $50

    On Saturday, September 30th, Deen will host a cooking demonstration and tasting at Viking Cooking School. Cost is $150.

    Later on Saturday, Deen will be at the Peabody's Capriccio Grill, hosting a four-course dinner. Cost is $150.

    For more on Deen's whirlwind Memphis visit, check out Food News on page 39 in this week's Flyer, hitting the stands Wednesday.


  • Pau Thinks Ahead

    Despite his injury in the World Basketball Championships last month, Grizzlies star Pau Gasol is looking ahead. Way ahead -- to next summer's European Championships, where he says he'll represent Spain again.

    In an article in the UK Guardian, Gasol is quoted as saying: "In principle, if nothing serious happens between now and then, I will be at the tournament in Spain. ...

    "The Grizzlies know how important it is for me to play for my country, and I don't think they would try and stop me because it isn't in their interests."

    To read more, go here.

  • Court TV

    After a four-year delay, the trial of former Diamond Jaxx baseball team president (and former Memphis Chicks president) David Hersh against the city of Jackson has begun. Hersh claims the city never lived up to contract obligations that were conditional to Hersh moving the Chicks from Memphis to Jackson.

    You can watch the trial live on

    For more on the trial, go to the Jackson Sun site.

  • Bonzi’s Blues

    Over his two seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies, Bonzi Wells averaged 11.3 points and 3.3 rebounds . . . and apparently got along with no one. Chris Mannix at ponders just why Wells remains an unsigned free agent (he spent last season in Sacramento) as the NBA season approaches. Send some good karma poor Bonzi’s way as you read.
  • Field Gooooaaaaal!

    Former University of Memphis kicker Stephen Gostkowski has earned the starting job for the NFL’s New England Patriots in this, his rookie season.

    Now Spanish-based news agency is running an interview with Gostkowski (or Meat, as he admits some of his current teammates call him) on their site. Other Gostkowski revelations include a story about a sweltering summer job in Mississippi and his disdain for mayonnaise. But what about on barbecue?

    Go here to read the full interview.

  • Another Stro Show?

    "There's a pretty good chance that [Stromile Swift] will be spectacular against the Rockets, either in the first preseason game October 10th or the first week when the Rockets are in Memphis November 7th.

    "Spectacular, however, is not enough. Now — and it's about time — it will be what he does the next night, and the night after that. Swift has breathtaking talent. Even his unsatisfying one season in Houston was enough to demonstrate that. ...

    Another year, another sportswriter waxing eloquent about Stromile Swift's potential. This one's from the Houston Chronicle.

  • Cain is Able (Again)

    This fall and winter, Memphis fans will have their eyes on a pair of hometown rookies in the NFL (DeAngelo Williams) and the NBA (Rodney Carney). But as summer winds down, they should turn their attention westward, at least for the conclusion of the baseball season, as Germantown’s Matt Cain has pitched his way into contention for the National League Rookie of the Year award. Cain won his fourth straight start last week — and gave up only two hits in eight innings — to keep his San Francisco Giants in contention for a playoff berth. Read about his outing here. And for more go to "Sports Beat".
  • Naked Man Alert! Part II

    Found on Performing Males, a site dedicated to stories of men nude in public: The Detroit Free Press reports that Joe Cullen, former assistant coach at Ole Miss and current assistant coach for the Detroit Lions, was arrested for driving while naked. A week later, he was arrested for DUI.

    Cullen, an Ed Orgeron hire, was fired from Ole Miss last year for an incident involving drinking.



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