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  • Katrina Funds Misused in Mississippi

    From CNN.com: Prisons in Mississippi got coffee makers, pillowcases and dinnerware -- all intended for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

    The state's Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks took more coffee makers, cleaning supplies and other items.

    Plastic containers ended up with the Mississippi Department of Finance and Administration ...

  • Celebrate Independence This Weekend

    Barack Obama doesn't have to wear a flag pin on his lapel to show his patriotism. And neither do you. In fact, we hope you're not even wearing a lapel tomorrow because it's a freakin' holiday. So trade that suit for flips-flops and cut-off shorts, and get to one of these local Fourth of July celebrations.

  • England's "Black Cabs" to Advertise Mississippi Tourism

    From the state of Mississippi: Tourism partners and the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau, along with the Tourism Division of the Mississippi Development Authority have recently launched a one month promotional campaign involving the famous black cabs of London, England. The campaign consists of 120 taxis, with 90 in London and 15 each in Manchester and Glasgow ...

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  • MAD AS HELL: Should McCain Sport a Scarlet Letter?

    Here's what Cheri DelBrocco is Mad as Hell about today: "Republicans are campaigning on their own Audacity of Hope. They are hoping no one will have the audacity to bring up the unmentionable: John McCain is The Adulterer and Cindy McCain is The Other Woman. Or, to put that another way: What goes around comes around."


  • In Search of Real Straight Talk

    Republican presidential nominee John McCain has a campaign bus called the "Straight Talk Express." It is the literal embodiment of McCain's message: He's a "maverick" who tells the truth even if it hurts his chances to win an election.

    The real truth is that McCain, like almost all politicians, hedges his bets, tailoring his message to fit whatever group he's trying to appeal to on any given day ...

  • Vance Lauderdale Sees Signs

    For reasons that only my team of highly paid psychiatrists, psychologists, venipuncturists, and ventriloquists can explain, I've always found these dire warning signs amusing. Not because of what happens to the people (if you can really call these "people"), but by the sort of noncommittal, unemotional way these tragedies are depicted ...
  • R.I.P: Bozo the Clown, Jesse the Racist

    Larry Harmon, the man who popularized the show business character Bozo the Clown, has died of congestive heart failure at the age of 83.

    Harmon did not create the flame-haired character, but played him in numerous appearances over the years.

    He purchased the copyright in the 1950s and licensed the character to others, including TV stations across the U.S.

    Also passing this week was former North Carolina senator, Jesse Helms, 87 ...

  • Slice of Memphis: July 4th in Overton Park

    A few tents were already up and the barbecue grills were already smoking when I biked through Overton Park in the early morning of the Fourth of July. The zoo would open in a few minutes and cars were lining up outside the entrance to the parking lot. I passed a couple dozen joggers and bikers on the road through the Old Forest. The golfers could go at their own pace without waiting on fairways ...
  • Fourth of July in Memphis: Take Two

    Happy Independence day. In Memphis, the local news crews requested that people not fire their guns into the air because the ammunition will ultimately come down somewhere. But I suppose that demographic wasn't watching the news and shot up the place anyway. A man ate some Bar-B-Que with his ex-girlfriend's family in Overton Park, then shot her and killed himself. A man was struck in the leg while mowing his yard, a mother and her young child were grazed by bullets as they celebrated in a downtown park, and my stepson, Cameron, and two of his friends were robbed at gunpoint in an elevator of the parking garage at Peabody Place ...
  • Bianca Knows Best

    Dear Bianca,

    My best friend and I used to be inseparable. We shopped at thrift stores together, got wasted together, and never attended a party without being attached at the hip. We even share an apartment.

    But a few months ago, she found a boyfriend. He lives in Bartlett and we live in Midtown. Since my friend doesn't have a car, she tends to stay at his place for days at a time. It's like he's kidnapped her or something ...

  • Letter from the Editor

    Republican presidential nominee John McCain has a campaign bus called the "Straight Talk Express" ...


  • Plant and Krauss at Mud Island Tonight

    As of this morning, tickets were still available for the Robert Plant and Alison Krauss concert at Mud Island Amphitheatre tonight. The unlikely duo of metal pioneer Plant and bluegrass angel Krauss collaborated on the eclectic roots album Raising Sand last year. Tickets are $56 and the concert starts at 7:30 p.m.




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  • Sweet Lady

    The creamy, dreamy treats of Sharon's Artisan Chocolates and Cheesecakes.

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  • What's the Next Move for the Grizzlies?

    I was hoping to post a detailed offseason preview this week looking at all free-agent options and potential trade targets. But, I don't have time for that and the Grizzlies are unlikely to be super-aggressive this summer altering a roster that's already been radically changed. So, instead, I'll go on the record with what I think would be the best path for the Grizzlies to take in the coming months ...
  • Grizzlies Prep Summer Roster, Sign Rookies

    The Grizzlies held their first practice today for their Las Vegas Summer League team, putting rookies O.J. Mayo and Darrell Arthur on the court with second-year players Javaris Crittenton and a noticeably bulked-up Mike Conley.
  • FROM MY SEAT: 'Coastal Memphis'

    What goes around comes around, and that goes for Flyer scribe Frank Murtaugh, who is back from two weeks of vacation elsewhere and found that you can take your itinerary out of Memphis but you can't take Memphis out of your itinerary.

Special Sections

  • Bands to Raise Funds for Beale Street Employee at Neil's on Sunday

    The friends of Darren Wright are holding a silent auction and concert to help pay his medical bills. Wright, who worked on Beale Street as a busperson, was a crime victim who was shot and hospitalized a few weeks ago. The event begins at 5:30 Sunday at Neil's, 1835 Madison.

    Musicians performing include ...



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