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I want so badly to take a machine gun into a really nice, expensive restaurant and, instead of ordering something fancy and delicious, just tell the waiter to have the chef send out some Mexican rat stew made of Mexican rat babies. Then I could write something from experience on Tennessee representative Curry Todd's Facebook page.

Yep, he's at it again. The man from Collierville who thinks it's wise for people to tote their loaded guns into crowded restaurants that serve alcohol has now compared the infants of immigrants to rats — I assume because he thinks there are too many of them and they carry diseases like rats, but I'm not 100 percent sure of that. Actually, he was talking about pregnant illegal immigrants, so he may have meant that these women are like rats. I'm not sure about that either, because when he said it the other day it didn't make all that much sense. If I heard correctly, he said, "We can go out there and multiply them like rats," so he could have meant that Republican conservative white men could go out and have sex with a lot of immigrant women to create a lot more babies who, at least according to the U.S. Constitution, would be citizens of the United States. But, you know, that's just the Constitution, that document the Sarah Palins of the world are out to protect at any cost. God knows they sure do yammer about it on and on, whether they've actually read it or not.

So let's change the Constitution. Sounds to me like it's out of date, what with all these "illegal aliens" bustin' across our Amurkin borders night and day and threatening the existence our forefathers created for us by massacring the Native Americans who so brazenly claimed this sea-to-shining-sea land to be theirs (what nerve!) and then by using stolen African human beings to cultivate it and make it so nice for everyone else and pave the way for elections like the one Todd just won.

I think one of the greatest freedoms this brought about is the right for Amurkins to post anything they like on their Facebook pages. Take Todd (please, some other state, take him!), for example. He lists the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center as one of his "Likes and Interests." Ever one to want to gain more knowledge about such things, I clicked right over to it, only to find this post from just a day or two ago:

"Soon they will be bending us over to give us a thorough cavity search. After that it will be all cavities ... And after that ... There will be one or two who may stand up and scream. And for 'them,' one or two, even ten will be very easy to quash and 'eliminate' ... Yet, I am still here, still hoping; hoping that somehow I'll get to see that number in the tens of thousands and beyond, and that's the only hope I see to stop our expedited degradation process. They say it always starts with one. Well, here I am, willing to be one. How about you?"

Good heavens. What is up with Todd and his Facebook page and his "Interests and Likes" and all of this text about "thorough cavity searches" and "screaming," not to mention "thorough cavity searches" and "elimination"? I certainly hope that I am missing something somewhere that helps tie all this together. And I certainly hope that Todd is not calling for the thorough cavity search of every pregnant immigrant who might have a rat for a baby because she didn't take her loaded gun into a Chuck E. Cheese's and thereby try to live the Amurkin dream like all these aliens need to do in order to fit into Collierville society. He would never do that, would he? I hope not, because, you know, he's not real big on apologizing just to please those damn politically correct freaks who think it's just fine and dandy for immigrant pregnant women to have rat babies in Tennessee and then steal the precious health-care resources from the law-abiding citizens who really need to have said resources because they are multiplying humans. They just don't get it, do they?

I think the Nazis had it right when they made those informational films about the Jews, such as The Eternal Jew, in which they compared the Jews to rats. They didn't worry about the silly politically correct people either. You didn't see any damn amendment in their stuff about Jewish babies being born to German Nazi citizens, did you? Nope. They had it under control. As they did when they took their loaded weapons into Jewish restaurants. I think Curry Todd might just be on the right track.


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