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I haven't seen the film The Social Network yet, but now I feel kind of compelled to check it out because when I waded into using Facebook as a reluctant novice a couple of years ago, I never dreamed that such a thing would have an impact great enough to start changing world history the way it has recently with all of these fabulous uprisings taking place all over the world. I thought Twitter was for twits with too much time on their hands, but now it looks like it can help overthrow a government, and I am all about that kind of unrest because it is exciting.

It's not a bunch of suits bickering back and forth about budget cuts and gays in the military and various and sundry other tiresome topics. It's real revolution. I wonder if, when they came up with the idea, the people behind Facebook and Twitter ever imagined that it would lead to ending a 30-year political regime in one of the oldest civilizations on earth and spark similar upheavals in numerous other places, just because of the sheer numbers of people who can stay in touch with each other at once and be in contact within a split second's notice anywhere in the world.

(You would think SOMEONE would have figured out a way for bald people to grow hair by now, but I digress.)

I guess it shouldn't come as that big of a surprise, since Barack Obama had such great success with it in his presidential campaign and became our first African-American president, and Lady Gaga used it to become the most famous person in the world ever to make an entrance into a hugely televised event being carried in a giant egg. Which, by the way, I have to say, kind of cracked me up and made me like her a little.

But really. Think about it: Facebook = major world changes. I read a story about a couple in Egypt who actually named their new baby Facebook. I wonder if this kid is going to be the Second Coming. I just wonder that because I am obsessed with End Times propaganda and all of this recent technology-generated world upheaval has that written all over it. I need to check with my contacts in the Ozarks to find out what their take is on it. Armageddon via Skype? Ya never know. I tried to tool around a little on the Facebook page for "End Times Message Believers" but there was a lot of chatter about clean women with long hair and it freaked me out but not as much as the advertisement on the side of the page, which read, "If you owe less than $729,000 on your mortgage, you probably qualify for the President's Making Home Affordable Program."

Are they kidding? Less than $729,000? How many people owe more than that? Does that seem to be a limit that makes sense? I need to get in on that game. Oh, never mind. I tried. It looked like a scam. Imagine that.

Which leads me to this: I know that as Americans we are way too spoiled and lazy and unimaginative to have an actual uprising that would interest much of anyone other than ourselves, but how about using Facebook to get back at all the quick-loan outfits, shady mortgage companies and, especially, credit card companies that have done more real damage to the American people than probably any other entity? The companies that promise people the moon but deliver not much more than a little instant gratification along with a truckload of bullshit fine print that NO ONE could possibly understand without an MBA. Ultimately they push people into so much debt that it becomes a cycle of minimum payments that never ends. I don't have or use credit cards. But I did when I was young and trying to establish credit (and travel and eat and clothe myself, etc.) because in America if you don't have credit you can't do things like buy a house. Especially not a house that costs more than $729,000!

So if the Egyptians can organize a peaceful protest and start to change the world by ousting Hosni Mubarak from his 30-year reign and thereby embolden young people all over the world to say, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it!" don't you think it would be fairly easy for everyone to get together, send each other Facebook and Twitter messages, and boycott a couple of the credit card beasts for a few days and have them panic to the point of finally coming clean with the real story on the rates, minimum payments, due dates, and late fees? Or go away forever? Just one day might do it. Any takers? Could the American people even go one day without using credit cards? It certainly seems Tweet-worthy to think about.


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