Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Work Wear

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Justin Fox Burks

Elizabeth Blondis doesn't normally wear a dress to work.

"I work in a BBQ restaurant, so I wear shorts and t-shirts to work," she says. "I'm very lucky."

On this particular day, however, the Central BBQ owner was working the Memphis Literacy Council's Taste of Cooper-Young.

This cute wrapdress from Kohl's was just the ticket.

"I just put an apron over it and it's short enough, the apron covered it," she explained.


Orange You Glad ...

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Justin Fox Burks

You know the old knock-knock joke that ends with the punchline: "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?"

In this case, I'm glad Betsy Williams Sanders went with both orange and banana for her outfit (as well as a matching litertini from Taste of Cooper-Young). The result is so colorful and fun.

The dress, from Anthropologie, has a great lattice-work yoke and little puff sleeves. And the bag — which has bright blue stitching on the sides — is the sort of accessory that will brighten up any outfit.

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Thrift Score

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Justin Fox Burks

When I asked Donya Humphrey what she was wearing, she said sheephisly, "I don't know."

"You don't know?" I was intrigued.

"I got it at a thrift store," she said.

It turns out Humphrey is something of a thrift store expert. Which sort of explains how she could find a smocked-bodice maxi dress — something very big this summer — at a thrift store.

That's not a knock on thrift stores; it's just sometimes you have to work to find the good stuff.

"With thrift stores," she says, "you could be in there for hours. I can do one in 30 minutes."

Her secret?

"I skim. I look for colors or prints I like. You either look at the top of the rack or the bottom," she says. "Sometimes the stuff falls off the hangers so it's good to look at the bottom."


Friday, August 21, 2009

One Little Piggy Went to Market

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Some style news .... Shelton Clothier's popular Pink Pig line has expanded to include the Pink Pig tie.

The tie, which is available in six colors for $49.50, can be found at Shelton Clothiers on Main Street or via the Pink Pig website.


Eye-Con Couture on Union Avenue is holding a summer sidewalk sale Saturday, August 22nd and August 29th, from 8 a.m. to noon.

They're advertising significant mark-downs on on tops, dresses, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. And it looks like it's tax-exempt and, more importantly, CASH ONLY.

Got style news? Send it to me at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green and White

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Justin Fox Burks

For Elizabeth Land, this was an outfit with a deadline.

"You can't wear white jeans after September," she said.

The jeans are Hudson. She got her cute white-and-green top at Wink.

Because of the cut of the jeans and the white rope belt, this has almost a nautical feel for me, but the colors keep it crisp and clean. I love how the belt brings out the white in the spaghetti-strap top and pulls it all together ... in more ways than one, I suppose.

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It's a Wrap

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Justin Fox Burks

Justin and I are were standing outside of Bardog when we saw Lisa Hume strolling toward us, her wrap sort of billowing behind her as she walked. It was very je ne said quoi.

In addition to the wrap, which was a present from her boss, Hume is wearing an Ann Klein dress.

She had recently returned from Barbados (jealous!) and was wearing the dress in part to show off her tan.

"it was a little cold this morning," she said when asked about the wrap. "But it knew it was going to burn off and be a million degrees."


Paisley Print

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Justin Fox Burks

Here's a funny story: The other week, I'm shopping with my sister at this BCBG store and we're scouring racks upon racks of dresses (they're totally my new obsession). She pulls one off the rack, holds it up, and says, "This is cute."

And it was totally the same dress that Tara Chalos is wearing here.

Chalos called this a "perfect dress for summer," and it's easy to see why: It's light, it's little, it's interesting visually, but it's still conservative enough to wear to work. (And then out to the bar afterward.)

For those interested, this dress also has a sister. After we saw this one at BCBG, we saw a wrap-dress made out of the same material with the same paisley detailing at the bottom and on the tie.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Sweater

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Justin Fox Burks

Well, dear readers, I'm on the beach this week, drinking mojitos and trying to refresh my naturally Mediterranean skin tone for another year. But I couldn't leave you without your weekly dose of local style.

"This is an outfit I've had for some time," says Joyce Douglas.

The summer sweater — light, half-sleeve, with an interesting weave — is from Arden B., but she doesn't remember where she got her cute denim capris. She says she likes to mix older pieces with new ones.

She also mentions the fine line that people sometimes walk in the summertime.

"I wanted something cool because of the heat," she says, "but it's not too revealing."

It works. She looks very put-together and polished, and you can't even tell it wasn't a degree under 90 that day.


Camo Capris

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Justin Fox Burks

Speaking of cute capris, here is a pair that Nicole Childers made herself.

"These pants got too short, so I cut them off," she says.

Childers accessorized her camo capris with a lime belt she got at a thrift store for $1.99, a cute Marvel tee, and a newsboy cap (she always wears either a hat or a headband).

"I just like fun outfits," she says. "I don't like to be seen in things other people have on."

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Pink Polo

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Justin Fox Burks

I have a confession: I love a guy who knows how to wear pink. I had this boyfriend once and his coloring was such that he looked so cute in pink, but he just wasn't having it. Too girly, I think was what he said.

But I don't think it's girly at all. (I heard a rumor once that a long time ago, boy babies were dressed in pink and girl babies were dressed in blue, but then it somehow got switched. I suppose I could chase this piece of information down on Wikipedia or something, but did I mention I'm on the beach? Drinking a pina colada at this very moment? Watching the young Mexican girls wear their amazingly large hoop earrings into the ocean? That is style. If Justin were here, I'd ask him to take a picture.)

DeAngelo Crawford also doesn't think pink is girly.

"I wanted to wear pink today," he said when we caught up to him in Overton Park. "Pink is my favorite color."

The polo is Hollister, and the jeans are American Eagle. The wallet chain is Crawford's own creation, a mixture of a few other chains he got from his brother and a friend.

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Working Work It Wednesday

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Justin Fox Burks

Last night, the Flyer hosted one of its Work It Wednesday happy hours at Bardog. I can't speak for all of the staff -- since most of them haven't stumbled into the office yet -- but I think we had a pretty good time. And part of that was certainly due to the cuteness that is pregnant bartender Brooke Brewer.

Her outfit for the evening consisted of jeans from Crazy Beautiful, a belly band -- because her stomach is getting bigger, but the rest of her isn't -- and a tanktop from Target.

It's sort of hard to tell, but the tank is covered with multi-colored peace signs. Her wardrobe also includes a pair of pink peace sign shorts.

"I like peace signs. I'm trying to bring them back," she says.


Sister Swap

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Justin Fox Burks

We also ran into Majestic Grille owner Deni Reilly last night, looking just as cute as ever. I always comment on her jewelry, but I won't here because, well, have you seen the Orla Kiely bag?

I love how the strap of her bag -- in the company's signature pattern -- echoes the color of her top from Muse.

The white jacket she got out of her sister's closet in D.C. -- "It's vintage," she says.

I had to ask: Does your sister know you took her vintage jacket? B/c I've got sisters. And I know that sometimes you get things from them, and sometimes you just take them. (Or maybe that's just me.)

"She knows," she says. "I brought her a whole bag of shoes. It was a wardrobe swap. You've got to do those things when you have a sister."

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Cute and Comfortable

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Justin Fox Burks

It was early evening and nurse Jennifer Koonce was out for drinks with the girls when we spotted her.

It's been my experience that drinks with the girls -- especially right after work -- have a certain dress code. You don't need to be too dressed up -- it's just the girls, after all, and you don't need to impress them -- but you are going out, so you want to look cute.

Which is where Koonce's Old Navy top, Express jeans, and Target earrings come in. She doesn't look fussy or "too done," just casually stylish.

When I asked about her style, she said it was casual and comfortable.

"I'm not going to wear something cute if it's not comfortable," she said. Which is, I have to say, a very good motto.

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