Fly On the Wall

So-so Memphis
We couldn't help but notice that The Commercial Appeal is SO Memphis for apparently lifting the "You are SO Nashville" idea from the Nashville Scene without giving credit where credit is due. Lest thoughts of rocks and glass houses come to mind, we confess: We've ruthlessly swiped this skinny column idea from Tucson Weekly. We'll be waiting for our free mug.

To P or Not to P
When a reader complained that we misspelled "Binghampton" (he said there's no "p"), we checked with local place-names expert Ann Meeks. The official word: The former suburb was named after William Henry Bingham, so it's "Binghamton," the listing for the "Binghampton Station" post office in BellSouth's phone directory notwithstanding. If you don't believe us, go look at the front of the office itself. A law was passed in 1907 to forbid use of "p" in the town's name. But a postal employee tells us that older residents still pronounce it "Bing-HAMP-ton."

"When Dad left work at two each day, he would head straight for Fitzgerald's and I would have to cover for him with Mom. He just loved it there. I think he was comfortable because, while the employees knew him and could watch out for him, he could also blend in like everyone else." — the daughter of the late Tom Robison, who requested that his ashes be spread on the grounds of a Tunica casino.

If It's Good Enough For Seattle . . .
"Bitchy Southern women in a shop devoted to creating and maintaining their feminine appearance would seem ample material for the queer irony of drag"

— from a Seattle Gay News review of a 1995 all-drag production of Steel Magnolias. Oddly, Playhouse on the Square was threatened with losing its license to perform the play until a man was removed from one of the female roles.

The Politics of Dancing
We thought for sure the Macarena was going to be just another flash-in-the-pan. In an attempt to make up for lost time, we sent our political columnist, Jackson Baker, to get the scoop. Just back from the political conventions, he has what is sure to be the next big thing in this great, dance-crazed land of ours.

So come on, everybody. Do the Jackarena!

Compiled by Jim Hanas. P.O. Box 687, Memphis, TN, 38101. FAX: 521-0129.