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Cat Power
Can blue women sing the whites? Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power) sure can. Over the course of two albums (one of which, 1996’s What Would the Community Think? was recorded in Memphis at Easley Studio), she’s established herself as a singer-songwriter of rare, primitive talent. She’s drawn comparisons to everyone from Nick Drake to PJ Harvey, but that misses the mark by a few thousand nautical miles. See, there’s something very American – very Southern, in fact – about Marshall’s raw yet slightly hesitant delivery. It is the product of a mind confined and confused by old-time Southern religion. A mind that shines but only when no one else is watching. And that’s the problem. In the safe recesses of the studio her songs coalesce, but onstage, trepidation can take hold, sometimes forcing Marshall to play with her back to the audience.

Marshall, who usually plays unaccompanied live, will be at the Map Room on Wednesday, September 30th. She’ll likely be playing songs from her new record Moon Pix, released this week on Matador. Word has it that the album is a real stunner, and the Map Room should be cozy enough for Marshall to shine in front of an audience. Let’s hope so, ’cause she might find herself staring down a carriage horse’s arse if she turns her back to Main Street. – Matt Hanks

Jerry Lee Lewis’ tax problems may be one of the best things to ever happen to fans of the Killer. The madman from Ferriday, Louisiana, never misses an opportunity to feed the coffers by playing out. Birthdays, anniversaries of this and that, whatever. Next Tuesday Lewis turns 63, and this Saturday he’ll play his own annual birthday bash at the New Daisy Theatre.

Admittedly, tickets are a little steep – $30 and $50 a pop – but c’mon, he’s Jerry Lee Lewis, the last still-performing member of “the Million Dollar Quartet.” It’s tough to put a price on that – unless, of course, you’re the IRS. – Jim Hanas

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