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Bucks 121, Grizzlies 103: Game Notes

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Ben McLemore actually had a good game against Milwaukee, but it wasn't enough for a win. - LARRY KUZNIEWSKI
  • Larry Kuzniewski
  • Ben McLemore actually had a good game against Milwaukee, but it wasn't enough for a win.

The Memphis Grizzlies fell 121-103 to the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, extending their losing streak to 18 games. The Griz last won a basketball game on January 29 at home against Phoenix, and since that point, everything has come completely unglued for them. Some of this is by design—they're very nearly bad enough to actually get the #1 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft—and some of it is because they've suffered a lot of injuries and weren't that good in the first place. No matter how much of the misery is self-inflicted, it's still miserable

What, then, can one say about a game like the one last night? The Grizzlies actually had a decent first quarter against the Bucks (currently sitting in the Eastern Conference's last playoff spot) in which they led by as many as eight points, but before the end of the quarter, lineups changed and so did the tenor of the game. This wasn't a blowout, not for most of its 48 minutes. The Grizzlies made runs, and the Bucks responded, and the Grizzlies never seemed to push over the edge and make it a competitive game. (Which, let's be honest, is not exactly a surprising development.)

"Coach, clearly the better Fleetwood Mac album is 'Tusk.' You're only saying 'Mirage' because you keep playing 'Gypsy' in the weight room." - LARRY KUZNIEWSKI
  • Larry Kuzniewski
  • "Coach, clearly the better Fleetwood Mac album is 'Tusk.' You're only saying 'Mirage' because you keep playing 'Gypsy' in the weight room."

I'm not really sure what else to say about this game. The upside of tanking is supposed to be player development, but playing these players in these situations with these personnel groupings isn't helping them develop, not really. As Matt Hrdlicka wrote about recently on his Patreon-backed blog, that's one way the Grizzlies are tanking that is not actually helping them get better for some hypothetical brighter future (beyond just getting minutes for some of these guys).

This season has been taxing to watch, taxing to talk about, taxing to consider in the larger context and, most certainly, taxing for the players stuck on a team that can't seem to put together a win to save its life. There's not much of it left, but what remains promises to be a slog. How do they win a game from here? Where do they find the execution to actually carry some of these runs over into a lead, and then keep it? Can it be done?

We'll find out. In the meantime, the plummet continues.

Tweet of the Night

Speaking of Hrdlicka, Jarell Martin started at small forward last night, and while it wasn't a total disaster, he was clearly playing out of position and struggling to keep up. For all of Martin's nascent skill, recently starting to blossom into "real NBA player" potential, he is still much worse at one end of the floor than he is the other:

Up Next

JaMychal Green is having a great stretch run, one of the Grizzlies' only bright spots. - LARRY KUZNIEWSKI
  • Larry Kuzniewski
  • JaMychal Green is having a great stretch run, one of the Grizzlies' only bright spots.

Thursday night, the Grizzlies play the Bulls, who were recently scolded by the league powers-that-be for resting too many healthy players. (This is why Tyreke Evans is still "injured" and why Chandler Parsons had such a long, lingering "illness" and if you don't believe that I have a couple bridges to sell you, one vaguely shaped like an "M".) It will be vaguely interesting to see which team can try harder to lose, but the novelty has worn off of that like the basketball version of a Radio Shack Super Armatron, and if the weekend's Mavs game is any indication, the Grizzlies are the best team in the league at trying to lose.

Saturday brings the Nuggets, that almost-suitor for Tyreke Evans (though given what they offered, I'm glad that deal didn't go down). The most that can be said for the rest of the season is that they will (technically) be basketball contests held between two professional teams. So it goes.

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Beyond the Arc Podcast #95: Three Things We've Learned

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This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • The Grizzlies have lost fifteen (15!) games in a row.
  • The pro-tanking and anti-tanking factions of Grizzlies fandom keep fighting for no reason
  • Three things Kevin and Phil have learned about the Grizzlies this year (yes, it's still possible).
  • Who should coach the Grizzlies next year? Steve Clifford? Becky Hammon? What about JB Bickerstaff?
  • Should Chris Wallace go? Should Gasol and Conley?
  • Three things Kevin and Phil have learned about the NBA this year (content warning: scorching hot takes)

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The Hustle Dispatch: Week 16

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Only two matchups this gameweek as the Hustle splits results.

Reno came to town at the perfect time. Not to be outdone by their NBA counterparts, the Memphis Hustle were mired in the midst of a five game losing streak when The Bighorns came to Southaven. The newest episode of The Late Show with Marquis Teague aired on Saturday with two big free throws to give Memphis the win. While the subsequent loss against the South Bay Lakers brought any hint of momentum to a stop, the madcap, crazy, and chaotic bout against the Bighorns showed the fight this team still has in it.

Throughout the course of the game, the Hustle and the Bighorns ceded no ground to each other. When the dust settled, there had been 20 lead changes and 16 ties, while neither team ever led by more than seven points. With the Reno frontcourt duo of Jack Cooley and Jakarr Sampson putting out mammoth performances, the Hustle needed to put on a team clinic to stay competitive, and that’s exactly what they did. Each member of the starting lineup scored at least 14 points, allowing Memphis to fight through Reno’s domination in the paint and keep pace with Cooley and Sampson’s offensive efficiency.

Teague led the Hustle again with 24 points on 11-19 shooting, with the final two go-ahead buckets coming with just 3.1 seconds remaining in the game. Omari Johnson nabbed his 5th double-double of the season with 19 points and 11 rebounds, while Dusty Hannahs had an all-around performance with 14 points, four assists, and four rebounds. Austin Nichols pulled eight rebounds to go with his 17 points, and Jeremy Morgan had an efficient shooting game with 19 points from eight of his 12 shots. Off the bench, J.J. Frazier had his best performance in a Hustle uniform with 10 points and five rebounds. This game was a throwback to the early Hustle season, where the team would consistently churn out incredibly close, nail-biting results.

Against the South Bay Lakers, regular Hustle shortcomings reemerged. Throughout the season, Memphis hasn’t really quite been able to manage a game when taking a large lead, and that’s exactly what happened here. The Hustle blazed out of the blocks, building a 15-point lead and ending the first quarter at 34-21. Chance Comanche led the charge early, scoring nine points off the bench in the first frame. However, offensive production fell in the second quarter. South Bay consistently hit its shots, ending the quarter at 62-55. From there, the Lakers really got into their stride, pulling away in the third quarter to seize a 101-85 lead. In the final frame, the Lakers hit several threes to ultimately put the game out of reach for the Hustle at 125-116.
For the second game in a row, Marquis Teague did his best to keep the Hustle competitive by claiming a double-double with 28 points and 10 assists. Omari Johnson also gave a stellar performance with 20 points and 10 rebounds. Chance Comanche ended up with 17 points off the bench, while Jeremy Morgan scored 13. Beyond that, however, there wasn’t enough depth to make a dent in the Lakers’ lead.

At 16-26, the Hustle will end the season with a losing record. There are only eight games left, so now's a good time to end on a high and provide some building blocks for next year, when the players and the organization will have more experience under their belts. In terms of roster news, the Hustle recently signed Kuran Iverson, who played two seasons of college basketball at University of Memphis, via waiver claim. Kuran's most recent G-League experience came earlier this season with the Raptors 905. Next up for Memphis is an away game in Prescott Valley, Arizona, against the Northern Arizona Suns.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Beyond the Arc Podcast #94: Why Keep Watching the Grizzlies?

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This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • Phil wants to trade Marc Gasol, but Kevin has a better idea
  • Do the Grizzlies think they'll make the playoffs next year?
  • Kevin's Memphis Flyer cover story about reasons to keep watching the Grizzlies
  • Phil's work on the DFS portion of the Lenny Melnick fantasy baseball draft guide
  • David Fizdale's ESPN gig—will he ever coach again?
  • How should the league handle dirty plays and players like Zaza Pachulia?
  • Can the Thunder actually beat the Warriors in a playoff series? (Spoiler: probably not)
  • The Grizzlies and Suns' Wednesday night game with both teams coming off double-digit losing streaks

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Beyond the Arc Podcast #93: Rising Stars, Raging Refs

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This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • Dillon Brooks on Team World in the Rising Stars Challenge
  • Was the Grizzlies' decision to keep Tyreke Evans the right one?
  • How bad will the Grizzlies be for the rest of the year?
  • Andrew Harrison's big night and big dumb ejection
  • The problems with the refs this season
  • Should the Griz bring back TA and Z-Bo since the Heat brought back Wade?

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The Hustle Dispatch: Week 14

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To start, let’s say goodbye to a Hustle player that’s served the team well over the course of the season so far. Yesterday, the Hustle waived forward Trahson Burrell, who had averaged 13.3 points and 8.5 rebounds per game. On the other side, Memphis acquired JJ Frazier all the way from JDA Dijon Basket in the French LNB Pro A, where he averaged 8.2 points, 2.6 assists, and 2.3 rebounds per game. Frazier started his basketball career with four years playing collegiate basketball at Georgia.

In terms of game news, the week started off strong with the Hustle riding their momentum from last weekend’s Marquis Teague-led win over the Rio Grande Valley Vipers. Up next after Rio was the Austin Spurs, a game which on paper looked like a challenge with Austin sitting pretty atop the Western Conference standings. The game, however, wasn’t easy coasting. The Hustle struggled to contain the Spurs early on, with the Texans shooting 57.4 percent from the field in the first half. However, Memphis’ 19-8 run with the clock winding down to halftime closed the gap to a 70-61 scoreline in favor of Austin. The Hustle slowly gained ground over the course of the third quarter until pulling ahead at the very end at 90-89.

The Hustle maintained the lead for most of the fourth quarter until Austin pulled ahead at 111-110. Memphis, not to be deterred, went on a 10-0 run sponsored by two quick Jeremy Morgan three’s to restamp their authority on the game, closing out the score at 120-115. The victory was the result of a total team effort; eight Hustle players scored in double digits, with Burrell leading the charge with 21 points accompanied by nine rebounds and five assists. Chance Comanche pulled a double-double with 13 points and 13 rebounds, while Morgan, Shaquille Thomas, Durand Scott, and Dusty Hannahs all combined for 43 points. The collaborative scoring helped the team overcome what was as large as a 22-point gap.

Having turned the tables on the leading Western team, surely the Hustle would kick on and come out of the blocks quickly in the following matchup? Instead, the Hustle dug another hole, this one even deeper with a deficit standing at 24 points against the Wisconsin Herd. More remarkably, the Hustle went on to win the game by 19 points. That’s an incredible 43 point turnaround, one not hinted at by the 26.7% Hustle shooting from the first quarter. The second quarter didn’t fare much better, but the second half was where the Hustle finally came alive. This matchup saw the return of Memphis’ paint domination, with the team pulling down 16 offensive rebounds, and outscoring the Herd 26-10 in second chance points and 60-42 in the paint.

Marquis Teague scored 25 points and added five assists and five rebounds to his all-around performance, while Austin Nichols got a double-double off the bench with 20 points and ten rebounds. Burrell snagged his tenth double-double of the season with 16 points and 11 rebounds. The victory against the Herd meant that Memphis earned its third straight victory, each having seen the team come from at least 16 points down at one point. That right there is fighting spirit, and with the end of the season looming, it’s a great way to end on a high.

It’s probably too much of an ask to keep asking for huge comebacks, and thus the Hustle couldn’t pull out another one after falling to an early lead against the Iowa Wolves. This lead was the largest the Hustle faced in this stretch, standing at a whopping 26 points. Warning signs flashed early. With the Hustle trailing by one midway through the first quarter, the Wolves hunted down efficient scoring opportunities and rampaged through an 18-0 run. The Hustle did claw its way back to just a six-point deficit during the fourth, but that was as good as it got. The Wolves took this contest 108-98.

On his last game for the team, Burrell put up a meager six points on 2-8 shooting. Omari Johnson and Thomas did their best to buck up the Hustle, scoring 25 and 22 points respectively (a career high for Thomas). Two wins out of three, though, is a darn good return for the tough teams the Hustle had to play against. The fighting spirit is still there, so some more top teams might struggle when coming up against Memphis. For now, the Hustle have returned home to play Agua Caliente Clippers tonight in Southaven.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Grizzlies keep Tyreke Evans at the trade deadline

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  • Larry Kuzniewski
  • Tyreke back!

Despite sitting him out since before last week's game at Indiana while they pursued deals, the NBA's trade deadline came and went with Evans still on the Memphis roster. The Grizzlies apparently remained engaged with several Eastern Conference teams throughout the day, but they decided that trying to re-sign Evans this summer since they'd have his early Bird rights after one more year was worth more than whatever was being offered by these teams, none of whom seemed to be willing to part with a first round pick.

I don't think it was that they wanted to get a deal done and couldn't; I think it was a calculated gamble that the Grizzlies felt was worth taking. I disagree.

If the Grizzlies win more games as a result of having Evans on the team between now and the end of the season, and move from the 5th pick to the 9th pick, and then lose Evans this summer anyway, the failure to trade him for a pick and/or young player is bad. If the Grizzlies pick 9th instead of 5th but keep Evans this summer—and I'm sure they wouldn't have rolled with the idea of keeping him at the deadline unless they thought he might want to return—and then he returns to being injured and plays 25 games, that's still the same level of failure.

It comes down to this: do I legitimately think the Grizzlies will be good enough next year to need Evans as a key piece of scoring on a good/playoff team? I think it's possible, but I also think given their injury history over the last 3 years it's unlikely. In that situation, I'd rather have young talent to evaluate the rest of this year, and still have the full mid-level exception to throw at Evans or whoever else this summer. If keeping him at the deadline was the only way to guarantee keeping him in free agency, I still would have traded him, probably. Let him find the money if it's there, or return for the MLE if it's not.

As it stands—optics aside, and the optics are extremely bad, just like they were extremely bad when the Grizzlies fired David Fizdale hours after he had a public spat with Marc Gasol—I'm just not sure hanging on to Evans is a gamble that was worth taking. It looks like a failure to capitalize on a good decision and turn it into future potential. The second another team (and the Kings proved today there are still teams making bad decisions) overpays Evans this summer, and he takes the money, the Grizzlies have gotten nothing at all for a 20-point-a-game scorer on an expiring deal, and that's extreme malfeasance (almost like trying to trade OJ Mayo but turning it in too late). Even if that doesn't happen, I'm just not sold that it was the right call.

There's another side of this, too. Is the 27th pick in the draft worth not winning a playoff series? For a team like Boston or Philadelphia, where Evans' scoring could be the difference between missing the playoffs and a 6 seed, why the reluctance to give up more? Money is tight for free agency, so picks and young players on rookie deals are worth even more, but it's frustrating to see the Grizzlies, who can't win this year, worry more about winning than about assets, while playoff teams who need a player like Evans are more worried about assets than about winning. This was a strange trade deadline—and the Clippers' extension of Lou Williams may have been a signal that this summer is going to be just as jammed up.

If Evans is back on the Grizzlies, wins 6th Man of the Year, and they're good, I will come back to this reaction and admit I was wrong. But this is not the path I would have chosen, were I the one making the decisions.

Grizzlies trade James Ennis to Detroit for Brice Johnson, pick

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James Ennis has had a breakout year for the Grizzlies after being cut last year. - LARRY KUZNIEWSKI
  • Larry Kuzniewski
  • James Ennis has had a breakout year for the Grizzlies after being cut last year.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Grizzlies have traded forward James Ennis to the Detroit Pistons for Brice Johnson and a second-round pick:

More on this as it develops. Ennis has been inconsistent but also underutilized since coming to the Grizzlies for the second time under David Fizdale (after not playing at all under Dave Joerger before being cut so the team could sign Ryan Hollins for the fourteenth time). I like this pickup for the Grizzlies if they'd decided to move on from Ennis: it gives him a shot to impress another team and maybe help them make the playoffs, and the Grizzlies get an asset back instead of losing him.

No word yet on other trades brewing for the Grizzlies, but rest assured, the phone lines are busy league-wide.

NBA Trade Deadline: What are the Grizzlies doing?

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  • Joe Murphy (NBAE/Getty Images)
  • Tyreke Evans

The Grizzlies did not beat the Utah Jazz Wednesday, but compared to the beatdown they caught the previous night after a long layover in Atlanta (certainly not the first team to meet that fate), last night's effort was much better. Utah is better than Atlanta, and the Griz barely fell short of beating them. But that’s not really what matters this morning: today is the NBA trade deadline.

The Grizzlies have already kept Tyreke Evans off the court since last Wednesday’s game at Indiana—an unusually long “don’t get hurt before we can trade you” sabbatical but not an unreasonable one. Reports continue to trickle out that Boston, Philadelphia, and Denver are all interested in Evans but don’t want to part with a first round pick. So what can we expect to see from the Grizzlies between now and 2PM Central, when it’s pencils down for the whole league?

There's a path for the Grizzlies to keep Tyreke, but they shouldn't settle. The extension Lou Williams signed with the Clippers shows how tight the free agency market will be this summer. The main reason the Griz have been so reluctant to take back additional salary for next year in an Evans deal is that they want to keep the full Mid-Level Exception open for next season, allowing them to sign a player somewhere in that $8M range. Evans came to the Griz with no Bird Rights, meaning Memphis is unable to go over the cap to sign him this summer, but they'd be available again if he signed for a two year deal or the "early Bird rights" would be available after only one more year. (So, for example, a two year deal with a player option after next season.)

All that is to say, if the Grizzlies think Evans will be available at the MLE this summer, keeping him isn't crazy.

But. All it takes is a team with a better offer and he's gone for nothing. Or, if he does have to take the MLE, which is certainly possible, there could be a team offering the same salary that he might rather play for. Keeping him at the deadline is by no means a sure way to keep him in free agency. So, assuming talks progress to the point that one of these teams (I think the Sixers and Nuggets seem more likely than the Celtics, and there may be other teams entering the fray today) is actually willing to return a first rounder and/or a second rounder and a good young player (Emmanuel Mudiay from Denver, for example, or Luwawu-Cabarrot from Philly), the Grizzlies should take that deal. They'll still have the MLE to offer Tyreke this summer no matter what they do.

The Grizzlies have a storied history of letting guys walk for nothing. I’d hate to see that be what happens here, again, but after all this talk about how it’s imperative that they trade Evans, this Williams deal with the Clippers may have changed the thinking a little.

Brandan Wright is almost certainly gone if someone offers an asset. Wright has fallen out of the rotation, because the young guys need minutes. The Wright experiment in Memphis was a great idea at the time, but he’s been so hampered by injuries while here that it’s hard to say it’s been anything approaching a success.

The second someone offers a second round pick, or a young player, or a really nice set of encyclopedias, I expect Wright to be on his way out of Memphis. He can add value to another team needing frontcourt depth, and it would clarify the depth chart here—a win-win for the player and the team.

My assumption is the Grizzlies would like to do more than two deals. Evans and Wright are the obvious trade bait, but the Griz have other players that might interest playoff teams looking to add depth. What if the right offer comes in for JaMychal Green? Or if someone offers a late second for Jarell Martin? I expect the Griz to pursue those sorts of things, and also to see what it would cost them to move Ben McLemore (though I think they’ll probably be stuck with him, realistically).

All in all, this is an interesting day for the Grizzlies. How they handle the Evans situation will tell us quite a bit about how they think this summer will go, and if they can manage to pull off these other ancillary deals without giving up anything else of value, they'll be in a much better spot flexibility-wise heading into next season. We can only hope that, unlike the fabled OJ Mayo-to-Indiana trade that was turned in to the league too late to go through, this time, the fax machines are working properly.

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Beyond the Arc Podcast #92: Watching the Unwatchable

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This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • Watching the unwatchable loss to the Hawks, for some reason
  • Rookie year inconsistency from Wayne Selden—worth keeping an eye on
  • Losing lots of post-2011 fans who have only known the Grizzlies to be good
  • The Trade Deadline, the decision to sit Tyreke Evans, and where he might end up
  • Will JB Bickerstaff be the Grizzlies' coach next year? Phil throws out an interesting name
  • The upcoming week of (probably not great) games

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The Hustle Dispatch: Week 13

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Marquis Teague has the final say on the Hustle’s 1-2 week

Gameweek 13 for the Hustle ended up as a promising one: Memphis finished with 1-2 record in the three-game home series, but capped it off with Marquis Teague’s buzzer beating layup against the Rio Grande Valley Vipers yesterday. In other news, Kobi Simmons had himself a week with a stellar point haul in one game and notable contributions in others, while Chance Comanche also stepped up to the plate with consistent performances. All in all, a decent week with some decent performances despite two losses.

To kick off a three-game series of home games, the Hustle relied on a big three to provide scoring. While the players stepped up to the plate, some extra points from unusual sources may have helped push the game across the line. But, ultimately, the Hustle fell 118-112 against the Fort Wayne Mad Ants. To be honest, the game could have been much worse, with Fort Wayne using the 2nd quarter to catapult itself into a 16-point lead on the back of 40 points. In the fourth quarter, the Hustle outscored the Mad Ants 44-25, but that wasn’t enough to make up the deficit.

Impressively, both Chance Comanche and Kobi Simmons had career nights. Comanche scored 33 points on an astounding 15-16 shooting. Those 15 made field goals are also the most buckets made by a Hustle player this season, so hats off to Comanche. Trying not to be outdone, Kobi Simmons chipped in with 32 points of his own while adding eight rebounds, while Durand Scott contributed 16 points, with the complete trio providing 81 of Memphis’ 112 points. While it’s great that some of the players are putting up huge numbers, if the bench can’t keep up, then these heroic efforts will only be in vain. However, a six-point deficit is something that can be overcome, so with more star performances like this, and a little push from the bench, then the Hustle should be ok.

The Hustle’s next game, a 117-106 loss to the Texas Legends, was another close affair, with the game going back and forth for much of the first half. Indeed, the lead changed 15 times as the teams tustled to bring out a greater lead. At the start of the third, the Hustle stayed competitive before Texas scored 10 unanswered points to create a lead that couldn’t be torn down.

Chance Comanche had another good game, with 19 points and six rebounds to show for his efforts, but Omari Johnson led the team this time with a double-double; the forward scored 21 points and grabbed ten rebounds. Marquis Teague, meanwhile, added 20 points and seven assists. The scoring was spread more evenly across the board this time, with Durand Scott and Austin Nichols scoring 13 and 11 points, respectively, but Texas just had too much in the locker.

Luckily for the Hustle, Marquis Teague was on hand to round out the series with a 127-125 win over the Rio Grande Valley Vipers, tossing up a heavily contested layup as the buzzer sounded to seal the victory. However, the Hustle had to work hard to get to that moment.

The Vipers started out as the superior team, making 10 of their first 15 shots and quickly amassing a 16-point lead in the first quarter. However, the Hustle embarked on a run of its own in the second quarter, outscoring Rio Grande 18-5, and eventually Memphis pulled ahead to take an advantage into halftime. The Vipers pulled ahead once again and held a 125-123 late in the fourth quarter. At that point, the Hustle’s defense shut up tight and didn’t let Rio Grande score any more points. Chance Comanche made a putback layup with 36 seconds left to tie the game before Teague’s late-game heroics.

All five starters scored in double figures for the Hustle’s win, with Teague the most impressive with 31 points on 12-24 shooting. Kobi Simmons and Omari Johnson both scored 17 points, while Trahson Burrell contributed 20 points off the bench on 7-12 shooting.

This may not have been the Hustle’s best week, but it sure saw some big performances from key players. If Kobi Simmons and Marquis Teague continue to put out game-winning performances and the bench steps up, then the Hustle could be well-poised to end its inaugural season on a winning note.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Beyond the Arc Podcast #91: The Return

Posted By on Wed, Jan 31, 2018 at 10:14 AM


This week on the show, Kevin and Phil talk about:

  • The Grizzlies are 18-31. How hard should they try to keep losing?
  • Do we trust the Grizzlies' front office to handle the tank? Or to make a top-5 pick?
  • Phil thinks the Grizzlies should explore taking drastic measures to keep Tyreke Evans
  • How will the Grizzlies keep fans interested while they're bad?
  • The developing young guys—even Jarell Martin has had spots where he's played really well.
  • Should the Grizzlies shut Parsons down just to save wear and tear?
  • Who will be on the Grizzlies' roster after the trade deadline?
  • Is JB Bickerstaff going to be the coach next year? Should he be?

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mike Conley to undergo season-ending surgery

Posted By on Sat, Jan 27, 2018 at 1:12 PM

  • Joe Murphy (NBAE/Getty Images)

The Grizzlies announced this afternoon that Mike Conley will undergo surgery on his injured heel and will miss the remainder of the 2017-18 season. From the press release:

Conley will undergo surgery to smooth a small bone protrusion in his left heel that continues to cause pain and soreness. He will be unavailable for the remainder of the 2017-18 season but is expected to make a full recovery prior to 2018-19 training camp.

It's not surprising that Conley will be out the rest of the season—all signs were that he was unlikely to see the court anyway—but it is a surprise to see a season-ending surgery. One hopes that this surgery will (finally) correct the issues Conley has had with this for so many years.

Conley remains under contract for three more seasons. Chandler Parsons and Marc Gasol both have two years remaining on their current contracts. Parsons is now "day to day" and "making progress" alleviating his knee soreness, and JaMychal Green and James Ennis are expected to return within the next week.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Spurs 108, Grizzlies 85: Sonnet Recap, Tank Edition

Posted By on Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 9:22 AM

  • Larry Kuzniewski

The Griz lost to the Spurs on Wednesday night,
but Memphis had five players who were out.
Though youth and hunger they brought to the fight,
their offense—nothing to write home about.
This season moral vict'ries are the norm,
but last night fell short even in that way.
Some nights they never cohere, never form
into a thing resembling winning play.
One cannot yet say if they'll truly tank,
or whether winning's clarion call's too strong,
but even if by accident, they stank
for forty-some-odd minutes. That's too long.
     When Tyreke leaves town at the deadline's bell,
     the Grizzlies' record truly goes to hell.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Grizzlies 106, Kings 88: Return of the King

Posted By on Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 8:43 AM

This photo will never not be weird to me. - LARRY KUZNIEWSKI
  • Larry Kuzniewski
  • This photo will never not be weird to me.

The Grizzlies beat the Sacramento Kings in blowout fashion last night, 106-88, despite being tied at 40 at halftime due to a 10-point scoring effort from the home team in the second quarter. The Grizzlies have now won three games in a row (and four home games in a row), breaking several of the ten commandments for the second half of the season I set out for them earlier in the week. But, despite the fact that rookie Dillon Brooks set a new career high with 22 points, and despite the fact that Ben McLemore played for the first time in a while and scored 21 points off the bench, and despite the fact that the Grizzlies won going away over what is almost unquestionably the (real) worst team in the Western Conference, the outcome of the game last night wasn't the story. This was the story:

Zach Randolph's return to Memphis for the first time since signing with the Kings over the summer was the story. The return of the Grizzlies' greatest era's most important player, the return of a Memphis folk hero in the flesh, a civic fixture and adopted Memphian (warts and all) who somehow finds himself on the other end of the continent wearing purple for the next couple years.

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