Monday, September 24, 2018

All-Star Chef Lineup to Celebrate Andrew Michael's 10th

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One could make a more than credible argument that no two have done more that Michael Hudman and Andy Ticer (Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, Hog & Hominy, Catherine & Mary's, Gray Canary) to make Memphis a really interesting place to eat. Sure, good food was here eons before Ticer and Hudman, but what they've brought is style, drive, and wit to their food. They both push boundaries while paying upmost respect to their forebears.

On October 22nd, Andy and Michael are marking the 10th anniversary of Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen with a block party at Old Dominick Distillery, next door to their latest restaurant The Gray Canary. And, they invited some guests to help celebrate — some top-notch guests ...

Carey Bringle (Peg Leg Porker, Nashville); Sean Brock; Gerard Craft (Pastaria Nashville; Sardella, Taste Bar, Brasserie by Niche & Porano Pasta, St. Louis); Kelly English (Restaurant Iris); Jose Enrique (Jose Enrique, Puerto Rico); Sarah Grueneberg (Monteverde, Chicago);Kevin Gillespie (Gunshow, Atlanta); Erling Jensen (Erling Jensen); Jeremiah Langhorne (The Dabney, Washington, DC); Jonathan Magallanes (Las Tortugas); Kevin Nashan (The Peacemaker & Sidney Street Café, St. Louis); Ryan Prewitt(Pêche Seafood Grill, New Orleans); Patrick Riley (The Majestic Grill); Chris Shepherd (UB Preserv, Houston); Jason Stanhope (FIG, Charleston); Stephen Stryjewski (Cochon, New Orleans); Ryan Trimm (Sweet Grass & Next Door); Jason Vincent (City Mouse, Chicago); and more chefs to be announced.
Expect a toast or two ...
Davin & Kellan Bartosch (WISEACRE Brewing Co); Alba Huerta (Julep, Houston); Jayce McConnell (Edmund’s Oast, Charleston); RoyMilner  (Blackberry Farm Brewery, Maryville, TN); Preston Van Winkle (Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery, Louisville); and more to be announced.
Tickets are $250; $350 VIP. Benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Now Open: Nutrition Bar

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  • Nutrition Bar: Instagram
  • Funfetti shake

Katelyn McMurry says she tries to stay away from bread, but one of her favorite foods is the blueberry muffin. It’s okay, though, it’s a blueberry muffin protein shake, which clocks in at about 200 calories.

McMurry and her husband Seth opened Nutrition Bar in East Memphis a few weeks ago. It is the sister shop to Nutrition Hub in Germantown. McMurry says that folks would drive from Midtown for their protein shakes.

McMurry got into protein shakes because both she and her husband are athletes. But, the protein shakes they knew were chalky and gross. These are not — they taste like milkshakes and come in indulgent flavors such as apple pie, snickers, Tootsie Pop (orange and chocolate), dulce de leche, and glazed donuts (!).

Nutrition bar also offers energy teas and aloe shots, which help with digestion issues.
McMurry says shakes are good for something quick and easy. But they are not everything and shouldn’t replace every meal. “You’re going to need something to eat,” she says.
Nutrition Bar is open from Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Nutrition Bar, 4615 Poplar

Caramel apple for fall - NUTRITION BAR: INSTAGRAM
  • Nutrition Bar: Instagram
  • Caramel apple for fall

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LYFE Kitchen Closed

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Carlisle announced today that the Downtown LYFE Kitchen has closed. Carlisle has sold the brand back to the franchisee.

The first LYFE Kitchen opened in 2015. It was the first LYFE with a bar. It is now a Central BBQ.

A second restaurant on South Main opened in 2016.

I reached out to LYFE and the Carlisle Group earlier this week regarding rumors that it was closing. I was told that it was just the weekend, which I tweeted. I apologize for the error. A Carlisle representative said that that was initially the plan, but within 72 hours that plan changed.

Here is the statement:

Carlisle today announced the sale of the LYFE Kitchen brand to LYFE Kitchen franchisee L3 Hospitality Group based out of Chicago. In conjunction with the sale, the LYFE Kitchen restaurant located in downtown Memphis has been closed. Carlisle has refocused on its core Wendy’s restaurants growing from 74 restaurants to nearly 152 across the southeastern United States over the past few years.

Carlisle, the developer of the One Beale project in downtown Memphis, also has announced its intention to start construction on the combined $135 million mixed use development in early 2019 in its long quest to transform the Memphis riverfront.

“Lyfe Kitchen was a fantastic brand that looks to change how we perceive ‘healthy food’. Unfortunately, as we aligned our strategic priorities, we did not have the time or resources necessary to fulfill Lyfe’s potential and felt a divesture made sense of all parties,” said Chance Carlisle, CEO of Carlisle. “We have our plate full with the start of One Beale and the continued opportunistic growth of our Wendy’s business as we continue to evaluate expansion options.

L3 Hospitality will continue to operate 3 LYFE Kitchen locations in their hometown of Chicago. “We began our adventure with LYFE because of our passion for what this brand stands for – Love Your Food Everyday. We have enjoyed a long partnership with the Carlisle company, and appreciate this opportunity to continue bringing a delicious, fulfilling dining experience to our friends and neighbors in the city we love most.” – Gail Taggart, Co-founder L3 Hospitality

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sneak Peek at Ronnie Grisanti's

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Ronnie Grisanti's restaurant in the Regalia shopping center is slated to open Sept. 28. - MICHAEL DONAHUE
  • MIchael Donahue
  • Ronnie Grisanti's restaurant in the Regalia shopping center is slated to open Sept. 28.

You can go home again — if you’re a fan of the late Ronnie Grisanti and his uncle Big John Grisanti.

But you’ll have to wait until September 28th. That’s when Ronnie Grisanti’s, the new restaurant owned by chef Judd Grisanti, son of Ronnie Grisanti, is slated to open at 6150 Poplar in the Regalia shopping center.

Ronnie Grisanti’s is reminiscent of the restaurant owned by Ronnie on Poplar and the one owned by Big John on Airways. The new 4,700 square-foot restaurant, in shades of burgundy wine and gold, features seating for 132 inside and 26 outside on the patio. It evokes the past but it also is contemporary.

The menu includes Grisanti favorites, but it also will include some high-tech dishes made with kitchen equipment that wasn’t around when Judd’s grandfather, Elfo Grisanti, had a restaurant on South Main.

“It’s all the old Grisanti’s traditional stuff like the stuffed raviolis, lasagna, Italian sauce — stuff we’re known for — manicotti and those things. Toasted raviolis. But then putting a little bit of new world to it.”

Judd now will be using sous vide, liquid nitrogen, and a smoke gun. “I’m going to the future here. I had to re-educate myself on all those in the past year.”

He’ll use liquid nitrogen to make cocktail sauce for his oysters. “To make it more like a sorbet. The sorbet keeps the Northeast coast oysters cold while they’re eating them. I put a little bit of the sorbet on each oyster.”

Judd also bought an oven from Italy. “This is an electric oven that goes up to 1,400 degrees and cooks the most perfect pizza you ever had.”

As for the restaurant’s traditional/modern decor, Judd says, “I wanted something new and old. In Italy, they have all these old buildings, but they have a little modern twist to them inside. It’s amazing how they do the new and the old together. And I wanted something like that.”

Booths and a mural — both integral parts of Ronnie Grisanti restaurants — are included in the new Ronnie Grisanti’s. Bill Turri painted the massive mural of Lucca on the North wall that includes “all the hot spots,” Judd says.”That’s our home town.”

The new Ronnie Grisanti’s restaurant is a tribute “to my grandfather, to my uncle, and to my dad,” Judd says. “They paved the road for me. I played in the kitchen at Airways as a child. That was my playground. I literally grew up in the kitchen with my dad and my uncles.”

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Launch Process Expands with Penny Lounge

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  • Launch Process Facebook
Launch Process opened late last May in the old French Truck space off of Broad while Maciel's Bodega was still there.

It was an offshoot of what Launch Process was already doing — at-home delivery, meeting people in the Kroger parking lot to deliver its product, goods offered through Shopify, says Jimi Myers.

Launch Process operates under a DIY principle. The idea is to get more small businesses like itself off the ground — hence, the launch in the name.

Myers says he keeps his roasts light, to let the beans tell the story. He says he's part of the third wave of area coffee roasters — including Low Fi, Dr. Bean, City & State, among others.

The first wave was when Folgers ruled the roost. The second was the coming of Starbucks. The third wave focuses on technique. "It's about how to get the best flavors out of beans," he says, comparing this particular wave to being akin to wine connoisseurship.

Actually, he says, he straddles the second and third wave. He's concerned about flavor but also about accessibility.

Launch Process offers pour overs and espressos, frappes and chai teas. Syrups are made in-house. They also have bubble teas (!) and smoothies. Myers says the bubble teas are hold-overs from Maciel's. He decided to keep them because they are different, and they are rare in Midtown. As for the smoothies, it's just something he's always liked to do.

Myers says Launch Process mostly attracts a Midtown crowd, but that plenty of folks commuting from out east stop by on their way in.

The next step for Launch Process is to convert the small front sitting area into a cooperative, where folks can sell their stuff. He's already working with Illuminati Body & Body for a line of soaps and body scrubs which use their products, including a pumpkin spice shampoo bar and a Bigfoot bubble bath.

 A few weeks back, Launch Process spread out with its newest pop up The Penny Lounge Coffee Bar, inside Growlers in Midtown.

It was something fun to do, says Myers. They have a dedicated space in the back. The name is inspired by a Twilight Zone episode. He wants the atmosphere to give off a vaudeville vibe and to be both whimsical and a little spooky. He'll show silent movies.

The Penny Lounge, currently open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, offers coffee drinks as well as coffee cocktails. They also serve fire drinks and absinthe.

The plan is to open a few nights a week and then expand the hours to every night. Maybe eventually make it a permanent space.

Myers stresses that it's just himself and a couple of "awesome" employees. "We're keeping it super DIY," he says.  

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Open Flame Opens in Highland Neighborhood

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Loeb Properties announced this morning the opening of Open Flame on Poplar at Highland. It is the second restaurant from the owners of Kabob International.

The release:

Loeb Properties is pleased to announce the opening of Open Flame restaurant at University Center. Located at 3445 Poplar Avenue at Highland Street, Open Flame is the new location and name for the popular Kebob International restaurant, formerly of Cordova.

Owners Sharzad and Mansour Ashrafieh are renowned in Memphis for their authentic signature Persian and Mediterranean dishes, specializing in shish kabob, kosher, and halal fare. The Ashrafieh's famous hospitality extends to evening events including belly dancing; catering and group events are available upon request.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sneak Peek of New Lucky Cat

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The new Lucky Cat will be more than ramen. - MICHAEL DONAHUE
  • Michael Donahue
  • The new Lucky Cat will be more than ramen.

Get ready for a sensual feast when Lucky Cat opens in October at 2583 Broad.

And that’s not just the food.

The subdued lighting combines with the rich-looking wood on the bar and tables and the floral and geometric prints on the wall. The restaurant is sleek and elegant but it also creates an atmosphere where guests will have a good time whether they’re in jeans or dressed to the nines.

The cat face is gone from the logo. “We’re going through a little bit of rebranding where we’re changing up our image a bit, says chef/owner Zach Nicholson. “We want it to reflect the more slightly serious direction we’re going.”

That’s “slightly” serious. “I want it to be casual and approachable, but laser-focused on quality.”

“Ramen” was dropped from the restaurant name because they will serve more than ramen, Nicholson says. “We’re still going to provide a lot of the dishes that people have come to know us for and love. But I would say we’re going to round out our menu with much more than just ramen and provide a lot of what could be found in a traditional Japanese izakaya [eeZAHkeeyuh], which is essentially a Japanese gastro pub.”

For the bar, they’re “trying not to focus on top-tier liquors, but the flavor combinations and technique."

Nicholson and his wife, Sarah, will be at the helm at the two-story restaurant that includes an extremely spacious patio.

The Nicholsons began making and selling ramen dishes at Lucky Cat Ramen pop-up restaurants around town before moving into their first temporary brick-and-mortar restaurant at 247 Cooper.

The new 5,600-square foot restaurant will be in the former Jack Magoo’s space.

“Downstairs will be the restaurant with seating for about 16 at the bar and 40 or 50 more seats in the dining room. And we’ll have patio seating outside for an additional 30 or 40. Upstairs will be a cocktail lounge that we are in the process of developing. It will have a separate personality that will still share DNA with Lucky Cat, but will have its own identity as well.”

Live music is planned for outdoors “when we have good weather. And we also plan to have outdoor vegetable gardens.”

They’re already purchased a 12-foot blood red Japanese maple tree that will arch over the patio, Nicholson said.

As for the look, Nicholson says, “We wanted to create a very warm, inviting dining room that draws inspiration from some of our favorite places where we’ve eaten. You’ll find lots of natural wood and some cozy, amber light. And nice tones of gold and red.”

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Sage Going into Oshi Space

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Sage, a soul food fusion restaurant, will open in the old Oshi space at 94 S. Main in the next few weeks
Eli Townsend in front of his upcoming restaurant, Sage
  • Eli Townsend in front of his upcoming restaurant, Sage
Eli Townsend, who's worked with Kaleidoscope Kitchen and Caritas Village, hooked up with some investors who were interested in something different Downtown.

Townsend says he's wanted to open a restaurant for a couple years now, but the partnership with the unnamed investors gives him creative freedom.

His work with Kaleidoscope inspired the fusion idea. His students are mostly immigrants and refugees. He says they taught him as well.

Sage will start off with a menu of Asian-soul fare. We're talking fried green tomatoes with a kim chi salad, cauliflower rice, and "soulful" Bento Boxes for lunch with a side salad, Teriyaki meatloaf, and sautéed bok choy.

Townsend says his cooking journey started in Frayser at the Bookmobile. He gravitated toward the cookbooks and spent his allowance at thrift stores on pots and pans. His first meal, at 8, was fried chicken and spaghetti. "I wanted to help my mom," he says. "It was a disaster." His mother was unhappy because he was ruining food, but after a while she recognized his enthusiasm and started to teach him things.

He chose Sage as the name of his restaurant to represent both the herb used in cooking and the idea of sage as a way to revigorate a space. He wants to cleanse the atmosphere, create a neutral space that's open to positive vibes and energy.

"You won't think of Oshi when you walk in," he says. The new restaurant will still have the bar in the back, but a long family-style table has replaced the booths.

As far as luring people into Sage, he says, the plan is to "really focus on stellar service and great food."

After Asian-Soul, Townsend will change up the menu. He plans on Sudanese- and Syrian-Soul fusion.

"It's a voyage around the world," he says. 

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Monday, September 17, 2018

Trader Joe's Tempest in a Tote Bag

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Over the weekend, a shopper at the New Trader Joe's in Germantown noticed her complimentary tote bag read Nashville.

Nashville! Oh, dear.

Read the thread, folks, it is hilarious.

But then. THEN. Someone from a Trader Joe's fan page suggested that it took a while for stores to earn their bags. What-the-what?
Here's Trader Joe's response:

We don’t have an official stance on this, and the Facebook post was not made on behalf of Trader Joe’s.

We are thrilled to be in Germantown, and we can assure anyone concerned that there was no hidden message in our bag giveaway. Not every region has its own, area-specific bag (yet, anyway!), but customers are welcome to return to the store and trade their complementary Nashville bags for complementary, non-location-specific TJ's bags—our Crew will be happy to assist.

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Saucy Chicken Opens Today

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Announced this morning: Saucy Chicken opens today at 10:30 a.m. in the Crosstown Concourse in the space that once held Mama Gaia.

Here's the release:

Saucy Chicken, a fast-casual restaurant offering traditional Southern cuisine, announced today it is now open for business in Crosstown Concourse.

With antibiotic-free chicken and dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, Saucy Chicken focuses on creating affordable, quality food that caters to the palates of Mid-Southerners.
  • Obsidian
“Those of us who grew up below the Mason-Dixon know a thing or two about cooking up mouth-watering Southern fare,” said Shauntel Steward, Saucy Chicken restaurant manager. “Saucy Chicken’s offerings are made with love by team members who have a passion for comfort food. I’m looking forward to sharing the dishes I grew up on with our customers.”

Saucy Chicken’s name derives from the various homemade sauces it will offer to accompany its Southern-inspired dishes. Chef Celina Webb, formerly of Alchemy, created six signature sauces from scratch that will be made in-house daily. Sauces include Saucy Chicken’s signature Saucy Sauce and Crosstown Comeback, bleu cheese, honey mustard, ranch, house barbecue, spicy mustard and sweet and spicy. There are also options for tossed tenders, including garlic parmesan, buffalo, house barbecue, sweet and spicy and the signature Saucy Wing Sauce. Webb will also develop daily plate specials and dessert specials to add variety to the menu.

“Saucy Chicken will give our vertical village visitors a taste of something Memphis knows a lot about – Southern hospitality,” said Todd Richardson, co-leader of the Crosstown Concourse. “Crosstown’s restaurant lineup now spans the cuisine spectrum, and I believe this endeavor will prove to be wildly successful.”

In addition to fried chicken, Saucy Chicken’s menu also boasts grilled chicken, shrimp and catfish po’boys, deli sandwiches, salads and more. The restaurant will be open Monday-Friday from 10:30 a.m.-8 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Obsidian
About Saucy Chicken:
Founded in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2018, Saucy Chicken is a fast-casual restaurant inspired by traditional Southern cuisine. It is a sustainable establishment offering antibiotic-free chicken and dishes featuring locally-sourced ingredients at affordable prices.
It's a 180 turn from Mama Gaia's all-vegetarian focus. Saucy Chicken is owned by an ownership group which includes Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling, co-owner of Mama Gaia with his wife Cru, who is not involved in the restaurant.  
  • Obsidian

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Hi-Tone Now Serving Food (Finally!)

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The Hi-Tone is finally, finally (!) serving food. It’s been a process, says Hi-Tone owner Brian “Skinny” McCabe. It took three and a half years to bulldoze through low-dollar summertimes and “janky-ass” equipment to get to this point.

The menu is spare but creative, designed by Josh McLane. The emphasis here is on hand-held foods. Think of those paper trays and you’ve got the picture.
There’s the Tapenadchos, with homemade pita chips and olive tapenade and pizzas straight out of your high-school cafeteria (cheese, pepperoni, and sausage). Sandwiches include the Hamtone and the vegetarian Cara. HEELS is a tribute to McLane’s band and is made with bacon, Provolone, spicy peanut butter, and homemade fruit jam. “It’s a beautiful, beautiful marriage,” says McCabe of the sandwich, which he says is straight-up stoner food.

Right now, the Hi-Tone is working out the kinks. Getting the staff used to serving food, correcting the typos on the menu. But, McCabe says, so far so good. Folks are coming after work to eat, or eating before gigs. “I won’t say it’s selling like hot cakes because we don’t serve hot cakes. It’s selling like hot sandwiches,” he says.
Specials start at about $3, and sandwiches run to $9.

One thing that folks can just forget about is the resurrection of the old favorite dishes from the original Hi-Tone. No way, no how. “It’s my Hi-Tone,” McCabe asserts.


BurgerFest Is Back

Posted By on Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 11:47 AM

  • Frank Chin

Last October, Seth Agranov, founder of the Best Memphis Burger Festival, announced he was stepping away from the event, citing time conflicts and declining attendance. He said he hoped the festival would be taken over.

Details were finalized last week, and the festival will be back on October 27th at Tiger Lane. The event will be run by Southwood Entertainment Group.

Brian Ellsworth of Southwood says that Agranov and his team all had full-time jobs, which made running such an event difficult. Putting on events is Ellsworth's full-time job.

First things first, he changed the name slightly to BurgerFest, as that's what everybody calls it anyway.

He's also changing the structure of the event, so that there's less pressure on the competing teams to feed the crowd. In fact, this year, there will be no competition. (It will return in future events.)

Ellsworth is currently recruiting 2 well-known burger places to provide samples. This year, festival-goers can get a punch card for sampling 3 burgers and 5 beers. He hopes to up the burger count eventually to 6.

Ellsworth purchased the rights to the festival for around $10,000. He said there's money to be made with the festival, but past efforts weren't so successful.

He says he wants the event to better serve the public. There will be a burger bar, where full-size burgers can be purchased, live music, and an expanded children's area.

Ellsworth has a vision of an expanded festival — one that is multiple days with carnival rides. He sees a festival that satisfies all comers — foodies who are there to flex their burger-making muscles and those who come out to have fun and hang out.  

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sneak Peek: Trader Joe's

Posted By on Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 9:15 AM


Trader Joe's will open in Germantown Friday at 8 a.m.

The store announced in 2015 it was opening a location in the area. But sometimes it didn't seem like a sure thing.

Friends, I stepped my own two feet in the store yesterday. And, well, it was Trader Joe's, sans the produce, as it was too early to put that out yet.

Two buck chuck? Yep, it's there, though now it's three buck and some change chuck.

Noah Stevens says once they got the word that the store was a go at the end of July they worked nonstop to get the store ready.

The store is about 15,000 square feet, a wee thing compared to the 60,000 to 100,000 square feet of the average Kroger.

Stevens, who is a TJ's veteran of 15 years, says it's the biggest one he's ever worked in.

He notes the mural depicting Germantown High as a welcome to the community from the store and that TJ's has a deal set with the Mid-South Food Bank for pick-ups daily.

He says that the store will have nine registers and he aims to have them all working at once in order to get folks in and out.

But Stevens also emphasizes the fun, laid-back nature of the store — no intercom and cool music to have you dancing in the aisles.

"It's an adventure," he says.

Trader Joe's is located at 2130 Exeter in Germantown.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

SideStreet's Second Act — Pizza

Posted By on Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 4:46 PM

SideStreet Burgers opened six years in the Old Towne section of Olive Branch. Chef/owner Jonathan Mah turned out delicious dishes — yummy fish tacos, imaginative burgers, over-the-top sandwiches — on the most rudimentary equipment.

Soon, he'll be opening a second restaurant, devoted to pizza, inside the Mississippi Ale House. And, yes, he'll be using the same equipment — convection ovens — for the new place.

Mah has been partnering with the Ale House for a while now. While he does most of his catering out of the kitchen there, he's been hosting pop-ups too — tacos and pizza (in the old days of SideStreet, pizza was on the menu).

"I did it mostly for fun," Mah says. "But also to see how the crowd takes it."

The pizzas at Olive Branch Pizza Co. are turned up — BLT with arugula and his signature boom boom sauce and a mushroom pie with a lemon/thyme-infused olive oil dressing, for example. There's a thin crust 10-inch and a 12-inch hand-tossed. Prices run from around $8 to $15.

Mah says he's particularly adept at taking what's on hand and making it better.

Mah also notes he's not packing up from Olive Branch and taking the show to Memphis any time soon. He's comfortable in OB. He sees the area he's in like a mini Cooper-Young.

He says he plans to work both places. " I will be both locations and focused on OB Pizza heavily until it is stable to run on its own," he says. "Either way I’m footsteps away from both locations so I can be where we need the most help first."

Mah says, ultimately, teaming up with the Ale House and serving pizza was a no-brainer. "You can't go wrong with pizza and beer," he says.

Tentative opening date is October 10th. Until then Olive Branch Pizza Co. will open most Wednesdays 4-9 p.m. and Fridays 11 a.m.-3 p.m., 4-9 p.m.

Olive Branch Pizza Co. is located at 9215 Hwy 178 in Olive Branch, Mississippi.


Mama Gaia Closed in Crosstown

Posted By on Tue, Sep 4, 2018 at 9:59 AM

  • Justin Fox Burks

Mama Gaia announced today it closed its Crosstown location.

The restaurant, which serves all-organic vegetarian fare, was one of the first businesses to open in the Crosstown Concourse.

It will now focus on its Ballet Memphis location.

From the press release:

Mama Gaia (pronounced ma-ma \ˈgī-ə\), a fast-casual dining experience offering organic vegetarian menu options announced that it will shift focus to its location inside Ballet Memphis and close its Crosstown Concourse location Tuesday, Sept. 4.

Mama Gaia’s successful catering business will continue serving its fresh, organic menu to customers around the Mid-South. The restaurant will still offer delivery through UberEats, among others as well. Crosstown Concourse leadership has already secured a new restaurant concept to occupy the space, which will open this month.

Co-founders Philipp and Cru von Holtzendorff-Fehling set out to offer Memphians a new dining experience that served delicious dishes that were both good for patrons’ health and the planet, and opened the doors in Crosstown in March 2017.

“We believe wholeheartedly in this concept, but we need to make this strategic shift,” said Philipp, CEO and co-founder of Mama Gaia. “Crosstown is home to 265 apartments, a high school and more than 40 other tenants,” Philipp said. “An estimated 3,000 people visit the building every day. We absolutely love the vertical village and what it has accomplished as a whole. Unfortunately, there has simply not been enough interest in organic vegetarian food to sustain business. As we move forward, we’re concentrating on the Ballet Memphis location, catering, delivery and are certainly looking at other ways to expand the concept.”

“We really love Mama Gaia, and appreciate all of Philipp’s and Cru’s hard work the past year,” said Dr. Todd Richardson, co-leader of the Crosstown Concourse development. “The Crosstown neighborhood can look forward to a new restaurant moving into the space in September.”
We'll keep you posted on what's going in the new location. 

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