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Re: “Fight Over Forrest Statue Isn't Over

Jimmy John,
And let's not forget the 3 platoons from Mars that turned the tide of victory at Brice's Crossroads.

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Posted by ern on 10/03/2017 at 11:43 AM

Re: “Memphis Records Mass Shootings Every Year

Climate change is responsible

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Posted by Ted Porters on 10/03/2017 at 11:18 AM

Re: “Fight Over Forrest Statue Isn't Over

This is stupid. These people seem to forget many of Forrests troops were black and fought by their own free will and even after he freed them guess what? They still fought for him till the end of the war following him by their own FREE WILL. 3000 black people were at his funeral to pay their respects. Towards the end of this life he spoke out for civil rights. They also forget the area of West Tennessee and Middle Tennessee was filled with union soldiers and black union soldiers who raped the women of the areas, stole from everyone and looted and burned down as much as they could when it concerned the local civilians. Because its not politically correct to say what I have said most dont and the politicians dont because all they care about is a vote and not saying anything to offend anyone. But people need to at least get the facts straight not propaganda that was published as factual back during the 1860s in mostly northern newspapers and well its the same today. The media just spits out nonsense as if its true when usually its not. The problem is that the media somehow believes political correctness is what people like today, well maybe just the protesters but the majority of people are sick of the media and the politicians garbage. The majority of people are seeing politicians as weak and politically correct which in fact is not popular anymore.

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Posted by Jimmy John on 10/03/2017 at 11:07 AM

Re: “Panel to Discuss Legality of Removing City's Confederate Statues

I surely hope you will write a detailed article about the discussion. Or print the entire transcript! I'd love to be there, but cannot.

Posted by Karen Casey on 10/03/2017 at 10:51 AM

Re: “President Dedicates Karaoke Performance to Puerto Rico


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Posted by Mattias Eriksson on 10/03/2017 at 3:51 AM

Re: “Rooting Interest

CL, if the consolidation of spending in the black community resulted in black owned airplane businesses employing more black workers, then it is a good thing, compared to the way things are today.

Posted by crackoamerican on 10/02/2017 at 9:14 PM

Re: “One Memphian’s Journey to 2017 Eclipse Totality

It was a amazing sight, truly a awesome event that our maker shared with us.

Posted by John Stamper on 10/02/2017 at 3:28 PM

Re: “President Dedicates Karaoke Performance to Puerto Rico

This is a joke--right?

3 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Debra Morris on 10/02/2017 at 3:03 PM

Re: “MEMPHO: Your New Music Festival

I purchase 4 tickets on the first day of sale and still have not received them as of October 2 at 3:00pm. I have emailed them 4 or 5 times and have not gotten a single response from them. Am I the only one that is having this issue with this festival group?

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Rusty Graham on 10/02/2017 at 3:01 PM

Re: “Majestic Folks Taking Over Brass Door

Just hoping they keep the Fish n Chips from the original menu. They were legendary.

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Posted by Jeremiah McCarty on 10/02/2017 at 1:19 PM

Re: “Rooting Interest

That's all well and good for the money to stay in the black community, but what if a community member wants to go after the big bucks like the money grubbin' white folks? Love for one's people might be trumped by desire for a Gulfstream.

4 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by CL Mullins on 10/01/2017 at 10:07 AM

Re: “Majestic Folks Taking Over Brass Door

Thats wonderful news, I cant wait to return to Memphis and enjoy the Front Porch and the Brass Door as well as the Majestic. Congratulations.

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Posted by Sue Sheridan Ziegler on 09/30/2017 at 10:06 AM

Re: “Grab some friends and head to the North Lounge

Oh, wow! Thank you so much for teh write-up!

My name is Rick and I'm a principle in this enterprise. I wouldn't be in this if not for Brandon J. He coaxed me in and while every project like this can easily amount to a crapshoot I'm glad I picked up the dice. Thank you, Brandon! It's an understatement to say Jeremy is our linchpin. He is a confidence engine! Greg S. is our location's statesman and our Everything Else. Smoke (Willie) is our talisman and Terel is our wallflower. We have a ghost, too!

We're so lucky to have a great support group with ties anchored all over this great city and region. Respect to The P&H Cafe, RNDP!, Cheers, High Cotton, The Harvester, Southland, The American Darters Association, Kim "The Commissioner" Funk, The Stage Stop and so many more. We have a vision and we're excited and hopeful. Come throw some darts with us!

Thank you again Meghan and The Memphis Flyer for the introduction!


P.S. Come watch the Grizz game with us. Let us talk about the roster.

8 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by Charickter on 09/30/2017 at 1:13 AM

Re: “Rooting Interest

CL, I think that Afrocentrism may be that community's best bet. The conservative/liberal lines are evidenced today. The old Nation of Islam theme had very good points and had they retained leaders like Malcolm X rather than the utterly corrupt and base Elijah Mohammed , Farrakhan and the Beys, progress in the communities (as opposed to NAACP Image Award Shows) probably would have been made.

3 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by crackoamerican on 09/29/2017 at 10:14 PM

Re: “Majestic Folks Taking Over Brass Door

Open the venue downstairs for's great down it the Memphis Cavern

2 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Jeff Golightly on 09/29/2017 at 3:29 PM

Re: “Rooting Interest

As for this little tidbit: "...statistically, halls of power and paths to access should be swollen with black Memphians in leadership and administrative roles". Perhaps Wiggins is detached from reality by his academic pursuits (the author has demonstrated personal issues with low self-esteem in all his articles, I digress), but I think he should spend a little more time in City Hall and other such paths to access before committing to such an ignorant statement again.
In the end, the author is as radical as those who march in public parks proclaiming the would-be superiority of an all caucasian society. A racist arguing for the benefits of racism.
Neither understand the benefit of a balanced multi-cultural and diverse community, city or nation.
You could even argue that both groups deserve each other, however its just a pity the rest of us must suffer to observe their tirades and interaction. I cannot help but wonder, can the Flyer not find an author (or group of authors) that would be more competent in representing the plight of this communitys minorities in the written word? Perhaps those whose logic is more sound and less susceptible to producing articles that include a paragraph or more worth of self-praise?

6 likes, 0 dislikes
Posted by barfolomew on 09/29/2017 at 10:13 AM

Re: “Rooting Interest

For goodness sakes, don't introduce logic to Wiggins incredibly simplistic philosophy.

6 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by barfolomew on 09/29/2017 at 9:55 AM

Re: “Shelby County Recruits for a Volunteer Disaster Relief Team

Correction: More information about the Reserve team or preparedness classes at

Posted by Richard Lambke on 09/28/2017 at 6:25 PM

Re: “MATA Board Appoints Gary Rosenfeld as Permanent CEO

They own 'em/run them.

Posted by Scott Banbury on 09/28/2017 at 12:09 PM

Re: “Rooting Interest

Does this mean that as long as the toe inside the boot on the back of your neck is black, you're good with that? Corruption and incompetence is as much to blame these past few decades as white racism.

11 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by CL Mullins on 09/28/2017 at 10:40 AM

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