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Jan 2011

  1. Giannini Sees February 15 Referendum Date; Pickler Candid on Special-District Issues

    SCS Board chairman admits loopholes in possible compact.

  2. It's Official: Election Commission Sets School-Charter Referendum for March 8

    Date is same as that for special election in state House District 98.

  3. Norris Lays It Out

    Part I of the Flyer Interview: The GOP legislator explains his opposition to school-system merger but embraces another consolidation plan.

  4. The Norris Interview II: The Senator Gives His Explanation of Why County Residents Should Vote on the MCS Charter Issue

    Answering charges of hypocrisy, Norris dilates on the difference between what he argued in 1996 (that city residents should not vote for the county School Board) and his position today.

  5. What About "Fraser" High?

    When the laughter and outrage and national publicity dies down, poor "Fraser" High School will still be poor Frayser High School.

  6. Gates Money Will Stay in Shelby County

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will keep its commitment to Memphis City Schools no matter what happens on charter surrender.

  7. County Attorney Punts Roland Charges on Alleged Gatewood Deal to D.A.'s Office

    Rayne finds no basis to investigate or adjudicate charges of County Commission vote-trading on interim appointment issue; MCS Charter vote involved

    UPDATE: Brooks also wanted investigation.

  8. If You Can't Beat 'Em, Be 'Em!: City Schools and County Schools Prepare to Trade Places

    After a charter surrender, the city schools would be the county schools; after creating a separate network of municipal school systems, the county schools would be, er, city schools.

  9. Kriner Cash: Merger Won't Help

    Memphis City Schools Superintendent made his most complete case to date Monday for saying "no" to merging the city and county school systems.

  10. Cash Makes Case Against Consolidation

    MCS superintendent Kriner Cash made his case against school systems consolidation Monday night. John Branston has a report.

  11. Jeff Warren Makes Another Try at an MCS-SCS Compromise

    Charlie Brown-like, MCS Board member charges on; new "chancellery" plan calls for joint vote of city-county, with merger as potential fail-safe.

  12. The School Debate Goes Prime Time

    Televised debates head a roster of stepped-up meetings on the thorny issues of consolidation and special school districts.

  13. Then and Now

    The author of the 1972 desegregation plan looks at white flight.

  14. Still the Big Story

    “I just can’t run all over Memphis,” says Sara Lewis of a plethora of school-crisis meetings.

  15. Mayor Warns Off Legislative Efforts to Obstruct MCS Referendum as “Contemptible”

    UPDATE: State Senate Speaker Ramsey says he will fast-tracks bills to stave off an immediate MCS-SCS merger.

  16. Don't Blame Teachers, Unions, or Families

    Wendy Kopp, the founder of Teach For America which has placed more than 200 corps members in Memphis, says teachers, unions, and apathetic families are getting too much blame for failing schools.

  17. VIDEO: Herenton, Others Weigh in at Meetings on School Merger

    Hollywood meeting features former mayor and others calling for yes vote on refeendum; Officials at Snowden express doubts.

  18. Do Black People Think Alike?

    A shamelessly alarming headline to get attention. The obvious answer is no, but some people in the schools debate would apparently like you to think otherwise.

  19. The Art of Neutrality

    On the schools story, it's not easy to not take a position.

  20. Council, School Board Agree: Memphis' Will is Paramount

    Two Tuesday night votes clear the way for a dissolution of MCS, but Norris bill and five-district solution loom as alternatives.

  21. On Taking a Position

  22. Hostile Surrender

    Memhpis inches closer to a referendum on schools merger.

  23. Goins' Invoking of Long-Gone "Board of Commissioners" Shifts Initiative to SCS in Showdown

    SCEC chairman Giannini says referendum in near future now doubtful.

  24. The Loneliest Number?

  25. In the Stretch

    Even as the vote loomed, efforts to dismount from the schools crisis continued.

  26. County School Board Advised to Prepare for Merger

  27. Surrender Forces Predict Big Win

  28. White Men in Suits

    A simple way to understand a complicated story.

  29. Jones Not a Part of Reported Schools Deal

  30. Mayors Won't Confirm Likelihood of School Deal

    Wharton specifically insists that only Memphians should vote on surrender of MCS charter; meanwhile, Wade files election suit in Chancery.

  31. "A Source with Direct Knowledge"

  32. A See-Saw Struggle

    Momentum shifts in the showdown between city and county school districts.

  33. Chancellor Evans Approves Consent Decree for Charter-Surrender Referendum

    Decision could lead to fast-tracking of legislative measures to impede immediate citywide vote -- or even to SSD legislation for the county schools.

  34. It Gets Curiouser: MSC Board Votes to Meet and Consider New Stand-Down Plan from County

    Adoption of plan would require rescinding of December 20 charter-surrender vote; effect uncertain on newly ordered referendum.

  35. Schools Partisans Spar at LeMoyne-Owen, Watson Mum

  36. MCS Board and New Compromise

  37. MCS Board Rejects New Compromise

  38. Cash and Whalum: Uneasy Collaborators

    United for the moment on the referendum issue, the superintendent and the MSC Board maverick are oil and water on much else.

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