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Feb 2011

  1. Haslam Gets Involved, Asks for Transition Plan for MCS-SCS Merger

    But governor says March 8 citywide referendum is local matter and should go forth as scheduled.

  2. SB25: The View from Norris' Head

    Statement of Senate majority leader alleges "race card" was played by bill's opponents and suggests Council's motive in accepting MCS charter surrender was "to avoid the City's legal liability" of $57 million.

  3. A Communications Gap and a Probing for Answers

    It remains something of a mystery what negotiations took place -- or failed to -- between Governor Haslam and Mayor Wharton; and nobody really knows what's next for MCS.

  4. Alignment … and Chaos

    There was a brief moment of concord amid a worsening discord on the schools.

  5. Flyer's Jackson Baker to Speak on School Merger Panel

  6. Kyle Files Bill To Repeal Norris-Todd

    Senate Democratic leader says the new Republican-backed law on consolidation and special school districts usurps Memphians' prerogatives and amounts to "taxation without representation."

  7. County Commissioner Chris Thomas Objects to MCS Public-Information Plan on Referendum

    District 4 member asks D.A.'s office whether "tax dollars" can be used for "this kind of campaigning;" Meanwhile, the county commission itself is considering hiring the same P.R. firm for the same purpose.

  8. Tea Party Forum in Bartlett Generates Both Heat and Light

    Participants disagree on particulars of consolidation and special school districts but keep it friendly.

  9. Is It Worth It?

    The slogans and yard signs have come out. "If You Don't Know Vote No." And "Unity."

  10. Is a Merger Worth It?

    Early voting is off to a slow start, as Memphians ponder schools.

  11. No More Omerta!: Terry Roland Spills the Beans on Executive Session

    VIDEO: District 4 County Commissioner explains to the excluded media just what was going on behind those closed doors. (Subject was the commission’s legal strategy for dealing with the school crisis.)

  12. SCS Chairman Announces Federal Suit to Nullify Actions of MCS Board, City Council

    Numerous governmental agencies named as co-defendants; Pickler also declines to recognize Mayor Wharton as a legal representative of Memphis City Schools.

  13. Wharton Comes Out Fighting

    Sounding more like the captain of the underdog team than the law professor or the honest broker of compromise, a fired-up Mayor A C Wharton on Friday vowed to fight for the children and voters of Memphis against the will of the state legislature on school system consolidation.

  14. Haslam Signs SB25, the Norris-Todd Bill

    Measure would restructure public-school education in Shelby County and lead to possibility of one or more special school districts.

  15. Gloom, Confusion, Resolve Mingle in City's Response to State Officials

    In the absence of Republican legislators, local officials confer at City Hall on how to deal with Norris bill and intervention by Governor Haslam and Education Commissioner Smith.

  16. Leaning "Undecided"

    As the MCS referendum date nears, focus shifts to possible outcomes.

  17. Amended Norris Bill Passes Senate Committee, Would Stand Referendum on Its Head

    House approval expected Thursday on bill that would pave way for county’s special school district, after all; City council to meet Thursday, consider options.

  18. It's a State Issue Now!

    Haslam takes on the MCS-SCS showdown as the General Assembly prepares fast-track bills.

  19. Council Delays Action on MCS Charter

    In an unusual one-topic meeting, the Memphis City voted Thursday to delay for at least a week its final action supporting the Memphis City School board's decision to surrender its charter.

  20. Germantown: Your Turn on Schools

    This should be good. There's a meeting at Germantown City Hall at 7 p.m. tonight to talk about schools. I don't think they'll be booing David Pickler and Mark Norris.

  21. Germantown Likes Idea of Municipal School District

    Germantown would love to be a municipal school district and some residents think the time to start working on it is now.

  22. It’s Germantown

    Talk of a muncipal school district gets a warm reception.

  23. House Passes Norris-Todd Bill on School Consolidation; Stage is Set for Action by Haslam, Council, Commission

    As previously in the state Senate, the House vote is party-line, rejecting all amendments.

  24. Council Reacts to "High-Handed" Legislature by Voting to Dissolve MCS

    Consensus is that MCS ceases to exist except to "wind..up their affairs;" Wharton becomes de facto executor, will treat with county School Board.

  25. How We Got Here

    On some myths and ironies that underlie the current school controversy.

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