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Re: “Use Your Brain

Don't be ridiculious, person. Tehre are numerous ways to "chelate" a patient. One being multi-planar electromagnetic centrifuge. In fact you could probably modify the PC version of a Rife machine program to perform the task in a clinic. Using the staff personal computer. You know; the subject of misinformation/disinformation in the innoculation and pharmacological sciences is a sore issue in history. I don't know if you have ever heard of the term "Shaking The Carrot", for instance. The age-old innoculation against the AIDS virus. About how if you don't have yourself "chelated" of all lead in your body, and include ragweed tincture at planar strength it will make you anus swell-up to the size of a bagel and make you feel like you are being repeatedly shot with a Uzi sub-machine gun? There was a mass innoculation in Germany usinng this faulty innoculation serum. Then for WWI & WWII. As in : Clearly not funny, dudes.

Posted by Michael Burlingtin on 07/10/2007 at 7:04 PM

Re: “Use Your Brain

Having the Alzheimer's sufferer keylated of aluminuim in their bloodstream and placed on a B2-B12 natural vitamin E-soya (soya if hypoactive endocrine prevasive). Then placed on a diet of Whiting fish, Trout or Channel Catfish three-to-four times a week will ultimately cure Alzheimer's disease. Keep an eye on the appendix reactions. When activity in the pancreas and gall bladder begins to spike is when attention needs to be given to readjusting the metabolism by elevating the reactive-base of either the appendix or liver. The last if the appendix has been removed. Nut-based cooking oils such as safflower, corn, or peanut oils are best for this. Do not use more than ten grams a day. Reduce to lower levels non-saturated trans-fats after the metabolic adjustments have been made. Monitor colineterase-colestikinans transitions at this level and set dietary consumption to absolute zero planar transitions. Or, perhaps more planly, exactly level colinesterase-colestikinans with zero default-stress reactions in the gall bladder. Everything else is just a matter of time for the patient to feel comfortable with the idea of not having Alzheimer's disease anymore. Like Michael J. Fox has taken his sweet time coming out of the closet with the information on his cure from Parkinson's Disease. Probably financial reasons for this. Due too the fact that he was made the president of the Parkinson's Disease Foundation. Perhaps he could even be solicited to assist in identifying a few financial vultures that hang-around these types of conventions looking to score some cash from blackmail, or launder some illegal tax money....also through blackmail. Otherwise in attendance trying to steal disease foundation funds by threatening a massive bio-attack on the foodstores or water supply.

Posted by Michael Burlingtin on 07/09/2007 at 2:19 PM

Re: “Unplugged

The thing that all memphis-based entrepeneurs must remember is about media-made deals that take money from hard currency cash cows like MLG&W. All pretending to have capital investments that are concurrent. Meaning that they ain't GOT it on them right now. Comming too town with a hundred-thou to drop trou on a media blitz forcing a "Deal". Stealing from city-owned and operated MLG&W, in other words; and in ALL cases. Ever heard this one before? The Beale St. Weed Spleen taking your fiver for yard clippings because you wabnted to avoid the sad-sack bootlegger. That's the same surround as this.

Posted by Michael Burlingtin on 07/02/2007 at 12:38 PM

Re: “Jesus' Image Seen on Tree

I mean; I don't know what I should say to all congregations and potential future conflagarations about it from here. I've had sould-stealing filth trying to wedge themselves in on me from the time I was NATURALLY brought from my former mother's re-articulated human womb. meaning that I don't know what christians might have already heard me cover about...I guess "The Book of Leviticus and How That Translates Into what Critian Flocks Give Too Themselves". Because I was simply...unable to avoid this natural, yet architecturally-problematic re-translation into what would BE a field of combat if The Minions of Evil wanted to party; and I know I'm not the only one. There are things that I have now come too believe about subjects like "Apostacy" that have habitually been negatively-associated and connected to The Apostle Paul. I, (me), truly think these "habits" in the american protestant christian practice that obstruct the self and become things that cheat any individual out of their own translation as a messianic force for good. Using the device of christianity as a tool of advancement into that type of career. So; MY problem with "it" here is that I'm forced to focus on the thing that violates what I think is beautiful about "Apostacy" that has been regularly negatively associated as a good-subject by numerous american protestant leaders; and positively-associated with The Person of Paul of Tarsus unwarrantedly. As in: Paul didn't MAKE IT. But yeah; you're right fucking there. Just imagine YOURSELF as Jesus meeting Paul on The Road to Success they were separately traveling and, after the initial introductions, Paul said that he killed thousands of Christian followers while he was doling-out "time" as really bad tax-collector....I mean :think in terms of practicallity, dudes......"Okay; that's alright with me, Paul. Just as long as you wetre REALLY sorry. You know that I have a sister, right? Maybe you'd like to come over to my NICE house in Rome and I'll make you both dinner."...The overarching point here, with and as myself in this condition of human reality, is that it challenges my right to get the fat paycheck in personal accomplishment in THIS life, as this person, and having become this good at being this as the result of my own separate adversity. I'm forced to spend so much of my life focusing on a, truly, fictional reality. Even if this-and-that person, now me, is an accurate assertion of truth. So; I don't want Cristians to cheat themselves by focusing on "What's Broke" in the mechanics of Christian applications over time and in thier lives.

Posted by Michael Burlingtin on 06/19/2007 at 3:38 PM

Re: “Jesus' Image Seen on Tree's amazing how ambimorphic and political a little sculpting with tri-sodium phosphate on tree bark can be.

Posted by Michael Burlingtin on 06/19/2007 at 3:16 PM

Re: “More Questions about Networx

ASKING FOR 32 MIL'S WORTH OF THIS SOMETHING. WHILE TANDEMLY CONFEDERATING WITH, I PRESUME, A LOCAL CORPORATE BASE FOR 6 MIL REQUIRES A SAFETY-CAP FOR THE WATER IN THE STYROFOAM CUPS AT THE FUTURE MEETINGS. #1) Auto Zone Inc., (..a retailer in over ninety-eight percent of it's product-base manufacturing cases..), is based out of memphis. They were somehow PAID rather alot of money from Memphis and Shelby County money to beg them to set-up in memphis. They then proceeded to get clearance to not pay taxes too the Shelby County Government until the "something" flies out of the place where the skeletons blew-out on the South China Sea. Point: Keep your hands off of memphis tax money...period. #2 Auto Zone Inc. did not PAY a thin dime for the OLYMPIC CLASS BASEBALL FIELD scatted right fron-and-center of down-saddy/paddy-town. Point: Laundering dirty deeds weaponised through our justice system through deals just like this one here. I mentioned about "You Ain't From Here", right? ain't. Be well-advised to keep your "deals" CLEAN from here.

Posted by Michael Burlingtin on 06/16/2007 at 3:05 PM

Re: “Networx: Who Knows Who in This Deal?

THE HARDS AND THE SOFT:THE BEES AND THE ZEES. ---------------------------------------------Nextel has the most significant histories that would lead to the most balanced transactions of historic conversations between Memphis issues and Denver issues between these two types of folkenraad. "Desiring repartes' with the Intelligensia here is not "Be-Damnabation" if two unknown forces were trying to seek it. It's just where does any two unknown businessio-political forces come too meet in understanding of "First of All" order of duty in the overarching security issues. Otherwise known as "Where would 'we' go from what line-point as American citizens in this environment?". Nextel wireless was an initial, and ingenious offering that was the simple creation of an analog walkie-talkie that had been mollified into an expedint physical line of textural relation as the result of amalgamations between analog digital frequencies formerly used in digital pagers and laser technology. NOT, I don't believe, the result of ILLEGAL insinuation and use of alien technology known as "Nanomites". Incidentally, I, I as in : Me/Myself was the one who initially invented Nanomites in a prior human state. I was human, yet matriculated out of a natural human condition due to my own experiences in alien environments. Later The initial designers of Nextel desided too use "Their Company" as a bit of fly-paper to identify and isolate illegal, "alien" pathogens. This by simply selling their company locks, stocks, and/or barrels for a princely sum; and continuing to collect fees for providing the equivalent of technical assistance too the buyers. "Somebody" then bought Nextel and we have a situation where SOMEBODY BESIDES ME IS AND HAS BEEN USING NANOMITES FOR TLECOMMUNICATIONS RELAY STAGING PURPOSES. I have since, and only recently, re-invented my principle concept behind Nanomites, incidentally. therefore, how many lines and points would this make The Meating? One where we a buncha niggas doin' dis' little bit 'o Time we got before we get the freaks on down?

Posted by Michael Burlingtin on 06/15/2007 at 2:17 PM

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