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Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

Perhaps Gomes will now stop making the FALSE and therefore UNETHICAL and MISLEADING claim that she is endorsed by the MBA, whose President has made it quite clear to all that THE MBA HAS NOT ENDORSED ANY CANDIDATE.

See, Canon 4.1 (A)(11) of the Code of Judicial Conduct which states in relevant part that: ". . . a judge or a judicial candidate shall not: . . . knowingly, or with reckless disregard for the truth, make any false or misleading statement"

Gomes alone, among all the candidates, is still making this false claim even though I personally pointed out to her and all present at St. Augustine Church on last Sunday; including her campaign manager/counselor, Mrs. Ruby Wharton, that HER CLAIM IS FALSE.

How can the voters trust a Judge who so flagrantly violates the Judicial Code of Ethics as well as TN law with respect her prohibiting attorneys from recording in her courtroom contrary to TCA 20-9-104 which clearly provides that: "It is lawful for attorneys representing parties in proceedings in any of the courts of this state to use tape recorders as an aid in making notes of the proceedings."

Not to mention the fact that she has otherwise misused the court to enrich her friends and associates at the expense of those she is sworn to protect and serve.

That's at least 3 strikes that I know of. She should be OUT. e.g., GOMES HAS GOT TO GO.

PS- The voting public should also take note that Gomes has advised the local probate bar at least that: “Since early voting begins next week”, Gomes has decided to close Division 1 of Probate Court in the afternoons at taxpayers’ expense “from July 21 through July 31”. Voters should keep in mind; you get what you vote for and you can do a whole lot better than what was APPOINTED for you last year and her ilk.

Peace be with you all. Vote Parks for Probate Court Judge.

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Posted by loosebooub on 07/16/2014 at 12:15 PM

Re: “Alternate Judicial Endorsement Ballot from Former Democratic Chairs

Apparently, being endorsed by the Republican Party is not enough for some of these disgruntled, rogue, "faux-Democrats", insurgents, who are now grasping at the "straws" of FORMER Democrats. Money and special interests talk but VOTERS SHOULD NOT BE DECEIVED by their desperation and the sound of their clanging brass cymbals. If these questionable incumbents were doing such a great job in their present positions, they would no doubt have the full support of genuine Democrats and would not have to engage in such theater.

Gomes and Donald are even more suspect as choices for informed voters because they have neither the support of the Republican nor the Democratic Party. Time for them to stop feeding from the public trough. Rather than continuing to ask what voters can do for them, they should start asking what they can do for their Maker, their profession and the people they were supposed to serve.

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Posted by loosebooub on 07/16/2014 at 8:41 AM

Re: “Wharton Comes Out Fighting

Wharton recently spoke out against a shotgun wedding and now he is bound and determined to preside over one.

Wharton recently said he would fight tooth and nail to make sure that the legislature did not take away Memphis citizens' right to vote on the MCS charter surrender and now he whole-heartedly supports the City Council's vote that did just that.

The city schools spend approximately $8,500 for every student and have consistently failed in its mission to educate all of its students. Yet it will not try to do better.

The county schools spend approximately $6,000 for every student and are very successful; one of the best in the state and it wants to preserve that system.

MCS now gets all of the city taxes allocated to the schools and approximated 70% of the county taxes allocated to schools and fails.

The county gives approximately 70% of all of its tax revenues allocated to the schools to the MCS and succeeds on only 30%.

The citizens of Memphis had their own school system with the autonomy and resources to succeed and yet instead of "cleaning up its own backyard and working diligently and intelligently to improve its schools and educational system, the MCS school board gave up, just surrendered its charter without a plan and subjected itself and all of its children to the control of the SCS system. Such a move could be seen as commendable if it allowed the SCS to continue its winning ways but that doesn't seem to be the case. It seems its surrender is more about money and power than it is about children and education and what's best for the community.

Now MCS wants to control the SCS and transplant its failing recipe to the SCS and it expects the county residents to allow its system to be destroyed and like it. Even worse, because the SCS wants to preserve its successful schools from chaos and failure, its board are wrongfully vilified as "racists".

MCS and its supporters who refuse to change their ways in the face of consistent failure are like compulsive gamblers who consistently lose and yet constantly lament that if they just had more money they could win and just like that compulsive gambler, it accuses its slanders its friends (calls them racists) because they won't jeapardize their own well-being and that of their children by giving him their life savings to blow playing a losing game.

MCS and its Board are like someone with plenty of money and resources and a fine home who is so jealous and unhappy with himself that he is willing to burn down his own home, give up his automony to try to move into his poorer neighbor's smaller home to keep him from moving somewhere else where he doesn't have to put up with his foolishness anymore. And, if that is not bad enough, he also wants to take over his neighbor's home, continue his failing ways and make his neighbor adopt his foolish ways.

Another example: Two "mixed-race" families living side by side. One is kind of traditional and conservative and finds success in being obeying the law, being prudent, excercising good judgment and striving to make its children's life better. The other is kind of a carefree spendthrift that sort of shoots from the hip and spitefully refuses to alter his ways in the face of repeated failures. It has wild parties, is unruly and doesn't seem to have any set boundaries or respect for the law or its more quiet and reserved neighbor, despite its help and desparate pleas to conform. When the conservative neighbor finally has had enough and decides to move, the rowdy, unhappy and disrespectful neighbor won't let him get away. In fact, it is so spiteful and jealous of its more successful neighbor, it actually burns its own home to the ground, throws itself upon the mercy of its disenchanted neighbor and resorts to accusing it of being racist because it doesn't want to share its home with the rowdy neighbor or change its lifestyle to suit its rowdy homeless neighbor.

Ask any county resident of color or any reasonable city resident if he or she wants their child to attend a MCS or a SCS. You won't get a racist answer and you will find very few who would prefer to subject their children to the MCS's failing system. It's sad but true.

I live in the city and I have a child in a MCS and I have a child in a county school. I understand why the SCS does not want the same people who destroyed the MCS system and daily waste money and fail the children they are supposed to be working for (not the teachers; the corrupt and irresponsible administrators and politicians) taking over and corrupting a system that is working and succeeding everyday for its students and community.

MCS should clean up its own back yard and let their neighbors be. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Mayor Wharton should show some integrity and consistency on this issue and think about what is best; not what is politically expedient at the moment. Me thinks that he speaks with forked tongue and exhibits an unjustifiable prejudice when he accuses people of having bad motives for wanting to preserve what they think is best for their children.

Just sayin'

Posted by loosebooub on 02/12/2011 at 2:08 AM

Re: “Libertyland, Part 1,287

What about the future use of the fairgrounds property and other public parks which are the seemingly irresistable prey of developers. Who is going to be their (developers) "friend" in office. That is why all voters should review the source of a candidate's campaign contributions before voting to make sure the candidate will have no "conflict of interest" or give the "appearance of impropriety" when voting on such matters while in office. Campaign contributions may be viewed at the shelby county election commission or at: http://www.wreg.com/Global/category.asp?C=110011

Posted by grover hardwick on 10/03/2007 at 5:43 AM

Re: “A New Direction

Also, voters should be very skeptical of the subjective "scoring" of the candidates by the so-called "Coalition for a Better Memphis". Unfortunately, it appears to be a very clever mechanism for the status quo controllers of public policy to manipulate the public into voting for those candidates which its members favor to look after their special interests. Many of the so-called interviewers and scorers are friends, associates and supporters of the most favored candidates. Check out the list of its members businesses and organizations. They don't provide the names of its individual members but I bet a great number of them can be found on the contributor lists of the most favored candidates. ----- Associated Builders and Contractors Black Business Association of Memphis Leadership Academy Leadership Memphis McGhee, Holly & Lucias Memphis Area Association of REALTORS Memphis Area Home Builders Association Memphis Area Women’s Council Memphis Bioworks Foundation Memphis Education Association Memphis Hotel & Lodging Association Memphis Restaurant Association Memphis Tomorrow Memphis Urban League New Path Planned Parenthood Shelby Farms Park Alliance Southeast Memphis CDC St. Jude Children's Hospital Women's Foundation of Greater Memphis Accredo Health, Inc. AT&T/BellSouth Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz Belz Investco GP BlueCross Blue Shield of TN Bronze Construction Chandler Ehrlich Clark & Clark Commercial Advisors CRESA Partners Drexel Chemical Farnsworth Investment Company FaxonGillis Homes, Inc. First Tennessee Bank Husch & Eppenberger, LLC Industrial Developments International International Paper Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance Medtronic Sofamor Danek MidAmerica Apartment Communities Pinnacle Airlines Pittco Management Regions Bank SouthEastern Asset Management Southland Capital Corporation Thomas & Betts Waddell & Associates

Posted by grover hardwick on 09/07/2007 at 7:05 PM

Re: “A New Direction

I must take issue with "Buckminister" when he urges voters to "choose those [candidates for city council] with a record of responsible contribution to the community - not political power-brokers in the making." and then he urges voters to choose political power brokers - present and future; most notable among them, Jim Strickland, who is nothing if not a professional politician and skilled power broker. During his quest for public office, he has accepted approximately a quarter of a million dollars from wealthy developers, business interests and others who have traditionally controlled or driven public policy in Memphis for personal gain; often to the detriment of the average working citizen who deserve better. Check out his list of contributors filed with the Election Commission. Among those wealthy contributors is the very man who is at the present seeking to privatize the Mid-South Fairgrounds and to develope it for his own gain. Why would he, and the others want Strickland to be elected? Perhaps it is because they regularly come before the council seeking support for their own personal interests and those of their clients and associates. They no doubt want a "friend" on the council. If elected, Strickland will be extremely hard-pressed, as any mortal would be, to place the public's interest above the private interests of those to whom he is deeply indebted. What's "progressive" about being the "darling" of the established ruling class? Can you say compromised? Can voters really expect him to be much more that the guardian of the status quo? Don't be fooled by questionable bloggers, the mainstream media, signage and slick ads which could make anyone look and sound good. Do the research yourself. Think for yourself and vote for someone who is the "antidote" for what ails this city's government; not a placibo or trojan horse. Vote for someone who is not just a new face but represents real, positive improvement; truly a "new direction" in public policy, unity and progress for all of the citizens of Memphis. In the District 5 race, Richard Parks, is indeed the best choice for a better Memphis.

Posted by grover hardwick on 09/07/2007 at 6:47 PM


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