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Re: “Administrator Phillips is Target at Zoom Seminar


Senator Ron Wyden on Free Speech for People said that ES&S "...uses every slimy trick in the book to get states to buy what Alyssa [Milano] warning about. Overpriced, insecure voting machines. The company was investigated by prosecutors in 2009 for using bribes to get a $50 million contract with NYC. The company has a well-established record of flying state election officials to nice places, lots of wining and dining. American constitutional rights as this group knows should not depend on a group of well-connected corporations like ES&S." 5.06.2020:

Please watch The Fight For Election Security, Featuring U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and Actor & Activist Alyssa Milano and more:

Watch the live panel discussion about critical vulnerabilities in U.S. election systems featuring U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and Actor & Activist Alyssa Milano. We’ll be talking to experts including you will hear from Simon Ardizzone and Sarah Teale, the producers/directors of the HBO documentary Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections, Cindy Cohn of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Jeff Moss and Harry Hursti of DefCon Voting Village, as well as Free Speech For People’s counsel Courtney Hostetler.


Links to Election Security Expert Forum April 9, 2020, with documents and Hyperlinks to all Speakers:

Please read the Election Security Forum Experts open letter to Shelby County officials, voters & the media:

Clip 1 LINDA PHILLPS; FALSE STATEMENT ON PAPER BALLOTS & SECURITY TO SHELBY CO COMMISSION. Ms. Philips claims Paper Ballots Lead to Vote Fraud and Claims its Bad Technology since the 1950s. 0.41 seconds


Clip 2 Long version of from the County Commission meeting on 4.29.2020. The Real Shelby County Voter Error was Hiring Linda Phillips & that error most likely by right-wing attorney John Ryder: Its 31 minutes:

Clip 3 What wrong in Shelby County Elections in 2006 is now institutionalized and accepted as a routine procedure in 2020:

CLIP SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Some voters and elected officials are pushing for a more secure voting machine system in Shelby County. The group known as SAVE or “Shelby Advocates for Valid Elections” want paper ballots for future elections. Members of SAVE said Chattanooga/ Hamilton County already uses this same hand-marked paper ballot system. Cut clip @ 3mins



Information and Hyperlinks to all Speakers:

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Posted by John Roberts Brakey on 05/09/2020 at 12:20 AM

Re: “Administrator Phillips is Target at Zoom Seminar

John Brakeys remarks for the zoom call on Shelby County 5.5.2020

I am going to talk about how Shelby Countys election administrator Linda Phillips, who has miss-represented, distorted and even fabricated facts about Hand-Marked Paper Ballot, in order to promote a system that is less secure and far more expensive!

Ms. Phillips has been framing the decision about the purchase of voting equipment as one in which the County Election Board will contract with a vendor (which we know happens to be ES&S) to sell the county (BMDs) rather than a choice of hand-marked paper ballot system which requires far less equipment.

Ms. Phillips has done this in a variety of public statements as well, WE ASSUME, in statement during executive sessions.

Her misstatements and dismissive comments about hand-marked paper ballots fall into three categories:"

1 Hand-marked paper ballot voting is error-prone.

This statement is false as has been demonstrated by several studies that I will provide links to below. i and ii (refer to studies)

The only study that Ms. Phillips could find is the one that she made up called VOTER ERROR. It was not well received. Her presentation was to the County Board of Commissioners on April 29. I encourage you to watch it. (Link below 5 minutes long) iii

2 Hand-marked paper ballot voting is more expensive than BMDs.
Ms. Phillips inaccurately claims that the County will save $15 million over the next 14 years by purchasing BMDs rather than going with a hand-marked paper ballot system. See a short clip of 41 seconds. iv

The truth is the county could save as much as three times what it will spend on BMDs by going with HMPBs. Our estimate

3 100% of fraud occurs with paper ballots.
This is a dog whistle designed to scare members of the County Election Commission and the County Board of Commissioners off of hand-marked paper ballot voting. Extensive research has shown that voter fraud is extremely rare and the type Ms. Phillips is suggesting is a problem is especially rare. The truth according to studies is the rate of fraud with paper ballots and other methods of voting is roughly equal. (cite studies)
As an election investigator for the last 16 years, one of the things I always look for is something that I learned in 2006 from an investigation that Jim March was involved in Shelby County,

This was the first investigation outside the state of Arizona that I ever consulted on. Jim March and I (John Brakey) worked closely together from 2006 till 2013.
Jim March found a critical security breach occurred during a Shelby County election when the Diebold central tabulator was plugged into the County network & unauthorized software was installed.

This breach allowed unfettered remote access to the central tabulator to anyone connected to the county government network or the Internet.

Jim also discovered that the Diebold central tabulator in Shelby County had PC Anywhere (remote access software) installed.

Well, what surprises me is what was wrong in 2006 has been institutionalized and accepted as a routine procedure in 2020! From the RFP Page 13

Tabulation is conducted on three Dell Servers that mirror each other; one located in a remote location connected with a secure private network. WHAT!!!

Again!! One is located in a remote location connected with a secure private network.
Ive learned, to unrig the system; you first need to unrig yourself.

I consider myself to be an election scrutineer type activist who works for, believes in, and teaches what I call the 7 Cs.

Character, Capacity, Credibility, Civility, Citizenship, Country, and the most important of the Cs is Courage!

It takes Courage to stand up, sometimes all by yourself, after carefully reflecting on the first 6 Cs! After all, what kind of a Character, has the Capacity to destroy their Credibility by saying or doing something stupid without thinking it out first!

Ms. Phillips has destroyed her CREDIBILITY with me after seeing what is going on, and there is much more. I do not have time here to explain, but my good friend Bev Harris is up next, and she will.

We need to spend some time looking at the conflicts of interest that Ms. Phillips has with her past employer, who she purchased a voter registration database for $1 million down from a prior employer that went bankrupt after getting the contract.

LINKS BELOW TO FACTS BECAUSE THEY MATTER and Elections are not any good unless they're Transparent, Track-able, and Publicly Verified!

John Roberts Brakey -

i The Impact of Ballot Type on Voter Errors:


iii Video Clip 2 Linda Phillips Presentation on VOTER ERROR to Shelby Co Commission on 4.29.2020:

iv VP Video Clip 1 Linda Phillips; Paper Ballots Lead to Vote Fraud and Claims its Bad Technology since the 1950s. 0.41 seconds

vi Voter fraud are so rare that one study by researchers at Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Yale, and Microsoft Research found just 0.02 percent of the total votes cast during the 2012 presidential election were proven to be fraudulent. In Oregon, where more than 100 million votes have been cast by mail since 2000, officials have found about a dozen cases of proven voter fraud, according to the National Vote From Home Coalition.

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Posted by John Roberts Brakey on 05/06/2020 at 6:39 PM

Re: “Election Commission Attorney Shares Office with Voting-Machine Lobbyist

SECRECY UNDERMINES SHELBY COUNTY VOTING-SYSTEM PURCHASE. The decision in Shelby County about which multi-million-dollar voting system to purchase is shrouded in secrecy. The election commissioners are being told they have to vote in favor of a new voting system sight unseen. They are being asked to approve the new equipment without knowing which voting system it is and which vendor theyre voting for.

Why are the Commissioners being kept in the dark? In other Tennessee counties, elections staff and the elections commissioners have worked together to select new voting systems. Knox County, for example, has gone with hand-marked paper ballots in an open process that included a voting system demonstration for election commissioners and discussion about the proposed voting equipment. Knox County Administrator of Elections Clifford Rogers said the move to paper ballots is a guarantee in the minds of voters that their votes are safe and there is a paper trail. See article here on Knox Countys purchase of a hand-marked paper ballot voting system:

Shelby County voters have been very vocal about which type of voting system they prefer. They also are overwhelmingly in favor of hand-marked paper ballots. Computer security experts agree that hand-marked paper ballots are the only type of voting system where results can be accurately checked and audited.

The elections administrator, however, wants a system of ballot-marking devices (BMDs). This is essentially a system where an expensive computer replaces the pen that voters use to mark ballots.

A BMD is, in effect, a $4,000 pen and has no purpose other than being an expensive pen. Worse, it is not auditable and is susceptible to errors, vote alteration, hacking, and cyberattacks. BMDs cause long lines if the computer fails or if there are too few machines to serve voters. BMDs are the last thing anyone wants in the middle of a pandemic because the touchscreen feature is shared by many voters.

For the past several years, ES&S has hired 3 lobbyists in the state to lobby election officials for BMDs and against hand-marked paper ballots. The companys sales team and the lobbyists have convinced many election officials that hand-marked paper ballots are a step backwards in time, rather than the most secure way to run an election as confirmed by the majority of computer scientists around the country. The reason that ES&S promotes BMDs is that the company stands to make millions in sales if BMDs are adopted in Tennessee counties. Instead of spending 8 cents for each pen used to hand-mark a ballot, the counties will be spending $4,000 on each machine to mark a ballot, and that money goes into the pockets of the voting-system vendor.

A hand-marked paper ballot voting system in Shelby County would cost approximately $2.5 million. Ballot-marking devices would cost about $9 million. The difference of $6.5 million could go back into the countys General Fund to help make up the current budget shortfall, which was already $6 to $7 million before increased shortages due to the coronavirus. Knox County has 318,167 voters and their new paper ballot voting system cost $1.44 million or $4.53 per voter. Shelby County has 579,000 voters, at $4.53 per voter a new paper-based system should cost $2.6 million. Not $10 Million.

The counsel for the Shelby County Elections Commission is attorney John Ryder. For whatever reason, Ryder is defending the secrecy around the countys selection of a voting system.

Nationally known elections attorney Chris Sautter said, I believe America is at a crossroads, and its in the election process. Were turning over our elections and have been for the last 20 years to faceless profiteers and compliant bureaucrats. The taxpayers are being pilfered, and if we dont stand up now and deny this force, it may be too late.

John Brakey, founder of AUDIT Elections USA, said We have learned that transparency, informed diligent citizens, election activists, and attorneys are the best disinfectant for stopping corruption.

Please see the Open Letter to the Shelby County Election Commission and County Commission ( for more information about the benefits of hand-marked paper ballots. The letter also contains links to opinions by nationally respected computer scientists against BMDs and in favor of hand-marked paper ballots. Also, here is a link ( to an online Forum held on April 9 featuring election security experts and local advocates for hand-marked paper ballots.

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Posted by John Roberts Brakey on 04/23/2020 at 1:11 PM


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