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Re: “Anna Mae He Case is Resolved

S. Enk writes_ " To paraphrase what former _Chicago Tribune_ columnist Bob Greene once wrote in his legendary coverage of yet another child-custody tragedy" Bob Greene was a pompous, self-righteous hypocrite. He passed himself off as a crusader against the exploitation and abuse of children and was fired due to "inappropriate sexual conduct'; specifically engaging in numerous sexual activities with a 17 year old Catholic high school senior who visited the Chicago Tribune to interview Bob. Bob was 41 years old at the time he raided the cradle.

Posted by billinpa on 07/21/2007 at 11:17 AM

Re: “Anna Mae He Case is Resolved

FEE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST. THANK GOD, FREE AT LAST. Louis, NOT THE MOMMY, Jerry, NOT THE DADDY. While with the Bakers, Bakers caused Anna to deny her Chinese heritage and Anna was in the bottom fifth percentile in height and weight (LA Times, Ellen Barry, April 2005, Anna is 41 inches and SIX YEARS OLD) despite Anna being above the bottom 25th percentile at birth. Jerry and Louise had Anna's BABY TEETH ground down to put crowns in despite the fact BABY TEETH FALL OUT ANYWAY. Anna in Bakers care became speech impaired, probably a result of the dentist severing the Anna's tongue nerves while injecting anesthesia. For those of you interested in seeing other things the adoption industry child abduction advocates have been involved in, go to hear everyones voice on the ezboard at, Be seeing you, Number 6

Posted by billinpa on 07/21/2007 at 9:24 AM

Re: “Read the Anna Mae He Ruling — From the Source

Sparrow alleges Casey has fake tears and didn't want to visit Anna. Fortunately we have proof Sparrow lies. According to Louise Bakers own journal: “ October 3, 1999- Jack and Casey came at 3:00. Anna played for a minute with them and then wanted us. The visit was very discouraging to us. They wanted to see if they could come and get Anna and keep her for next Sun(day). I TOLD THEM NO. She is too little (8 MONTHS OLD) to be away from us. Casey was very distraught, crying very loud. They left soon after. Jack kept telling us that they had a friend that kept asking about her and a Dr. at the Church wanted to see her. We told them that she didn’t need to see a doctor…. We would like to get visits to every other week. We feel like they (Jack and Casey) would wean away, but the last two visits we could see Casey wanting more…. If Jack confronts us with the visit we are going to tell him this is the way its gong to be and set rules for him. They are supposed to com(e) Thurs. 8:45 AM because Jerry is going to be out of town. JACK WILL NOT COME TO OUR HOME WITHOUT JERRY BEING HERE.” The truth is the Bakers stole Anna and prohibited Jack and Casey from seeing their own child by various ways until the Bakers called the police. Incidently- Anna is eight years old and weighs 40 pounds, in the bottom fifth percentile. Anna was not a premie as she was only 3 weeks early and her IQ is not that of a premie as she does well in school. Jack and Casey are above average in height and weight as are Jack and Casey's 2 other children. Why hasn't someone reported the Bakers for Child Abuse? GO to and support the He family union.

Posted by billinpa on 05/24/2007 at 12:01 PM

Re: “Read the Anna Mae He Ruling — From the Source

Breaking news- Dog owners in USA have more rights to pets willfully abandoned than non-white parents (who never abandoned their child) in Tennessee have to see and raise their own child. In 2005, Paula Duming willfully abandoned her dog during Hurricaine Katrina. Her dog was rescued by the Best Friends Animal Society and adopted by Dustin Jones and Wendy Shieh of San Diego in December 2005. After a bitter court battle, on March 13, 2007, Judge Whitten ordered the dog be given back to Duming. Way to go Tennessee! Keep marching in the wrong direction with your “just us white folk” system. For the rest of us people whose minds are not concreted in the Jim Crow South mentality, how about a letter writing campaign to have Tennessee and the Bakers give reparations to Jack and Casey, Anna’s real parents

Posted by billinpa on 03/17/2007 at 7:39 AM

Re: “Read the Anna Mae He Ruling — From the Source

To Breezinthru- How do you know the Bakers loved Anna? What kind of people would put Anna’s parents though over seven years of sheer agonizing hell by stealing their child. By your definition, any kidnapper loves the child they abduct. It is really too bad the Bakers didn’t think what they were doing to Anna when they decided hold Anna hostage from her own parents. That you have sympathy for kidnappers such as the Bakers shows that you: A) don’t know the facts of the case, which is easily remedied by reading the 20 page Tenn Sup Ct Decision online, or B) you believe parents have no rights to their own children and that the government can come in any time and substitute its own judgment about who should raise everyone’s children. The only difference between the Bakers and childnappers who are caught and sent to jail is that this case happened in good old boy Tennessee and the victims here were not white. And to contradict your ignorance, this case was about race and religious power and connections. The Bakers come from an extremely well connected family. Jerry, only a high school graduate, previously made over $300,000 per year in a white collar job. When this case hit the news he quickly lost his job, no doubt due the embarrassment of his employers. Anyone who complains about affirmative action should ask how is it this uneducated white man who is of limited common sense (i.e., stupid enough to bribe his foster daughter Anna to answer questions in front of a reporter) could make so much money in a white collar job. If you knew the history of the case, there are no explanations other than racial and religious bigotry to explain the outward judicial contempt and the continual slew of unsupportable rulings and finding against Anna’s real parents. Take an internet look at the Bakers’ choice of attorney, Larry Parrish, if you have any doubt the Memphis “religious” community had no influence in this case. I and most people do know how Anna will feel when she is finally removed from the clutches of those righteous “Christian” Bakers and understand what has happened to her. She will thank God she is with her real family and never speak to the Bakers again.

Posted by billinpa on 03/16/2007 at 8:59 PM

Re: “What Will AMH Think?

To Memphis Woman. We have no basis to believe Judge Person or the Shelby Courts will do anything but keep Jack and Casey from raising their first born child. In this case, the Tenn Sup Ct probibited the former guardian ad litem, or GAL, Kimbrough Mullins, and the attorney for the GAL, Linda Holmes, from representing Anna in any further proceedings. Having previously been appointed a GAL to a minor in a custody battle myself, and having known many other attorneys who have been so appointed, I can never recall one instance where a GAL had to have an attorney represent the GAL in the case. The reason for it happening here was GAL Mullins acted and failed to act properly numerous times and had to insolate herself from a further charge of bias. In one instance a no contact order was issued against Casey and Jack ex parte, meaning without input or knowledge of Jack and Casey’s attorney or GAL Mullins. When questioned about this, GAL Mullins didn’t know why the order was issued and didn’t care to know. Kind of strange for someone supposedly representing a child whose parents were forbidden from seeing the child not to care to find out why the order was issued. Fortunately the Tenn Sup Ct saw through the charade and dismissed both Mullins and Holmes because of a separate clear anti-Chinese (read racist) line of attack at the hearing against Jack and Casey. Incidentally, the no contact order was initially drafted by the Bakers’ attorney, for his admitted good friend, the Judge Allissandratos. Allissandratos recused, removed, himself from the case when Jack (Jack’s attorney refused to get involved) filed a complaint of judicial misconduct. Now the current Judge Person is another admitted good friend of the Bakers’ Attorney, Larry Parrish. Allisandratos was never reprimanded for his clearly biased conduct. Can we really expect reunification from another Judge who is a good friend of Larry Parrish when Tennessee refused to sanction clearly inappropriate judicial conduct? Do you really think someone like the new GAL Christine W. Stephens, who has represented at least 2 convicted child rapists of girls and one multimillion dollar deadbeat dad accused of not paying his daughter’s health insurance, is really the best person to represent the interest of an eight year old girl? And with respect to the appointment of the new clinical psychologist Catherine Collins, did you know she was recently employed by the Exchange Club Family Center, which coincidently just happens to be the same place Louise Baker called in 2001 when she decided to deny Jack and Casey from seeing their own child and Louise needed assistance in furthering her child abduction scheme? What are the odds Collins would come from the same place? Is there no other place to find clinical child psychologists? What is Louise Baker’s connection to the Exchange Club? Did you also know Collins prior experience relates to working at the Daybreak Treatment Center and School in Germantown. Why is Collins, whose experience is working with substance abusers and victims of domestic violence, the best person to supervise reunification with Anna and her parents? Unless of course this whole thing is a sham and the goal is to set Jack and Casey up for a fall. No thanks, Jack and Casey and Anna don’t need any more meddling from the good old boys in Shelby County. Someone should really send a copy of these posts to Judge Person, because if he thinks these local posts paint Shelby in a bad light, just wait until the books are published a few months from now and the nation knows the full depth of the scandal. He should also take a look at the local Memphis blog on the subject. Even most of the people from your area support Jack and Casey and chastise the racist court system.

Posted by billinpa on 03/13/2007 at 7:30 AM

Re: “Read the Anna Mae He Ruling — From the Source

Justice is not spelled "just us" as in "just us white folk". White does not make right, not-with-standing your deep psychological issues you have recounted, . In this country, biological parents should not have to "share" their children with any one.

Posted by billinpa on 03/11/2007 at 8:39 AM

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