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Re: “Life After Death

you need to re-watch the documentaries and think about trials and convictions today. Look at what they convicted them on...fear..fear that a satanic cult was running around murdering little kids...if that is true then these KIDS, committed the first and only satanic ritual murder in the united states history...and they magically wiggled their nose to disappear from school, murder three boys and, clean up the crimes scene better than professional killers, and got back on the bus and to their homes in time for no one to be none the wiser.. PUT all the emotion behind you, and say you where convicted with the same evidence(which was only hearsay, rumors, scare tactics, a 12 hour confession from a mental handicap child that recanted as soon as it was finished because they told him if he confessed he could go home, and one white fiber) and tell me justice was done..come on people wake up!

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Posted by Cant-cure-stupid on 09/21/2011 at 11:12 AM

Re: “Life After Death

I am still so amazed that with today's technology, forensic science, standards and practicing procedures for police investigators to handle a scene, the fact that you could never tape only a few minutes of a 12 police interview, with a mentally impaired CHILD, and use that to convict them, especially since the first 11 hours where him saying, we didn't do it, I don't know what your saying, we didn't do it, and the fact that the early 90's "devil worshipers" obsession is gone, that some of the people on here are still saying these guys are guilty. Listen to be objective, and fair...tell me list the FACTS, not emotion and I will check it out for myself, just as if you are going to slam the HBO movies or hell spit in the face of science, you should at least be objective enough to watch, read, and review the things you are claiming are false as well as gain an understanding why 98% of the world came to the conclusion these guys are innocent. So here is the facts that I will lay out there(ps facts are a provable, non emotion based unshakable truth, so opinion is in there but its like this, My knife can cut(fact) I believe for this reason my knife is the best in the world(opinion) Of the points made below..I challenge all you nay sayers to intelligently, give me FACT, as to why these things are incorrect..I am open to thinking out side of the box but you should to for the record..(lets not forget the DNA at the crime scene that only recently tested actual PROVES it was someone else at the crime scene and eliminates the WM3.

Was there prosecutorial misconduct?

Yes. The new forensic evidence also exposes the misconduct of prosecutor John Fogleman in closing argument when he conducted an experiment, which he claimed proved that a knife recovered from a lake behind Baldwin's residence was the instrument which maimed Byers. No evidence in the record permitted the conclusion that the lake knife was used in the crime, yet Fogleman informed the jury in closing that he was able to duplicate the marks on Byers' body by cutting into a grapefruit with the knife in question. The prosecutor's unsworn testimony in this regard violated petitioner's Sixth Amendment right to confrontation. Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 78, 88 (1935) (holding that prosecutors have a "special obligation to avoid 'improper suggestions, insinuations, and especially assertions of personal knowledge'").
Recently, a sworn affidavit was presented to the court from a prominent former Arkansas prosecutor stating that during the original Echols/Baldwin trial, the jury foreman repeatedly contacted the attorney informing him that he was introducing Jessie Misskelley's false confession during deliberations in order convince his fellow jurors to convict the men. Jessie's confession had been barred from the trial as he had recanted and refused to testify against Damien and Jason. This structural defect in the proceedings should be sufficient cause to overturn their convictions

Was there police misconduct?

West Memphis police officers coerced an error-filled "confession" from Jessie Misskelley Jr. They subjected him to 12 hours of questioning without counsel or parental consent, audiotaping only two fragments totaling 46 minutes of the entire 12-hour interrogation. Jessie recanted it that evening, but it was too late. Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols were all arrested on June 3, 1993, and convicted of murder in early 1994. Jessie Misskelley refused to testify against Jason and Damien even when offered a deal for significant reduction in jail time.

Does DNA evidence exonerate the three men?

There was no DNA testing done during the trial 15 years ago. As this technology has become more available and accurate, a great deal of evidence from the crime scene has been tested. All tests failed to link Damien, Jessie or Jason to the crime scene in any way. DNA testing did, however, place other individuals' DNA at the crime scene. This new evidence proves that Damien, Jessie and Jason are not guilty. The lack of their DNA alone proves the WM3 are innocent.

Was Jessie Misskelley's "confession" coerced?

Jessie Misskelley's "confession" is a textbook example of a coerced, false confession. Even though he recanted his "confession" within hours, it was a major factor in all three convictions. Jessie is mentally challenged with a low IQ of only 72. Knowing he was mentally disabled, the West Memphis police still interrogated Jessie for 12 hours without his parents or an attorney present. Only 46 minutes, a mere 6%, of this entire hostile interrogation was recorded or videotaped.

Jessie did not know key details of the crime, including the time of the murders, the materials with which the boys were bound, as well as the cause of death. Since he did not know real details, he was fed information by the investigators, which is clear on the tape.

Was satanic ritual involved?

Satanic ritual, the only purported motive in this case, is utterly baseless. Scientific evidence proves that knives were not involved in this crime, effectively debunking a large part of the prosecution's theory about how and why the crimes were committed. Some of the nation's leading forensic experts, including a former chief of the Investigative Support Unit of the FBI for twenty-five years, agree that the wounds on the victims were caused by animal bites — not by knives, as the prosecution claimed. This discredits the prosecution's theory that the motives were part of a Satanic ritual, and exposes it as a baseless, fictitious claim. Further highlighting the mishandling of the evidence in this case, the knives presented as evidence were never owned by Jason, Damien or Jessie and were never linked to them as part of any witness's sworn testimony.
Now..this is not a name calling contest..lets think logically..would you want your child convicted on the LACK of evidence that got these guys convicted, and then when you watch paradise lost which I recommend, and you see the prosecutor, when he is talking to the family about offering Jessie a lessor sentence to testify against the others, he states "now all is not lost if he doesn't testify against them we have plenty of evidence." when asked what? He said "uumm uh..we got ONE fiber, which is better than hair fiber in my opinion, and that some girls at a football game said they heard Damion say that he killed all of them and was going to kill 2 more before he turned himself in and umm ummm we uuhhh..." Its Like WHAT??????!!!!!!!! that's all you have got, God dang we had 1000 times more evidence against Casey Anthony and she walked chew on that.. :)

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Posted by Cant-cure-stupid on 09/21/2011 at 10:29 AM


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