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at The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Updated on January 30, 2012 at 6:29 PM

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Re: “Stacey Campfield Refused Service at Knoxville Eatery

@uhoh - Please read the links I provided (…). Injecting drug use for African Americans and in 2008 accounted for just 18 percent of all AIDS diagnoses among African Americans. 50% is due to male > male sexual contact, the rest is heterosexual.

The fact remains that blacks account for half of all HIV/AIDS diagnoses, despite being only 14% of the population, so my point still stands.

Being homosexual myself, I clearly know a lot more homosexuals personally than either you or Senator Campfield, and there are hundreds of millions of us the world over. In my 59 years of life, have never once known any homosexual with a mobile phone nor any other object stuck in his anus, or who is anally incontinent as so picturesquely claimed by Senator Campridle, and my friends go well into their 80s. These cartoon-like images put up by Campfield betray his Freudian obsession with the mechanics of gay sex.

The fact is, there is no sexual practice engaged in by homosexuals that is not at some point also engaged in by heterosexuals. For example, kissing, this is not the exclusive preserve of homosexuals, nor is oral sex. Even anal sex is practised by many straight couples. It is perfectly safe if practised with knowledge, and it should also be borne in mind that it is not necessarily practised by 100% of homosexuals. The things that bind homosexuals together are the same emotional, psychological and sexual attractions that bind you with the person you love.

If 5% is taken as an average just for openly gay (4% declared as openly gay in the US Census 2004 and 2008 exit polls, and 6% in the UK) and applied to global population of 7 billion, then you have a minimum 350 million gays. This excludes those in the closet, probably the majority of gays are still there for reasons of safety and fear of disenfranchisement, so it could even run as high as 700-800 million.

In short, there are enough of us openly gay in the world to form our own superpower. We outnumber the military in every country, yet except as in the Stonewall Riots when provoked beyond endurance, we have chosen to fight for our rights peaceably. I hope we shall always do so. We are as much a part of your everyday lives as you are of ours.

Ill-informed nincompoops the likes of Campfield serve only to slow down the process of mutual reconciliation to a snail's pace.

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Posted by Derek Williams on 01/31/2012 at 8:03 PM

Re: “Stacey Campfield Refused Service at Knoxville Eatery

@uhoh - it is beyond disupute that in the West, the demographic most afflicted by HIV/AIDS is the gay male. It does us no credit to skirt round this issue, but prevention will not be achieved by eliminating homosexuality, only safer sex, monogamy or abstinence by both homosexuals and heterosexuals can achieve that. This statistic is contemptuously adduced to condemn homosexuality per se, but it behoves us to look into the problem a little more deeply than the outright condemnation of homosexuality opted for by the likes of the anally-obsessed Campfield.

For starters, how about the fact that homosexual women are at significanly lower risk than heterosexual women? Using Campfield's rationale, we should therefore be condemning male+female sex and promoting lesbianism - that is if our underlying motiviaiton were really public health, and not plain old homophobia.

And what about the fact that African Americans gay or straight, are 3x more often infected than whites? Using Campfield's rationale, we should be climbing into blacks, but no, it's us gays he wants, and AIDS has handed him the vainglorious righteousness he always dreamed of.

Let us now look backaways at the first emergence of the disease, long extant in Africa. The 1980's gay sex clubs were already at high risk of SDI transmission, but with HIV/AIDS they were a breeding ground for catastrophe. Homosexuals who fell ill were treated with even more contempt than before, when in reality they had been infected without realising what was happening and this despite the fact tha heterosexual men were just as promiscuous, very much a male trait if you ask me. Had it not been for the acitivism in our community to protect public health, then the disease would have been ignored until its numerical representaiton would have been just the same as in Africa, almost entirely heterosexual, or in India 85% heterosexual.

Now to the bottom line. Same sex marriage. Why is the homosexual HIV/AIDS infection rate being cited in this context? Assuming they were HIV free to begin with, can Senator Campfield, or your goodself please explain how any monogamous couple, gay or straight can possibly transmit any disease, let alone HIV/AIDS within their committed relationship?

If Senator Campfield were really sincere in his desire to limit HIV/AIDS infection, he would want EVERY gay couple to be monogamously married. The fact is, he doesn't - he manifestly hates us, and I have my own theories why as you'll find out by checking my other posts to this page. I know it's a tired old adage, but methinks he doth protest too much.

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Posted by Derek Williams on 01/30/2012 at 10:56 PM

Re: “Stacey Campfield Refused Service at Knoxville Eatery

Why do so many anti-gay rights leaders keep getting caught being gay?

Homophobia really is "so gay". Anti-gay leaders like George Rekers, Ted Haggard, Eddie Long, Roy Ashburn are constantly being exposed as closet homosexuals, moreover laboratory tests reported at Department of Psychology, University of Georgia, Athens 30602-3013, USA. proved self-identifying homophobes were turned on by gay porn whereas non-homophobes were not:………

Trouble is, it doesn't look very good for our equality marches if it turns out all our problems have been caused by closeted, self-hating gays!

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Posted by Derek Williams on 01/30/2012 at 8:22 PM

Re: “Stacey Campfield Refused Service at Knoxville Eatery

HIV/AIDS is no respecter of heterosexuality. Globally it remains a predominantly heterosexual problem, and in the US is also heavily biased on racial lines.

Latest statistics of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic published by UNAIDS in Nov 2010 show 68% of HIV to be in sub-Saharan Africa, the region carrying the greatest burden of the epidemic. Of 33.3 million living with HIV, 15.9 million are women and 2.5 million are children. In India, 85% of HIV/AIDS transmission is heterosexual, with 2.5 million currently infected, so globally it’s not exactly a ‘gay disease’. A person's heterosexuality does not make them immune from HIV/AIDS and I think it is grossly irresponsible for Stacey Campfield to let kids believe that they won't get the disease so long as they're heterosexual.

Moreover, to date, over 230,000 African Americans have died of AIDS - nearly 40% of total deaths - and of the more than 1 million people living with HIV in the United States of America today, around half are black. And yet, as a racial group, African Americans represent just 13% of the US population. (…)

It makes no more sense for Senator Campfield to state that a person should not be homosexual in order to avoid succumbing to HIV/AIDS, than it does to suggest that a person should not be black, so as to avoid succumbing to HIV/AIDS. A monogamous gay couple have no more chance of transmitting HIV than do a heterosexual couple. Monogamy, safer sexual practice and not sharing needles remain the best ways to minimise HIV infection.

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Posted by Derek Williams on 01/30/2012 at 5:29 PM


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