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Re: “"Gender Expression" Behind School Beating

This should come as no surprise to anyone living in the Mid-South. Some Christians are no different than Sheet wearing
bigots of the past.

Posted by eyes wide open on 11/15/2010 at 12:57 PM

Re: “Rep. Todd Compares Children of Illegal Immigrants to "Rats"

When Rep. Todd compared babies born to illegals to rats he only said what too many Americans think. We do have a major problem with illegals coming into the country. The fact is its our elected officials in Washington who refuse to address the issue. There is a war going on just yards away from our southern border. While we are fighting two wars thousands of miles away. This war spills over into America. Some of that spillage is people fleeing to obtain a better life for themselves and their children. We have a choice. We can dehumanize illegals while allowing employers to hire them. We could create a state force to check citizenship status of those we believe are in the country illegally,since the folks in Washington don't seem capable of doing it. Of course there is another way. We could pray for Rep. Todd and for those seeking to give a better life for their children. After all we are a Christian nation and we live in the "Bible Belt". There are hundreds of chuches in the Mid-South. I wonder what their pastors and members think on this subject. I do know what Jesus said.

Posted by eyes wide open on 11/11/2010 at 10:44 AM

Re: “Kill the Cranes! Kill the Cranes!

I've eaten in lots of places but never saw crane on the menu. I've never heard of crane being a trophy bird. None the less somebody in the Tennessee fish & game dept. thinks its a swell idea to kill these harmless and beautiful birds. Perhaps its to replace the ones in museums. IE the Pink Palace.
Then of course there is Bill Haslam who says he will sign a bill that does away with gun permits. Great then those folks from Deliverance will be able to get their guns. I can't wait to see guns hanging off hips everywhere. Wait I bet those gun loving son of guns won't allow guns in government workplaces just ours. Hey Rep. Todd and Senator Norris what do you say? Guns ok in the Tennessee House and Senate.

Posted by eyes wide open on 10/20/2010 at 3:22 PM

Re: “Letters to the Editor

CHG's post is right out of Pravda. Oops I mean Fox entertainment network. Lets see lefties have done the name calling and brick throwing. All to make these teabaggers look bad as if they needed help. Obama has tripled the debt. Ok I agree the debt is getting bigger. Could it be due to the billions being paid unemployment. Perhaps its the cost to help those thousands of brave young men and women who lost limbs, eyes to IED's while riding in canvas sided humvees and fighting the wrong war. A war paid for by borrowing hundreds of billions from RED CHINA. Maybe its the huge prescription drug bill that the spend crazy republicans passed without paying for. These costs are now passed to our children and grandchildren. Gee that sound so familiar. Oh yes its the suddley fiscal responsible republicans. The same ones who just had secret meeting with hedge fund managers, investment bankers and other greedy crooks who steal from the middle class. these are the ones who grew out of the 80's crooks who sold junk bonds and ruined companies with leverage buyouts. Now after these secret meeting Mitch McConnell wants his lemming to scream no to financial reform. They are to keep repeating words like never again and bailout to cover up that they have been bought again by Wall Street. After all they failed to provide oversight and killed regulations. Ask yourself. Where the hell is former GOP congressman and SEC head Chris Cox? Oh lets not forget CHG's worry about speculation. I guess he means the 4 buck a gallon for gas we paid under W and his neo-cons. NO question about why W let Osama escape. In fact no republican or teaabgger ever asks that question. The only other nut job who attacked America by trying to blow up the twin towers is in Jail after a regular trial. American justice at its finest. CHG will always have the serf's attitude if he continues to listen and drink the same kool aid Glenn Beck serves. Oh CHG that Exodus thing you misquote tells us the rich man and poor man should give equal shares to our Lord. Nothing about taxes. Of course Beck' s book of Mormon may say something different. But since CHG is a constitutional lawyer like so many other teabaggers. I guess we do have to listen. After all we all know the markets were free under the neo-cons and the RED CHINESE are the best thing ever to happen to the American worker.

Posted by eyes wide open on 04/15/2010 at 6:12 PM

Re: “Joe Cooper's Revenge

I was wondering why a former convict could be hired by so many businessman in Memphis and Shelby County to lobby for them. Then your article reminded me that Joe Cooper speaks the same jailhouse language of some on the City Council. As long as the citizens of Memphis and Shelby County allow convicted criminals to represent them on the council. Some developers and others interested in only enriching themselves will continue to hire the Joe Cooper's of the world to ensure their hold on government. Another concern of our citizens should be why a drug dealer accused of murder is out on bail. If the news articles are correct the victim of MR Green Id'd him before dying. Yet he is out on bail selling drugs and enjoying himself. So, while our elected and appointed officals are holding hearing about the crime problems in Shelby County those accused of murder are allowed to post bail and go free. Is it then any wonder Memphis is a hotbed of crime? I suggest when and if a new jail is built the City Council offices are included in that building. That way some if not most of its members will feel at home....... p.s. Democrats should be outraged that Joe Cooper is still part of our party. Its way past time to throw the bums out.

Posted by jack bishop on 12/15/2006 at 10:51 AM


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