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Re: ““We Buy Houses.” What's Behind All Those Phone Calls?

@Wistful, good comments and I respect your position and input. I admit I've lived in the area my whole life and have a personal interest in seeing the Memphis-area grow and thrive and become the community I've known in the past and that I desire it to become in the future, unlike it's national reputation (albeit somewhat unjustified and likely amplified by jealousy factors) as a crime-ridden cestpool. That does fuel my perspective when I speak of home ownership. I'd also like to believe (though it's uncommon in today's society) I'd have the ability to listen and allow myself to be influenced by a contrasting opinion even shared online, such as yours. It is important to highlight the difference between responsible and irresponsible landlords, and when I mention legislation (including taxation) those differences you highlighted are a more worthy point of consideration.

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Posted by J Thom on 08/28/2020 at 9:00 AM

Re: ““We Buy Houses.” What's Behind All Those Phone Calls?

If anyone is ever seriously considering one of these options, I recommend ordering an appraisal for your home, and asking this "all-cash offer" person for at least $15-20k over appraised value. That is not at all unrealistic right now.

Memphis and the Shelby County area is major seller's market right now. There's lots of prospective home buyers and too few homes for sale. They are getting snatched up under contract in less than a day, after multiple offers, in most situations. Even a home needing repairs will fetch at least appraised value or more from a home buyer. Ideally, to really protect our community for the future it would be best to find a local home buyer who wants to build equity through home ownership. I hate seeing homes get bought by out of town predatory investors who rent them out and refuse to make needed repairs. That takes wealth out of our community and hurts neighborhoods.

Local gov't at both city and county levels would do well to consider legislation with massive property tax hikes for out of state owners. That would be a good start, and for home owners enjoying major increases in their homes value, I couldn't see that hurting their equity much at all as a residual effect at all, at least not any more than the alternative of seeing our neighborhoods get flooded with rental homes.

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Posted by J Thom on 08/27/2020 at 8:48 AM

Re: “GOP Senate Candidate George Flinn Bashes Trump

Back in 2016, George Flinn openly endorsed Trump (and even showed off his tie being a Trump-branded clothing item), during a time in which Trump was already behaving like a child in numerous campaign events, and should have been (and should continue to be) properly denounced by politicians on every side of the political spectrum. I'd be more convinced if Flinn was consistently convicted regarding what a horrible human being Trump is, rather than only trying to win a section of voters repulsed by Sethi's & Hagerty's constant blubbering of how much they support Trump (instead of actually promoting their Conservative values and accomplishments, which would be far more credible). Sorry Flinn, I'm going to write-in a vote in this one.

For reference: http://archive.commercialappeal.com/mobile…

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Posted by J Thom on 07/31/2020 at 8:40 AM

Re: “City Council Votes to Require Masks in Public

I fully understand the health benefits of face coverings and hate the partisan nature of the vote (all Repub's are the ones who voted against it). But just the act of trying to legislate personal behavior by law punishable by a misdemeanor crime someone who doesn't wear a mask, even in a scenario where you are fully safe to do so (e.g. alone or with my household family in the middle of a park) seems like a drastic government over-reach. It is also worth noting there is no wall around Memphis to prevent COVID from entering the city limits, even if there were effective efforts to eradicate it from within. This, like the former vehicle inspections, make residents of Memphis pay the price for a problem that could even be caused by suburban and surrounding unincorporated residents.

Private businesses are fully within their rights to require masks in their establishments. In fact, I applaud them for their part in helping to control the pandemic. But mandating masks in city limit territory is just trying to legislate personal behavior and I'm never in support of government doing that no matter how "noble" they think those efforts to be.

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Posted by J Thom on 06/17/2020 at 1:32 PM

Re: “Strickland Says He Opposes Defunding Police Department

I'm all for legitimate police reforms that ensure the black community is not discriminated against or treated like criminals unjustly and given a fair right to be just as much a great part of this Memphis community as any other race, but when we talk about "defunding the police" what are we asking for? Is that even what the BLM movement is about? Or is that misunderstanding the point entirely?

If we defund, what is the alternative? There isn't going to be a society where people aren't accountable for crimes. That's completely absurd. And even with reforms, I have no doubt there will be a time in the future, in some community in the country, where an officer (possibly unjustly like the sick, horrible murder of George Floyd) will end up killing a member of the black community. So if we make the right reforms in Memphis and that killing happens elsewhere, are we going to riot again for reforms in Memphis, if Memphis isn't the problem and the 2.4k officers in Memphis are practicing correctly?

An officer is always going to be intimidating. That's the job. They have intimidated me just for driving a little over the speed limit before (pretty sure they didn't clock me though, because they never told me how fast I was going or issued a citation in the situation I'm remembering). Officer's aren't going to worry about our feelings or try to be some "Great Customer Service" organization, so I would hope that's not the expected goal.

I hope we make the right reforms and treat the black community with the respect and decency they deserve, and treat no one like a criminal just because of how they look or what they wear. I hope we provide healing to the pain and hurt many are going through. I also hope to be educated myself on the changes we need to help, and to be able to do my part to be a part of the solution, and to understand the solution.

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Posted by J Thom on 06/11/2020 at 10:21 AM

Re: “Rep. DeBerry to Appeal Removal from Democratic Ballot, Has Black Caucus Support

I don't agree with many things Rep. Deberry has supported and voted for. But the Dem. Executive Committee would be well-advised to highlight why they feel ousting Deberry from the party is the appropriate move. So far, the only things highlighted have been support for vouchers, abortion opposition, and voting for a former Speaker. I'll highlight those below.

I don't support the vouchers and would have strongly advocated a "No" vote. Had Deberry voted No, it likely would have failed given how close this was in the House. However, vouchers were not a partisan issue. There have been Democrats who have run for House seats who have led Charter schools and other interests that would retract funding from public education as well. Plus, many Republicans (including Shelby County's Coley & Vaughn) also voted against them.

Regarding abortion, to be consistent, you have to realize that many current and former Democratic representatives and senators at the State level are also firmly pro-life. Even former Democratic Congressmen (John Tanner, Harold Ford, Travis Childers, to name a few) were pro-life, and former Democratic Senators and Governors were also pro-life. Phil Bredesen, who many Democrats pushed for the Senate only a year and a half ago, is vocally pro-life. There is an organization, Democrats for Life, who strongly represent the party who advocate for a more pro-life view. Are we to say they are all disbanded from the party? If this is reason, it would behoove the Executive Committee to consider these facts as well.

The vote for Speaker Casada was in poor taste and reflects poorly on Deberry. However, that also doesn't seem to justify the action, as generally the entire assembly votes for the Speaker chosen by the majority party (as they did for Harwell, and current Speaker Sexton). Casada was an outlier (and rightly so, given his character).

It could, in the end, be the right decision to oust Deberry after all. But if the party wants to avoid further embarrassment and losing votes, at least do it the right way. At least better justify the reasons for removing Deberry, and present (at least formally) a trial format that allows Deberry to defend himself before the members, prior to a vote. In these areas, I would say the Executive Committee has failed to do their job.

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Posted by J Thom on 04/10/2020 at 3:51 PM

Re: “Memphis and The NCAA Tourney: Destination Dance?

Not sure I agree on the point about a single, defined PG. Teams can run PG by committee or have multiple PG's, even have multi. guys on the floor at the same time who can/do bring the ball up the floor. Though, what do need to effectively address the turnover-assist disparity is to run an offense. Too many guys are taking isolation shots like an AAU style on this team. If they commit to running sets and pick-and-rolls for each other, the result would be maybe at least 3 or 4 guys touching the ball nearly every offensive possession, but the turnovers would be greatly reduced. Guys need to be creating for each other on offense, instead of looking for a shot.

And we only need to be taking good shots. No shots with 2 or more guys in the face, but only good looks (e.g. open three, or clear drive to the basket). Its inevitable guys will have days they're just missing. I can live with that as long as their missing good shots, not wild ones. Good shots result in overall better offensive games.

Good shots and better offensive flow would inevitably result in a slower pace of play, which is opposed to Penny's vision for this group, but right now with so many freshman & sophomores they aren't disciplined for a tempo game anyway, and injuries right now are going to force us to adjust the tempo due to sheer depletion of depth, anyway.

We have the talent, even with the injuries, just the right adjustments and this team can be so much better.

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Posted by J Thom on 02/10/2020 at 3:02 PM

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