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The "Preacher in Chief"

In her Viewpoint (December 13th issue), "The Preacher in Chief?," Cheri DelBrocco begins by trying to separate the Constitution from a religious text, view, ideology, or any belief system. This is a category fallacy. All law is ethical in nature and presupposes someone's moral base. The Constitution is a procedural manual, nothing more. Good and bad protocol and ethics can be issued constitutionally. If she had read the Magna Carta, early state preambles, or other founding documents, she would have known better.  

DelBrocco expresses a fear of a religious test for a candidate. Would she vote for Charles Manson if he ran? If not, why not? Was she imposing a mental "religious test" in her mind? DelBrocco mentions the evils of intolerance, self-righteousness, etc. If there is no God involved in this election and we are nothing more than evolved matter, who cares about those ethical choices?  

Survival of the fittest, which was the dogma of the Columbine murderers, should have Darwin's approval. Without an absolute law-giver, there can be no ultimate morality, only personal opinion.  

Finally, she uses the worn-out phrase "separation of church and state." This is nothing more than the law that prevents the union from imposing a state religion upon particular states. It is a law against institutional jurisdiction by either. It has nothing to do with ideology or ethics.

Charles Gillihan Bartlett

"Lady of Liberation" Statue

In response to Steve Aldred's "Lady of Liberation" letter (December 13th issue), I completely agree that the statue is unpatriotic, a misrepresentation of one of our national symbols, and frankly offensive. I agree that it's an eyesore, and sometimes it even pisses me off.

However, Aldred's angry response is scary. He asks, "Must we take up arms against these fanatics who ... attempt to despoil the constitution of the greatest nation on earth?" I find this interesting because freedom of speech is protected under the First Amendment of our constitution. If we indeed take up arms against someone's opinion, we are violating that which we are claiming to protect.

The Lady of Liberation is horrid, and I would like to rip it down with my own hands every time I see it, but what is more important is that everyone has the right to express their opinions and beliefs. What makes us strong is that everyone is allowed to express their ideas without being persecuted, thrown in jail, or tasered (well, maybe not tasered). Under our constitution, all opinions are important, all opinions matter, all opinions are protected, even if they are ridiculous.

Michael Rahija


Wal-Mart in Cordova

Wal-Mart wants to put in a "super center" at the intersection of Macon and Houston Levee. While it is a smart idea for the company, one that would allow Wal-Mart to get a head start on the competition, it's a terrible idea for the residents of the area. I hope the Land Use Control Board will come out during rush hour and see the congestion that already exists at this busy intersection.

I believe it's time for the board and the county commissioners to consider a master plan for Houston Levee, going north to Highway 64. Such a plan would include fees for all businesses that build on Houston Levee. These fees would decrease taxpayer costs for improvements such as traffic lights, curbs, and safer intersections.

I believe a master plan that would ensure no more than one or two elevations for all new development, along with extensive landscaping and a divided four-lane road that mirrors Wolf River Blvd., would allay most of the residents' fears. 

I hope Shelby County leaders will do what is best for all involved. We know development is coming. What we want is "smart growth" that will ensure no more haphazard developments that produce a quick profit for some and reduce the quality life for everyone else.

Jack Bishop


The Word From God

God created each one of us in the spirit, and I know that He loves each one of us. He hates the evil we do (Editor's column, December 13th). Having kept our first estate in Heaven and having learned all that we could there, God has seen our need to learn and grow in truths. We are now being tested to see if we will or will not keep all of His commandments.

I know that God and his son, Jesus Christ, hate abortions, same-sex marriage, pornography, and all other evils of the world. There would be no war now if each one of us were striving to keep all of God's commandments.

Grant J. Price Perry, Utah


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