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Re: “The Rant

Jesus never said he hated gays..maybe while you were listening you missed the part of the teachings of the Bibile that says love the sinner not the sin. Don't worry about Global warming thats all fake But lots of people are investing in companies that Gore owns or owns part see he makes a boatload of money off libs who are stupid enough to buy into his Carbon footprint related companies. He is laughing all the way to the bank. Isn't that just terrible.He hypes all that stuff so he can get rich! He lives in that huge home oh that big bad terrible rich guy, traveling in that big ole fuel using private jet. Shame on that big ole bad boy. But you know Jesus must be sooo proud of Obama, cuz Obama pulled a fast one on the US. Curious how Jesus feel about it, I bet Jesus really can't believe that after being born in Kenya he has the nerve to lie about it... and then to go and leave his half brother in a tent.. what is that thing that Obama preaches something about an idea that we are to be our brother's keeper? OHHHH I guess Obama has been to busy to remember his BRO in Kenya. But Jesus has real reason to be jumping for joy with this one... as soon as Obama became prez (even if he isnot legit... but when he became prez the first week he allowed moooore abortions. He really loves it when they are late term.. there is just something about when they get to kill those little fetuses after they happen to still be living from a botched abortion that reallly gives Jesus a thrilll I mean give Obama a thrill. Sticking that tool into the back of the babies brain.. and sucking the brains out.. now that is something to be proud of. Did you hear any of those discussions on that radio stations. Usually those weirdo Christians want to talk about that, they want people to know what really goes on during an abortion. I say what's the big deal of sucking the baby.. I mean the fetuses brain out during the last trimester Hey those must be ok, late term abortions cuz 3 times oBAMA said it was ok while he was in that Fine outstanding Chicago politcal arena, as a State Representative. Now is it Chris? Chris You keep listening to that American Family Radio.. they are pretty bad I know but what the heck it could be you would have to listen to that NPR channel, course they are not biased so you might not like them. Good Luck now and have fun. Really hope you get to hear about those babies I mean fetuses being killed, oops I mean aborted.

Posted by Janelle Bennett on 02/27/2009 at 12:58 AM

Re: “Tennessee GOP Legislators Support Lawsuit Challenging Obama Citizenship

oh my, when i started posting i did not realize those chosing to bring lawsuits against obama would come so quickly... one more soldier refusing to acknowlege obama as legit.. commander in chief. This is getting out of hand i thought there were just a few people thinking he was not legit... looks like they are coming out of the woodworks... just waiting for Bob Woodward to come forward with the juicy details he says he knows about obama.. this should get reaaal interesting. Thomas Paine has come back to tell the country what he thinks of what is going on in this country.. go to youtube and google him up, it's quite a show

Posted by Janelle Bennett on 02/25/2009 at 10:26 AM

Re: “Tennessee GOP Legislators Support Lawsuit Challenging Obama Citizenship

Goodness, be nice liberals... I thought liberals were full of love and kindness and forgivness.. can't we just allll get along. We can give our opinions and accept we all see things differently. I mean I don't think the truth HAS come out about Obama.. I think according to Bob Woodward of DeepThroat fame... is going to unload some info about Obama. Remember a few posts ago I talked about some soldier with a lawsuit against Obama well here it is Also note a few more lawsuits headed to the courts at the bottom of the article. Looks like the Tennessee legislature (GOP) are not alone in their views. Time will tell....but like I said earlier.. this ain't whoops isn't going away.

Posted by Janelle Bennett on 02/24/2009 at 7:39 PM

Re: “Tennessee GOP Legislators Support Lawsuit Challenging Obama Citizenship

No I just realized for the 13 bucks a week the Messiah was handing out I couldn't get far so raced back to visit with you. I missed you sooo much and the fun that is ahead... waiting to see what the anti christ is going to do next.. before the truth comes out about his Kenyan birth. Hey anti christ.. now that is pretty provacative.. but wasn't that what some of you guys used to call Bush? Anti-Christ.. hey that might be a nice name compared to some that were given to Bush. haha Just gotta have some fun with you people.. of course sounds like you all are a little frantic about your leader.?.?

Posted by Janelle Bennett on 02/22/2009 at 8:50 AM

Re: “Tennessee GOP Legislators Support Lawsuit Challenging Obama Citizenship

hey tt, just got back into town and see the nutty libs are still stirred up by the truth. Hey sounds like a few more people are on the band wagon for bringing out the truth of ole barry... check out this on youtube I had heard there were some military folks who are refusing to take orders from him (Barry)saying they do not believe his election was legitimate according to the constitution. Oh heck what does that matter.. we don't care about a little thing like following the constitution, right guys?.. haha! But the military guys are filing a suit as well. it is well on it's way. Also sounds like his porkulus bill is about to start a revoloution. People out in fly over country are fighting mad and ready for a few "teaparties" around the country. Check out People get ready..this is going to be a fun 4 years! Just wait tt... sit back and relax.. the truth is on the way. The Tennessee Legislators are heading the pack.

Posted by Janelle Bennett on 02/21/2009 at 7:10 PM

Re: “Tennessee GOP Legislators Support Lawsuit Challenging Obama Citizenship

hey maybe ole George (not Bush... you bushhaters) but ole George in the hut in Africa.. the 1/2 brother or step brother of obabma... perhaps ole George can vouch for his brother Barry Soetoro alais Barrack Huessin Obabma. Heck Obama has sooo many realitives from his wonderful.. fine upstanding and outstanding father.. that obama is sooo proud of that he wrote a book about. Maybe ole George can come over to the usa and vouch that obama was born in Kenya. Heck his illegal aunt is still here in the us.Maybe she will vouch for his illigitmite status. oh barry never mentions his auntie... illegal auntie. Maybe he will add an amendment to the stimulus(porkulus) bill to get her a kitcen like he got a kitchen. I would say this prez is an absolute joke.. but it is scary what has done in three weeks to this country. where are all the people concerned about rights of individuals? oH... they are in line for a new house thats right.. the people who played by the rules and worked their butts off to do the right thing to heck with them everyone deserves a home..i think we are getting ready to have an undergroud revolt in this country like has never been seen before. people in three weeks are sick of this socialist!

Posted by Janelle Bennett on 02/18/2009 at 2:56 PM

Re: “Tennessee GOP Legislators Support Lawsuit Challenging Obama Citizenship just the facts..why don't you read them at the above link. i won't comment further... just the facts maaam. No draino or meth or illicit drugs like yo man obama smoked (hey i didn't say what he did.. he said what he did..haha!) i am sorry, you people drive me crazy you all are hate bush but the all of us who disagree with his policies are looonies. just read the facts as presented and hey.. quit drinking that Kool-Aid, pleazzze? In all seriousness you hate bush so much you just can't let go. It's a sickness.i don't hate obama, i hate his socialist policies.

Posted by Janelle Bennett on 02/17/2009 at 8:31 PM

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