MAD AS HELL: Bush Quacks On As Democrats Turn Tail 

George Bush is no lame duck. You aren't lame when you're getting your way on everything. At a press conference this week, instead of quacking like a duck, he was strutting like a peacock, and warning the world of how relevant he still is. The Decider Guy is dancing with the stars. A 24% approval rating, a (still mostly) lapdog press and Orwellian delusions continue to assure him that he can do as he damn well pleases. In other words, he has another18 months to take this country farther down a rat hole. And the one thing he knows for sure is the gutless opposition has no serious plans to stop him.

Yesterday, the president and his party succeeded in denying millions of poor American children healthcare by vetoing a bill to expand the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Never mind that the money spent on forty days in Iraq would have paid for at least ten million poor kids to be insured for an entire year. We have the money for funding perpetual wars, but not for our nation's poor, sick children. This administration, with the help of Congress, killed the bill.

Even more appalling, Bush and the Republicans fought to get legal immunity for the telecommunications companies who helped this government engage in spying and criminal phone tapping of innocent, private citizens. Never mind that protecting the criminals who colluded with the right-wingers will destroy the individual privacy and hitherto protected freedoms of all Americans. So where did Congress line up on this despicable piece of legislation? Right behind the Republicans, of course.

Most alarming, however, was another bizarre "Bring-It-On" display when Bush seemed jacked up when alluding to a possible third world war involving Iran. (Excuse me, "nukyuler armed Eye-ran.") Jocularly chuckling at questions regarding a potential engagement of war with another country in the Middle East, he sounded more and more like a petulant, dangerous child.

While Bush was flipping off sick children, ripping up the Constitution and rattling war sabers, where was the opposing party-- the majority party that was sent to Washington last year explicitly to stop Bush from doing further damage? Pissing up the proverbial rope, as usual. Since the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, declared impeachment of this president to be off the table, it is the Democrats who are quickly making themselves irrelevant. Bush and the Republicans control the agenda, determine the course of action, and dictate the outcome. The Democrats continue to believe that simply keeping their heads down will somehow propel them into an electoral landslide in 2008! While Bush continues to gain relevancy by finding new and novel ways to continue his campaign to expunge the planet of any life form that disagrees with him, the congress merrily assumes the earthworm-on-dry-pavement position.

In all this mess, it is the American people who seem to be the least relevant to the politicians. Predictably, the president will continue to carry on the Iraq war, but the one thing voters were counting on last year when they elected a Democratic majority was having that majority use the Constitutional powers available to them to stop the funding of the war.

And while Bush continues to destroy our Constitutional freedoms, the Democrats astoundingly still cower in fear of being called unpatriotic. This administration has flagrantly flouted the will of the people, but the people figured out a long time ago not to expect anything different from Bush. Congress, however, in its failure to confront the president, is also ignoring the will of the people; so it is no surprise that they, not Bush, have the lower approval rating.

-Make no mistake, Americans are sick and tired of Bush and the Republicans, but they are more exasperated with and sickened by Congressional Democrats who claim to be Bush's adversaries, yet act like never ending enablers. Like parents offering nothing more than repeated empty threats to a destructive, out-of- control adolescent, the Democrats are the ones who are becoming increasingly irrelevant and dare I say --lame? Perhaps they should heed the words of the last Democratic President who said the American people would rather support someone who is strong and wrong than someone who is right and weak.



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