MAD AS HELL: In Which the Author Thinks of McCain-Palin While Listening to The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled Again' on a Blaring iPod 

Just what kind of morons do John McCain and the Republicans take us for?

Oh sure, Americans can be as stupid as any other people in the world, but, hell, we're not totally insane. Perhaps since Senator Pander Bear has decided to give his trophy wife, Cindy, some spa time after that stressful convention wardrobe shopping -- the $300,000 acceptance speech get-up was quite the bomb; can I get it at Wal-Mart? -- and he has been jetting around the country with his new Frontier-mama girl toy, Sarah, and her Alaskan Separatist hubby, Todd, he must think the rest of us are just sitting around like zombies in underwear watching our 60-inch plasmas while waiting for his lackeys on FOX to crank on the bubble machine, cue up some good, old-fashioned Lawrence Welk champagne music and tell us what a better world it will be in just a couple of months when McCain becomes the president who will change everything.

Well, I've got some Breaking News for the senator. If he thinks grinning through his breathtaking lies of revisionism while calling us his "friends" and flashing his new shiny object, Sarah, with her gas-filled boners will distract Americans from the fact that it was the Republican party -- his party -- and its president, George W. Bush, that created the hell that has been wrought on this country for the last eight years, the joke is on Grandpa McSame. His party's broken road is no longer paved with yellow bricks and this time we will pay mind to the man behind the curtain. We will not play Cowardly Lion to his debased Wizard.

The United States has suffered an administration that has perpetrated a brazenness and vulgarity on its people that will be remembered in history. Their lies, hypocrisy, and deceitfulness have been more outrageous than anybody's mind could possibly have imagined. We have watched with dropped jaws and profound embarrassment the idiocy and incompetency of George W. Bush and his contemptuous desire to flout the will of the people over and over. John McCain's party and its president have taken this country down a veritable rathole with a failing economy and a perpetual war with no plans to make anything right or better for the future. Both Bush and Cheney have used the people for their own selfish best interests. McCain supported them in it. At every turn, he cheered it, ballyhooed it, defended it and called it "success". In its off-course careening, John McCain never criticized or challenged the Bush administration to change one single thing.

Yet, he expects, after voting with Bush for eight years, for us to somehow believe he has had a kind of "Paul-on-the-Road-to-Damascus" conversion? That he has experienced an epiphany that has caused him to suddenly oppose all those disastrous decisions made by his own party? That he is going to "reform" us out of this unholy mess? Heck, even my toy poodle, Chocco, is not stupid enough to fall for that sham.

So McCain can go ahead and call himself a "maverick". He can call himself whatever he wants, but Americans know a phony when we see one. We know lies when we hear them. We know the smell of hypocrisy when it stinks. As was seen at their convention, when it comes to phony lies and hypocrisy, Republicans are Masters of the Universe.

Because he cannot run on his record, John McCain intends to make this election about Barack Obama. But as Senator Obama so clearly articulated in his acceptance speech, this election will not be about him. It will be about us. And how we have become a country whose people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. About how we are ready to get the Titanic that is America, that the Party of Bush and McCain steered into the iceberg, back on peaceful and prosperous dry land. In the rich words of our current RepublicanPresident, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me----you can't get fooled again."



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