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To the Editor:

I was very disturbed by the "Fly on the Wall" article in the July 15th issue titled "Jesus Hates You."

There are a lot of Christians who embrace the fact that we are all children of God and that we don't have all the answers about why people say, act, and do the things they do. It is a continuing insult to Christians of other denominations that the fundamentalists are the ones who get the most press and therefore are perceived as speaking for the entire Christian community. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" is maybe what is happening here.

We are not all members of Bellevue Baptist Church or groupies of Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family. It's no wonder that mainline denominations continue to decline when the masses have the perception that all Christians believe and think alike.

I hope you will give equal time to other Christians' views on homosexuality and the same-sex marriage issue.

Peggy McClure


To the Editor:

A biblical marriage relationship is one that has been approved and sealed by God. The Bible says for us to not be unequally yoked with unbelievers and that we are to wait until marriage -- that marriage being to the person that God has chosen. God did not give the Ten Commandments to deny his people pleasure. If you shortchange yourself by stepping outside the will of God and have sex before marriage or rush into a marriage that is not approved by God, you miss the best that God has to offer and you set yourself up for the consequences that come along with disobedience. It all boils down to obedience and waiting for God's best.

Yvonne Massey


To the Editor:

Normally, as the Almighty God, I stay out of partisan politics, but in this upcoming election, the choice is too important for me to keep silent. President Bush and the Republican Party are my choices to lead America. The top 10 reasons:

1. President Bush prays with millionaire fundamentalist leaders. He doesn't discriminate between praying for guidance and knowing my will, but, heck, he is a "praying president" and I like him.

2. He has filled heaven with clean-cut American boys and girls. Those who are not here yet are praying hard not to get here too soon. Again, more prayer!

3. He is determined to free the Iraqi people no matter how many of them he has to kill to do it. If that doesn't keep 'em praying, I don't know what will.

4. By invading Iraq, Bush has created a recruiting tool for fundamentalist Islam. We haven't had a good religious war since the Middle Ages. I'm the main reason for mayhem in the world once again! Thanks to Bush, I'm back on top!

5. Bush is against stem-cell research. A crippling disease is a good way to keep people on their knees.

6. He concentrates wealth in the hands of a few. If disease doesn't keep people praying, then poverty might.

7. Bush wants the assault-weapons ban to expire. More guns on the street will keep those prayers coming.

8. Bush is bringing me back into government by ignoring the constitutional directive for separation of church and state and pushing for an amendment to ban gay marriage.

9. Under Bush, the Republicans are working hard to roll back all environmental protections. The worse the environment gets, the more people will pray for me to hurry back.

10. Health care. Ha! Who needs it? Just keep praying!

I could name many more reasons why I decided to appeal directly to the American people this year on behalf of the Republican Party, oops, I mean the Party of God. These are only a few. Remember: Vote Republican or you are going to hell.


The Almighty God

aka Bill Stegall


The Real Enemy?

To the Editor:

I love to read responses to Bush criticism like the one submitted by Scott Leath of Oakland, Tennessee (July 29th issue). I realize the Flyer feels obligated to represent both sides of the issues, but give me a break! Couldn't you print a letter that doesn't reaffirm the fact that to support President Bush you have to be an irrational moron? "Get a life"? "Get over the fact that Al Gore lost"? Wow, great arguments.

The NEA is one of the few organizations trying to make Bush properly fund his ridiculous "No Child Left Behind" program. Most school systems around the U.S. are coming up short because the federal government won't financially support a program it requires all public schools to follow. And Bush considers them "terrorists." Who is the real enemy?

Jeremy Yow



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