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Re: “Who Were the West Memphis Cop Killers?


Thats a respectable offer. However, I know cops. I've had many conversations in passing at the range. Some are OK & I've even shared a laugh with them.
But....thats where the relationship ends.

For some reason when these guys strap on their badge & belt - their egos blast off to Pluto. Common sense fails, everyone is the enemy, & they swagger around like Tom Jones. Their "on duty" personality is a schizophrenic bi-polar split from their "off duty" personality. I understand the heavy stress levels, high rates of divorce, alcoholism, suicide, drug abuse, etc...etc..that cops have. But, Im not into inflicting pain on others as an occupation. After several years it seems the 2 personalities collide. Basically, I'm weary of them. they seem a little psycho to me.

I'm not interested in knowing "off duty" cops that seem supercool - only to be disgusted when I learn how they ruined someones life "on duty". Been there, done that.
Someone needs to explain to these guys they arent rock stars & this isnt TV. Nearly every city USA has a police public relations issue. Thats not a coincidence. Law abiding working class people dislike them for a reason. Accidental killings, internal corruption, harrassment are more common than people on this blog are willing to admit.

We are in the middle. We work, save, pay our property taxes, dont drink, dont do drugs, raise our kids the best we can & manicure our lawns. We obey law. We really try to live a decent life. On one side we have punks that break into our garages & steal crap, litter everywhere, vandalize, deal drugs out of their parents basement & generally terrorize an upper middle class neighborhood. - BUT THEY NEVER GET CAUGHT. The police do get called, so they patrol the neighborhood - but the police dont catch the assailants - nope, they harrass the working class. 5 mph over speeding tickets, no blinkers, seat belts, road blocks, etc.. We are in the middle - getting hammered from both ends. Taking a loss on both ends. Getting abused from both ends. Living in fear from both groups.

Cant these cops distinguish between punks up to no good & a guy driving to work in a suit? Actually I think they can distinguish - the name of the game is revenue. Punks dont have revenue - we do. Crime doesnt decrease, but quotas are met. I appreciate the offer - it was an admirable gesture. But being aquaintences is already more than I care to endure.

Like I said, Im sure there are some good cops out there.....I'm simply not willing to filter through the 100s it will take to meet the 1 good one. Besides it would probably be a woman anyway.

Posted by Shamus O'Malley on 05/25/2010 at 2:35 AM

Re: “Who Were the West Memphis Cop Killers?

This is Bruce's Blog - He can write whatever he wants. <---thats a period.

I commend Bruce for his willingness to post everyones comments, regardless if he agrees. Censorship solves nothing. Kudos to Bruce for allowing freedom of speech to take its course - even if that means I'm labeled as a winger, or conspiracy nut, or worse. I'm not thin skinned & readily accept critisism - because I dish it too.

I will concede that not all police are corrupt. But a simple YouTube or Google search for "Police Abuse" or "Police Brutality" reveals hundreds of thousands of hits.
Its an epidemic in every city USA. I despise people who kill - whether they wear a uniform or not. The difference between yesterday & today is the internet. The internet has allowed everyday people to be heard. Blogs & independent websites deliver more truth than main stream media ever has.

I dont subscribe to labels like "right wing" or "left wing" gibberish. There are pessimists, optimists & there are realists. I live in reality. In reality the 2 party system has failed us. They pretend to fight for the cameras while they sleep together at night. Bush Sr. (Read my lips) & his thugs are just as bad as Clinton (I did not have sexual relations) who sold us to China w/ NAFTA & GAT. Bush Jr. (Iraq has WMD) and his Patriot Acts are just as crummy as Barack (Barry Soetoro) Obama and his lies about ending war, not hiring lobbyists, & bailing out his crooked banker buddies.

In reality those things exist, they're not conspiracies or fabrications.
Cops beat on the poor & weak more than anyone else. I've seen it. Calling 911 is a joke & anyone who uses that "someday" argument is 30 years too late. They do nothing. Cops dont want to fight real criminals - its easier to bully soccor moms with blinker tickets. I've never met a cop that wasnt a straight out liar bully. I'm sure one exists - but I've never seen or met one.

I was recruited by the State Police my senior year of college - I passed the battary of checks & went to orientation - only to realize these guys were vastly different than me. Most were hard case bullies itching to ruin someones life & break things. I met guys that actually got aroused at the idea of arresting & jailing people. Thats when I quit. They brainwash the "us vs. everyone" philosophy from day 1. On top of that they make crappy money. You can call me all the names you want, but I've been around the block - my eyes dont lie like the media does.

I dont condone the killing of these officers, but when I hear a story like this - I do jump to conclusions. I'm not defending the Kanes either - rolling w/ AK's is hillbilly stupid. Shooting at cops is suicide. But, I still havent seen a dash cam that ties the vehicle to both crime scenes.

As far as JFK - let me re-phrase, I meant single gunman.

Posted by Shamus O'Malley on 05/24/2010 at 6:34 PM

Re: “Who Were the West Memphis Cop Killers?

Astonishing or predictable? Minions are easy to read.

Posted by Shamus O'Malley on 05/22/2010 at 12:00 AM

Re: “Who Were the West Memphis Cop Killers?

Mr. Autogocrat, What I'm saying is generally true, there are exceptions to every rule.

I admit, I expect nothing less from a feminine coward like yourself. In fact, I'd say its par for the course. I would NOT expect you to lift a finger for any reason where you may break a nail.

Throughout history, there resides millions of cowards like you who refuse to acknowledge what's happening before their very eyes & bury their heads in the sand. You are not unique, nor is your attempt at wit very clever. Just another Nazi citizen watching Jews led off to death camps. Its much easier to make funny & label others as paranoid & maniacal.

I fully understand US public education has "dumbed down" its children to accomodate people like you. Its sad the USA ranks lower than 3rd world nations in Science & Mathematics. The core classes that heighten critical thought. Combined with the Psychotropic drugs shoveled down our childrens throats - those stupid children become stupid adults....just like you. No, Im not surprised at all.

I'll just mosey on over to my tinfoil hat where I can be delusional just like you.
Politicians are honest, wars dont kill women & children, Police dont abuse power, Prosecutors dont send innocent people to prison, there is no fluoride or mercury in our drinking water, media tells the whole truth, the IRS is totally fair, JFK was killed w/ one bullet, 9/11 was just how they said it was, the CIA doesnt do false flag operations, more laws are really good for me, roadblocks are for my safety, freedom of speech is bad, Intrusive search & siezure anytime they want is for my protection, electronic tracking chips dont exist, only our fair honest helpful police should have guns, banker bailouts saved us, CraCK****

SnaP**** My tinfoil hat is......Mary had a little lamb.....failing.

CrACKle*** Humpty Dumpty fell.......****SNap***

Had to take off the delusional dum dum cap. It was failing like your brain. I'm not into fairytales & fantasies - I choose to think. Dont worry Autoegocrat - We'll still fight for your liberty buddy - the disabled need to be represented.

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Posted by Shamus O'Malley on 05/21/2010 at 10:56 PM

Re: “Who Were the West Memphis Cop Killers?

There is no such thing as a "good" cop. If you are a moral & ethical person before you join the force, after rookie year you are corrupt or you quit. The very role of police is to enforce oppressive laws & extract revenue. They do NOT serve. They do NOT protect. They are merely thugs doing henchmen work for wealthy elitist politicians. Victims of crime know this. Anyone who has relied on 911 knows this.

While violent felons are released early for "good" behavior, punishment for non-violent offenders skyrockets. Seat belt violators & no blinker offenders find themselves working OT to pay for pissant zero crimes while the local pedophile or rapist is furloughed. There is no revenue in fighting gang violence. There is no revenue in catching child molesters. However, there is a TON of money in lowering the alcohol limit to one beer & making everyday people - sudden criminals. There is a TON of money for the courts, attorneys, judges, insurance companies, secretary of state, & jails. There is a TON of money in confiscating cars, homes, money, bank accounts, anything. That TON of money is the working mans - not the thief or rapist. The target is you.

It is a FACT that police departments do NOT hire smart recruits. They purposely seek low IQ rookies because low IQ people dont ask questions. They do as they're told - they enforce. Thats exactly what the "system" wants. Its exactly why you see more & more police abuse. The media lies, distorts, misleads, & even ignores REAL news while police run biserck. The media predominately sides with thug enforcement as they seek the same agenda - control & revenue.

Truth, justice, rights & liberty left America long ago. Our treasonous politicians sold your grandchildrens future when they got their new yacht & summer home from lobbyists. Legislation favors those who write it. You are a slave. You own nothing that cant be siezed. You go nowhere that cant be tracked. Everything you do is questionable. Every penny you earn & spend is taxed. You are NOT free. Following lopsided legislation is the propaganda media - telling you banks are good & roadblocks are for your safety. Cameras help you & Prozac is necessary. Check out Survivor - TV is relaxing.

Joseph & Jerry Kane will be demonized, ridiculed, slandered, & labeled everytime the main stream media & Government want to coerce their agenda. Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, Ed & Elaine Brown, The Huttaree debacle show us their intent & butchery. This will be no different. Know what it is, see it, remember it. Women & children are NOT exempt - just ask any war veteran. Ask Vicki Weaver. Ask Joe Kane. Your suffrage is brought to you by brain dead bully cops & self righteous politicians; prosecutors who only care about wins & judges who only care about being elected.
A spectacle of tyranny so you can learn the new version of Freedom. Thank God its not your family...............this time.

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Posted by Shamus O'Malley on 05/21/2010 at 9:16 PM


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