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Re: “Animal Shelter Mistakenly Euthanizes Dog Being Held for Magazine Feature

No one, especially someone in animal rescue who pulls from MAS, should assume an animal will stay alive at that facility for any length of time. MAS is not set up to board a dog for weeks. The employees who work there make one mistake after another. You cannot take anyone at their word at MAS, as it means nothing. I am sorry David was killed but leaving him there expecting him to be safe until May 1 was a huge mistake.

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Posted by shelbysmom on 05/01/2015 at 10:28 PM

Re: “Shelter Kills Dog That Had Guaranteed Adopter

On May 23, I called Memphis Animal Services about a stray dog that a girl named Emily Walker had been feeding. Emily had been trying to win this dog's trust. Memphis Animal Services picked this dog up as a stray on May 21. I emailed Dekeishia Tunstall, Tracy Dunlap, James Edgeston and Jerry Goudy (who is no longer there). I also followed up with a phone call on May 23 around noon. I also followed up with a second email at 5:18 PM on May 23 stating that I wanted to rescue this dog. I kept copies of all of my emails. On May 27, when I called to see if the dog with the ID #A266592 was ready to be picked up, DeKeishia Tunstall said the dog had been "humanely euthanized". She said she did not receive a copy of my email of May 23 stating I wanted to rescue this dog and sent me a copy of the email with her name stripped off the "To" address field. Even though I had a copy of the email that had her email address on it. To verify that her email address was on my email correctly, I hit "Reply All" as if I was going to send it to DeKeishia and Tracy Dunlap, and her name clearly appears in the "To" address field. I believe that she lied.

What makes me so angry, besides DeKeishia lying about this dog, is that this dog managed to stay alive as a stray for who knows how long, had probably recently given birth to a litter of puppies, was probably trying to find something for herself to eat, meets a kind person named Emily who is feeding her, and then gets trapped by some ACO from MAS, then I find out about her, want to rescue her, and she is killed.

Interesting to note, DeKeishia Tunstall has been PROMOTED to Operations Supervisor at Memphis Animal Services.

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Posted by shelbysmom on 01/15/2015 at 10:37 AM

Re: “Undercover Findings

This is a discussion about the article in the Memphis Flyer regarding the continuing travesties at Memphis Animal Services and the fact that there is an employee named Glenn Andrews who is in a supervisory position over the animal control officers who was "rewarded" by James Rogers by being promoted to a Field Supervisory position after violating one policy after another at Memphis Animal Services. For those who want to change the direction of the topic with discussion about biblical topics or anything else should wait until that becomes the topic. Until then, this is about Memphis Animal Services continuing horrific problems. If you are a City of Memphis taxpayer or a human being with a heart, then this should concern you.

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Posted by shelbysmom on 04/10/2014 at 4:16 PM

Re: “Undercover Findings

This is on the Memphis Flyer's website and is the undercover officer's report of what he personally witnessed at Memphis Animal Services. The findings are very graphic. After a few months of documenting one abuse after another, the detective said he could take no more.

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Posted by shelbysmom on 04/10/2014 at 1:32 PM

Re: “Undercover Findings

AnonyMAS, Glenn Andrews may have been found "not guilty" by his superior, but he still was witnessed kicking a black and white terrier, and in front of other MAS employees. Does the fact that he was found "not guilty" of kicking the dog make it right to hurt an innocent animal. Is it OK that he came to work late. Is it OK for him to come to work without a uniform, wearing a t-shirt and tennis shoes. Is it OK for him to ask that those who worked for him not wear headphones or earpieces when they are at work....then show up wearing headphones at work. Why do you think you need to defend his actions when he repeatedly thumbed his nose at authority. Why was (and may still be) Glenn Andrews the "go to" person if an employee wants to take a dog home, without going through the proper foster channels. Is that OK with you that this type of behavior occurred. This is merely a rhetorical question, but for you to defend any of his behavior says volumes of your character and your concept of what humane treatment of an animal should be, or the proper behavior of an employee at an animal shelter.

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Posted by shelbysmom on 04/10/2014 at 12:04 PM

Re: “Undercover Findings

Last night at the Memphis Animal Services (MAS) Advisory Board meeting, I asked about the five dogs that are shown as “missing” on the February 2014 kennel stats. James Rogers casually said that this was a “clerical error” that an animal control officer had made by transposing ID numbers; however, there are still two dogs “missing”.

With that being said, I was interviewed for the article about Memphis Animal Services by Bianca Phillips at the Memphis Flyer. I had an opportunity to read the findings from the report made by an undercover officer from the Organized Crime unit of the Memphis Police Department. I want to preface this by saying that I am with SOS Memphis. It is my personal belief that Glenn Andrews is one the last remnants of corruption at Memphis Animal Services (MAS), the last of those horrific years when Frank Lightfoot, Billy Stewart and Archie Elliott were torturing animals already scheduled to die in the Euthanasia Room. Glenn Andrews may not have treated animals as horribly as these three monsters did, but his actions should have had him terminated, but instead Interim Director James Rogers promoted him to a field supervisory position overseeing all the MAS animal control officers. The undercover officer’s report mentions four other people who witnessed the horrific abuse in the MAS Euthanasia Room who did nothing. Three of the four are still employed at MAS and are still working in the Euthanasia Room.

Not only am I a member of SOS Memphis, but I also have followed the corruption at Memphis Animal Services for the past six years. I have attended MAS Advisory Board meetings where I take copious notes, especially of the comments that James Rogers makes. In the January 2014 MAS advisory board meeting, Rogers stated that he has “stellar employees” and, as far as he is concerned, that “they walk on water”. Again at the April 9, 2014 MAS Advisory Board meeting, James Rogers said that his employees “walk on water”. If James Rogers read the undercover agent’s report, how can he possibly make this false claim when the actions of Glenn Andrews clearly disputes that comment. Any employee who “walks on water”, especially one who is in a supervisory capacity, would never act in the way that Glenn Andrews has acted and be allowed to continue working at ANY company.

I was shocked by what I read in the undercover officer’s report. I was shocked that Glenn Andrews was not terminated when the findings of this report came out. I was shocked that he was promoted to a supervisory position by James Rogers, a former executive with the US Postal Service, who obviously managed employees of his own and knew correct HR policies to follow. I was shocked that no one from Mayor Wharton to Director Janet Hooks to Deputy Director LaSonya Hall to Interim MAS Director James Rogers have not done anything to terminate Glenn Andrews. Not only am I shocked that Andrews is still there and was promoted to a supervisory position at MAS, I am saddened for the animals who have been hurt by Glenn Andrews. I am saddened by the animals who have ended up missing because of Glenn Andrews and the “foster program” he ran in which MAS employees were “given” animals, animals who were never seen again.

The Flyer articles mentions that on January 4, 2012, while on shelter property and in front of other employees, (including the undercover agent), that Andrews forcefully kicked one of his foster dogs who cried out in pain, which is misdemeanor animal cruelty. According to the report, the dog was a black and white terrier, who had done nothing wrong. She just would not come to Andrews when he called her. By kicking her so forcefully in the butt that she would cry out in pain, this would make anyone question how he treated the “foster” dogs in his care at home. According to the report, Glenn is 5’8” and weighs 160 lbs. And he kicked a small dog named Penelope in the butt, simply because she would not come to him and stated “Bring your ass on here bitch”, in front of other employees. What a flagrant disregard for what should be shelter policy. What flagrant disregard for the humane treatment of an animal.

The report also states that Glenn Andrews came to work late. He came to work not in uniform. According to the report, he came to work with street clothing. In a staff meeting with his employees, Andrews told them not to wear headphones or earpieces at work, and two hours later, Andrews was seen by the undercover agent walking around the office wearing earphones.

If Mayor Wharton was concerned enough after the Rotary Club report to send an undercover agent to Memphis Animal Services, then why was Glenn Andrews not terminated when he was handing out dogs like candy to other employees. And the report clearly states that no one knows what happened to these dogs. Over and over again, the report reads that there is no information regarding the terms of the fostered animal or its return. What happened to these animals? Were they dumped in a field? Are they still in someone’s home? Were they used as non-aggressive bait dogs in dog fighting rings? Where are they? Are they even alive?

The Rotary Club Report of October 26, 2011 (…) clearly mentions dog fighting and missing animals at MAS and it is difficult to understand why Andrews was not terminated, much less promoted to a field supervisory position when dogs were disappearing during his employment. Why was there a pervasive attitude with other employees that if they wanted a dog, they just had to “go see Glenn”. Active shelter policy dating back to the previous director requires that a potential adopter have a fence check before pit bulls are adopted, yet Andrews was giving them away. When I have personally gone to pull a dog from MAS or assist someone else in pulling a dog, we are escorted by another MAS employee and we are never out of their sight. We are always accompanied by a MAS employee, yet behind our backs and after hours, Glenn Andrews was giving dogs away!

James Rogers and Janet Hooks did a fact finding hearing. If they had read the results of the report, why would Glenn Andrews have been rewarded for his behavior? Why did he not terminate Andrews? If he did not read the report, the Mayor and his office did a great disservice to the taxpayers of the City of Memphis. They cleared Andrews and promoted him.

On December 23, 2011, Glenn Andrews stated in a meeting with all the technicians that he was purposely leaving things uncompleted and looking over mistakes made by animal control officers so that it would fall back on the officer and ultimately, the officer’s supervisor. Apparently, Andrews was deliberately letting mistakes happen to reflect poorly on the field supervisor. It clearly appears as if he was doing this so that he could step into the field position which he was subsequently promoted to, and which Rogers, in the Flyer article, defends.

Although the story that Bianca Phillips reported focuses on the findings of the undercover officer in late 2011 and early 2012, a story was reported on the news in July 2013 that Glenn Andrews was impersonating a police officer. James Rogers was Interim Director of Memphis Animal Services at this time. You can find this story at:…

Who suffers because of this? The animals at MAS. The citizens of Memphis whose tax dollars go to pay for this facility. The reputation of the entire city of Memphis throughout the world as more and more people hear about the horror stories at MAS. What is evident to me is that it seems as if the majority of those who work at MAS could care less because Rogers has their back, and there is no accountability for violation of policy. As in the case of Glenn Andrews, who clearly thumbed his nose at authority, an employee clearly exhibiting horrendous performance may even get a promotion for violating policies.

So what do we do? Send an email to Mayor AC Wharton, the Memphis City Council, anyone we know in the media to discuss the continual problems at MAS and that those problems continue because there is no accountability, that the employees know this and thus do not fear any action against them when they do anything wrong. Also request a complete audit of the MAS foster program. And visit the SOS Memphis website where you will find addresses at…. Sound your voice for those animals who have no voice. Sound your voice to bring about reform to Memphis Animal Services!

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Posted by shelbysmom on 04/10/2014 at 10:08 AM

Re: “Man Gets 16 Months in Jail for Killing Puppy in Dishwasher

There is a direct link between animal abuse and abuse to humans, child abuse, spousal abuse, etc. This man needs to be locked up for a long time until he can no longer harm another living creature.

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Posted by shelbysmom on 04/07/2014 at 4:51 PM

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