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Governor Haslam, “Spring,” penises, the constitution, Wendi Thomas, Cuba, and trolleys.

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About Jackson Baker's post, "Haslam Caves, Signs Legislation Nullifying Local Option on Guns in Parks" ...

Jeff, I wonder how those of us too frail (say over 70 and harmlessly gardening in the front yard) or in a hurry (those of us attempting to protect ourselves from an abusive ex-paramour) or any number of other types of people (the poor) would feel about such a barrier to "the great equalizer"? 

I'm thinking that their right to own and carry a loaded handgun, if they so wish, trumps the need for extensive, lengthy, and expensive training. Perhaps you shouldn't abuse them and they won't shoot you.

Ichabod McCrane

Icky, I never said grandpa can't buy a gun and pack it in the saddlebag of his Little Rascal as he putts around his own garden. Just that if he wants to pack it to the park and, perchance, whip it out with his feeble, quavering hand to shoot any random sumbitch within within range because he doesn't have the strength to aim, he's SOL. 

He should have taken classes and gotten certified when he wasn't so feeble. Maybe the training would have kept him in better shape and he wouldn't be so feeble today. But I have no problem with him packing in his own garden. 


About Bruce VanWyngarden's Letter from the Editor, "In Spring" ...

In 10 years, we won't recognize the Midtown we know today. New arrivals will indeed come to discover her charms. The biggest risk to that growth is that newcomers and developers will bring a suburban aesthetic with them (including conservative politics, pleated shorts, boat shoes, and a lack of interest in art).

Midtown has always meant artists (not developer-created fake "arts districts"), writers, filmmakers, left-wing politics, strong coffee, gay people, health nuts, trendsetters, serious readers, etc.

I can see why the suburban kids want in, but rather than change us, could they please adapt?


About Tim Sampson's Rant ...

What does the Tennessee State Constitution say that our taxes are legally allowed to be used for? None of those projects.


What does the Constitution say about my penis? But y'all are sure involved in its use. Obviously, the Constitution is what we make it, having made it in the first place.


About Wendi Thomas' cover story, "Cuba, Si!" ...

It was great to read about Thomas' trip to Cuba. It is always a pleasure to see how liberals are drawn to the mystique of Castro's brand of communism. If only the mean, old, imperialistic United States had not imposed trade embargoes, Cuba would be a booming, robust country.

Granted, the people of Cuba are a wonderful people, but if you take off the rose-colored glasses, you will see that they live under the yoke of communism, where there is no freedom. Thomas' guided tour was just that, a guided tour. She saw only what they wanted her to see.

James Kline

About the new downtown "trolleys" ...

As a 20-year resident of downtown Memphis, I have recently almost been hit by the "new trolleys" twice. When I mentioned this to a couple of long-term downtowners, all reported similar encounters. We all knew to listen for the noisy rumble of the real trolleys, and these silent, no-noise hybrid engine models are a threat to all. Can we at least get some good old-fashioned combustion engine models until the state takes over and restores our beloved trolleys? In years past, the only threat posed by the trolleys were all the tourists trying to take photos. I have yet to witness a tourist taking a shot of the "rubber wheels."

Charles Deaton


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