Cuisine, wine, retiring pianist, reborn building, Mr. Lenti turns 100, CBHS is cookin’!

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Farewell, Forrest

Jesse Davis

For some time, I’ve been the de facto book reviewer for the Memphis Flyer, as well as Memphis magazine and Memphis Parent. It’s a gig I’ve cherished and enjoyed, and I fully expect my byline will still appear alongside the occasional book review, if with a somewhat diminished frequency. The downside of being the company […]


“Loki” Spins Off Into The Marvel Multiverse

Every culture needs a god of mischief. For many Native Americans, it was Coyote. In West Africa, it was Anansi. For the Norse, it was Loki.  Most trickster gods have no motivation beyond spreading chaos. They are, as they say on the internet, in it for the lulz. Loki was a little different. He had […]

MEMernet: Follow West Memphis Facebook for Bridge Updates

If you want near-daily updates on the repairs of the Hernando DeSoto Bridge, follow the City of West Memphis on Facebook. The city provides regular updates on the repairs, which range from general updates for the public to technical, in-the-weeds descriptions of the work being done, and images of the work you won’t likely see […]

Leaders Look for Developers to Tackle 100 N. Main Building

It’s the tallest building in Memphis with 37 floors and they’ve all been empty since 2014.

Uncle Henry’s Edges Closer to Moon Lake Return

Since I’m super excited about the iconic restaurant-bar Uncle Henry’s reopening on Moon Lake near Clarksdale, Mississippi – hopefully before July 4th – here’s some more info about it. In addition to being its general manager, Whitney Myers, 35, is the creative force behind the renovated restaurant, says owner Donald Knapp. “We just started discussing […]