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At the Memphis Flyer, we’re committed to being here for you in the best times, and in the most uncertain times. Friends, these are uncertain times. Like so many others, our small, independent local business has felt the effects of COVID-19; we can’t be certain when or if things will return to what we thought of as ‘normal’ even a few months ago.

Even in uncertain times, we’re certain about a few things. We’re always independent. We’re always free — we won’t ever charge you for a copy of the Flyer, or for access to our website. And we strive to keep you informed about and connected to our city..

When this storm passes — and it will pass — we aim to be here for you still. That’s why in this moment, we could use your help. Whether that’s in the form of a few dollars a month or a larger one-time contribution, you’ll be making a difference. Think of this as an investment in our shared future.

If you are not in a position to give financially, there are other ways you can support the Flyer — such as by patronizing and supporting our advertisers, by reading and sharing our work, and by passing along this message to others.

Above all, thank you for being part of our community. We’re in this together.