The Last Word


Suicide Silence

While suicide numbers continue to climb with or without media coverage, American families across ethnic and...


Welcoming immigrants is a core value of the United States.

Take My Children, Bill Lee, and Use Them for Your Glory

Humor writer Joseph Thomas shares a modest proposal in response to Executive Order 84.

Executive Malfunction

State Republicans are undermining local ordinances — and putting Tennessee’s kids at risk.

Safety Town: Be Careful on the Tracks

Trying to “beat the train” is one way to lose big.

We Need to Save Afghans Who Helped Our Troops

Much remains to be done before our country makes good on its promises to those Afghans who stepped forward to serve...

Failure to Move Forward

“What I can do is leave some advice for those who find themselves at the same crossroads I found myself at three...

Born in the U.S.A.

Now that the Fourth of July is past us and we’ve had the usual full-plate serving of ridiculous posturing of how...

King of the Slide

There is no doubt in my mind that children will have to deal with the long-term social effects of the COVID pandemic...

To Get to the Other Side

My son started summer camp a few weeks ago. The camp is maybe six miles from our house, but in Atlanta traffic around...