Record Reviews


Green Onions Redux: ¡Muy Caliente!

This is not your grandma's "Green Onions."

Richard Wilson: Folk Jazz for the Fireside

The songwriter's album brings a mellow-yet-swinging mood courtesy of Royal Studios.

Aaron James’ Debut Ponders the Love We Make

With a hushed delivery, these words and tones take the listener to a very interior place.

J.D. Reager Brings a New Vision to Light with Latest LP

Reager offers a cohesive batch of perfectly raw-yet-crafted pop gems.

SIVAD LIVES: Reissued ’60s Wax by Fantastic Features Host...

Black & Wyatt Records has reissued Sivad's 1963 release on the local Tom Tom label.

The Subteens Get Out Alive — and Then Some

The Subteens first release in 18 years preserves their classic sound.

40 Watt Moon Carries the Torch of Classic FM Pop

Memphis band brings driving rock and discipline.

Mama Honey: Grooves Dug from Raw Memphis Clay

The Memphis power trio is just what the pop world needs.

Memphis-Based Wraysong Records Releases Hyle King...

After a 30-year hiatus, the two-volume collection has been remastered.

Gay Prudes: The Sissy Dicks Laugh All the Way Through...

Taking pride in harmony and comedy.