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Sawyer Leads in Clerk Voting

Shelby County is destined to have a new General Sessions Court clerk.

Democrat Dwayne Thompson Exiting State House

Four-term vet had shifted District 96 to Democratic control.

Sullivan in Talks for City CAO Job

Veteran public official is considering return to Memphis to work in Young administration.

Council Resolution Forced Young’s Hand

Mayor’s decision to bestow interim appointment on police chief Davis was preemptive.

Did Lost Codes Compromise the Election?

Defeated candidate makes case to Election Coordinator Phillips.

Janet Hooks Dies at Age 70

Covid suspected in death of beloved public servant.

State AG Defends Appointive Status

"I am a servant of Governor and legislature," says Skrmetti in speech to Memphis Rotary.

It’s Mayor-Elect Paul Young

Concessions came unexpectedly early from the mayoral runners-up.

The Mayor’s Race on Election Eve

It looks to be a dead heat.

Poll Shows Turner Lead, Backers Claim

Recent endorsements may be helping the mayoral candidate.