Memphis Filmmakers Take on School-to-Prison Pipeline with Juvenile Documentary

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Juneteenth Questioned as National Holiday, West Tennessee’s Birthday Poster, Tax Coffers Full, and, Like, A Ton of Tourism Jobs

The Black conservative Project 21 group said making Juneteenth a national holiday could further divide Americans.

Goalkeeper Chaos as 901 FC Secures Victory in Home Opener

It all looked pretty cut and dried when Skylar Thomas thundered home a header to give Memphis the lead in the second half of its home opener at AutoZone Park. Having played with a man advantage for most of the game, all 901 FC needed was to pass the ball around and run down the […]

The Walk on Union Adds Two New Partners

The Walk on Union, a mixed-use smart development formerly known as Union Row, announced the addition of two new partners as progress continues on the project. Allworld Project Management is now on board to lead coordination and logistics, while Flintco joins the team as lead general contractor on the $367 million phase 1.  “This one-of-a-kind […]

The Flow: Live-Streamed Music Events This Week, June 17-23

Now that summer has settled on us like a wet electric blanket, there’s another reason to enjoy music from home: the heat. Luxuriate in the comfort of your air conditioned space, barefoot or wearing only flip-flops! Dial in some tunes from the fine artists and venues below, and see the sonic cornucopia that Memphis has […]