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Re: “Infill Frenzy: More 'Tiny Homes' Could Be Headed for Cooper-Young


I think there are many people who lack fidelity to their fellow citizens who do not sink to the level of racism but who are still bad people.

Is refusing to pay your membership dues as an American in the form of taxes racist? No. But you're still deadbeat, which is just as bad if not worse in it's own way.

The asians have a concept, particularly relevant in the case of Memphis as a good bit of new money coming in is from international investment, called the Lotus.

The lotus grows in the swamp, but rises above the filth and is all the more beautiful because of it; the rot of the swamp is exactly what provides the nutrients that make the beauty of the lotus possible.

You can't claim to believe in rugged individualism and then claim the reason for your mediocrity is freeloaders dragging you down.

A locust is an animal which is the enemy of civilization, because instead of surviving off it's own territory, the locust devours the land it occupies until there is nothing left, then leaves for greener pastures.

Gentrifiers are the human equivalent of locusts. Those who fled Memphis in the post civil rights era are the human equivalent of locusts.

They are not warm nurturers. They are not good parents. They teach this lesson: when the going gets hard, QUIT. Take all you can give nothing back, like a pirate.

I've heard more gunshots in the country than I've ever heard in Nutbush, Frayser, North or South Memphis. I've seen more meth in Millington than I ever saw crack in Frayser. Who has the highest death toll in the state for opiate deaths? It's Nashville, not Memphis.

I don't think people have a moral duty to put themselves at risk for the good of others. I think risk is inherent in life, and those people who endure hardship for the sake of the betterment of themselves and others should be allowed to reap the rewards of their own labors, and not have the fruits of their endeavors stripped from them by human locusts who will move on to the next hot city when there is nothing left of this one.

Posted by FUNKbrs on 05/17/2018 at 4:17 PM

Re: “Infill Frenzy: More 'Tiny Homes' Could Be Headed for Cooper-Young


First you say no one's taking the smart kids out the schools, then you're saying any kid who's smart enough to leave should want to leave.

That's funny, when I was at Raleigh Egypt, I very much got a letter trying to get me to join Craigmont's "Optional" program. I of course didn't go, because I knew class war when I saw it, even as a teen.

But hey, you said no one is draining the best and brightest from our schools.

Why should I let my lived experience trump your unsupported opinion?

Children need good mentors and examples to learn. That's why teachers are so important.

You bring up the virtuosity, but if my child was a virtuoso at a instrument, I would VERY MUCH want my child tutoring less talented children to play. The ability to teach a skill is the ultimate sign of mastery, after all. Furthermore, there are more jobs in teaching than there are in being a virtuoso.

The idea that positive role models create positive outcomes is the exact opposite of absurd. Would you want your child taught a subject by someone who didn't know any more about the subject than your child? Of course not. You would want your child taught by someone who was an order of magnitude more knowledgeable than they person they teach.

Your model is the blind leading the blind. Or perhaps you see yourself more as a one-eyed man in the land of the blind?

Using your logic, why should people feed babies or cripples? What can be gained from it? You can't just FORCE people to altruistic, right?

If a baby wants to learn to walk, why, it should pull itself up by it's the straps on it's little booties, that's the Darwinian way.

If people were intended to nurture each other, why, we'd be born with little holes on our chests to let the weak suck the nutrients from out bodies so they can grow strong.

Oh, wait, this is in fact the case. They're called nipples, and they're part of what make us mammals, and part of what makes us superior to snakes and lizards and other unsavory swamp creatures.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 05/16/2018 at 2:21 PM

Re: “Tennessee Sues OxyContin Maker

Lawsuit? No, nothing that ends in a human death can be handled in anything other than a criminal court.

If someone dies from your negligence, that's manlslaughter. If someone dies from you knowing act, that's murder.

They were warned in 2007 their negligence was causing death. This is murder.

They need to be charged with murder, just like drug dealers on the street who cause an overdose.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 05/16/2018 at 1:25 PM

Re: “City Council Approves $2.5M Renovations to Liberty Bowl Stadium

...but we can't fund city schools. Or county schools. Or any non-private schools.

How about, and I know this sounds crazy, we fund the educational side of schools, and not the recreational side?

You know, so we'll have fewer of these stupid people wandering around everyone seems to enjoy complaining about so much?


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Posted by FUNKbrs on 05/09/2018 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Infill Frenzy: More 'Tiny Homes' Could Be Headed for Cooper-Young


If you take all the smart kids out of the schools, who will set the example for the stupid kids?

If you take all the leaders out of the neighborhood (because it's a "bad" neighborhood") it's going to fall to hell.

There are no such things as good or bad neighborhoods. There are only good or bad people.

If this were not true, gentrification wouldn't work, because the gentrifiers would be turned "bad" by the influences of the "bad" neighborhoods.

But hey, why man up and take responsibility for your actions which completely ignore the basic tenets of human growth and development? Leaders shouldn't be surrounded by followers, no no, leaders must be in a pack of leaders, because as we all know, leadership is about being grouped rank and file with people similar to you.

Wait, no, this is the exact opposite of how it works. In order to be a chief, you must have indians.

When you take the smart best and brightest out of a neighborhood, the leaders become the worst and dullest.

The problem is we have a whole lot of people who think that because they are chiefs, they should not associate with indians. However, by definition what this really means is that they're not chiefs at all, just idiots putting on false heirs wasting the money their families entrusted them with.

We could have renovated the dilapidated areas of town without evicting the residents.

However, there is a certain segment (cough *racists who are still mad about busing* cough) that wants to punish Memphis for being Memphis. The whole "property value" thing is a shell game, because you can SAY a house is worth whatever you want if the value of the house isn't based on the actual value of the house, but value of the people in the houses next to it.

They want to treat property values as a money printing machine, point blank. But in the end, it's just going to create another housing bubble and destabilize the economy just like it did last time, and everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows it.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 05/07/2018 at 9:10 AM

Re: “Infill Frenzy: More 'Tiny Homes' Could Be Headed for Cooper-Young

People often fail to see what they do not want to look at, @barf.

I could quote statistics about how the transient homeless have swarmed portland oregon, california, and new york, as this is the end result of the gentrification model, but of course you are right; once they become transient, they are no longer residents of the cities like Nashville from which they were expelled and thus technically cannot be counted.

There is no Oogle problem in this part of the South. This is why people want to move here. Our poor have quite a bit of contempt for beggars and Oogle beggars are not successful here as they are in other places. However, we will develop an Oogle problem quite quickly if we don't allow low skilled and low wage workers cheap housing to keep them incentivized to continue to protect the rest of our community from various types of Oogle.

What is an Oogle? The fact this plague is not more well known here is exactly why the South is so blissful. Oogles are the politically motivated/drug addicted grifters you often see in the dead zones left behind after gentrification, where low wage workers simply cannot afford rent and thus work as a whole becomes viewed as a contemptible use of time.

Fashionable incentivized homelessness can be used as justification for mental disability claims against the federal government, and, once obtained, a disability check means an Oogle is set for life, and supplied with all the doctor prescribed psych drugs medicaid will pay for.

However, by keeping rents low, the lynchpin of the Oogle archetype is removed. If low rents are available for low wage workers, they never have a justifiable claim of being unable to support themselves. They have to work low wage jobs instead, and they develop contempt for grifters who do not work such as Oogles, instead of sympathy. Without tolerance and handouts from the local community, the Oogles cannot take root, and must travel to cities with more generous locals who will supply them with the handouts they need.

Posted by FUNKbrs on 05/04/2018 at 9:59 AM

Re: “Infill Frenzy: More 'Tiny Homes' Could Be Headed for Cooper-Young

I wouldn't call driving the poor out of the city with high rent to artificially reduce the number of poor "decreasing the poverty rate." Just because they're also now homeless doesn't make them any less poor.

It does make them easier to ignore statistically, though.

And that really is the end goal, right? Reduce the poor to numbers, then you don't feel so guilty when you delete them.

You can't just go around treating those dirty poors with dignity and living wages; nope, just run them out and get a bunch of trust fund babies from inflated coastal economies who don't pay their rent with work money anyways.

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Posted by FUNKbrs on 05/03/2018 at 10:44 AM

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