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Re: “County Commissioners Say "Muni's" Issue is Now Ripe for Court Intervention

Sorry for the grammar error. It should be here and not hear.

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Posted by harley1953 on 06/28/2012 at 1:51 AM

Re: “County Commissioners Say "Muni's" Issue is Now Ripe for Court Intervention

I said I would not post hear again but I am breaking my word today. This will also be my last post here. I finally realized today that reading the comments here and reading and replying to the comments on the CA are truly detrimental to someones sanity. People constantly try and get their points across to people and it is a back and forth game. There are a few posters here that I believe are intelligent and post facts. Some of those people are ArlingtonPop, GrowReb84, KenHoover, and I think BJC123. And one person that I feel is very intelligent and a credit to our country. HOMER. Forgive me if I missed anyone. These people go out of their way and research and post evidence of their comments unlike some people here.
On the other side of the coin we have OTF, see I didn't even call him a fool. The man has absolutely no class, is the biggest racist and bigot and liar I have ever had the misfortune to come in contact with.
Bruce I have emailed you a few times and you seem like an intelligent person. BUT for the life of me I do not understand why you do not ban OTF. It seems you have lost some good commenters on your paper because of him. I know you banned ESAU for whatever he said about a friend of yours that passed. You read the posts from OTF and you still don't ban him is mind boggling. He is just an instigator and a self proclaimed hater of white people.
Last but not least is MA. Is that really your picture. If it is that explains a lot. As for your profession I believe all of your comrades and you are like Corey B. Trotts, ambulance chasers. Your profession is a curse on this country. I know I know everybody hates lawyers until you need one. That is probably true and thank God I have never needed one. I had really considered becoming a sleaze ball when I got out of the service in 75. I even took a couple of pre-law courses at Memphis State then. I even went down to the courts and watched your profession at work. Lawyers that looked like they slept in their suits and appearing hung over. I quickly changed my major to engineering. Thank God.

Well I guess I have gotten everything off my chest. There are some people here that I have communicated with via email and have enjoyed what they have had to say. I will miss their knowledge on articles. I hope I hear from them again. But you guys are really wasting your time and effort going up against a moron that has no idea of reality, common sense and is a proven liar. Has he EVER admitted he was wrong? And he never will. He is a waste of your time.
I am now going to the CA and basically post the same thing. I know no one is going to miss a 58 year old dumb biker's comments but I tried to be informative to some people but there are a lot of really stupid people out there. You know the old saying about a horse and water.
Bruce if you poof this I will not know but i will understand.

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Posted by harley1953 on 06/28/2012 at 1:48 AM

Re: “Blood Feud? Or: The Art of Shelby County Redistricting (Cont'd)

I apologize. I quit. Have fun with him. I will read but will not post. Sorry for the problem.

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Posted by harley1953 on 12/31/2011 at 6:07 PM

Re: “Blood Feud? Or: The Art of Shelby County Redistricting (Cont'd)

OTFOOL Moron of the decade. First off it was not just the Southern states against busing. For once in your life do just a little bit of reading and not what you just pull out of your ass. Why don't you tell us why was there rioting in the streets up north about busing? Go to the library and look at what happened in Boston and other LARGE cities.
And there again you just kind of pick and choose what you answer. Nothing about places charging now instead of being free. You not posting anymore at CA. You and Chism wanting to 'stick it' to 'ol whitey. Everyone here does not know you are a jail house lawyer, with a degree in Business, political science, history, and hundreds of other degrees we are waiting for you to educate us poor stupid people on. As I have said before all of my comments are a matter of record and I stand by all of them as FACT not like yours being bull$hit. No one ever comes back to say my posts are incorrect. I did make the mistake of saying I fought for your right to say what you say. BUT I APOLOGIZED AND SAID I WAS WRONG TO SAY THAT. The "CONFLICT" was not about our rights. BUT I said I was wrong. If you ever did that I think your racist, bigoted, moronic head would explode. Look at ALL the people here that have handed your hat to you and you keep spewing your lies. You are just too stupid to learn.

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Posted by harley1953 on 12/30/2011 at 10:33 PM

Re: “Blood Feud? Or: The Art of Shelby County Redistricting (Cont'd)

OTFOOL you flip flop more than a fish out of water. You constantly lie. And the proof is in your posts. I've lost count on how many times you have said you wanted to 'stick it' to the whites. You and Chism. Or 'now you know how we have felt for 300 years'. And the list goes on and on. Look at the other comments about YOU. You don't fool anyone here. What's the matter with you posting at the CA. I know you being 'middle class' you just couldn't afford the money to post your racist crap. It was just a coincidence you stopped posting when the paywall started. This is FREE so you came here. And you keep putting race into this. Did I say AA at the zoo? No you did. What about the Barbeque Cook Off? It used to be free to watch until undesirables, ie bums, thugz and trash started going there a lot. And you always preach majority rule when it suits you. Majority does not rule in our society you moron. The legislature makes the laws and the SUPREME COURT, not the majority of citizens, say whether it is a just law. THE majority did not want busing but it happens, they don't want this high debt but it's here. Look at Arizona the majority voted for the tougher immigration laws as did other states but YOUR prez didn't want it. Look at all the laws voted on by referendum in California which have been overturned. Don't come back with "YOU A LIE". All anyone has to do is go to the CA and look up your posts and see I'm telling the truth about you. People here have said the same thing.

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Posted by harley1953 on 12/30/2011 at 3:27 PM

Re: “Letters to The Editor

I agree completely. They should ban all cellphone activity while driving. I think cellphones are one of the best and worst inventions ever. It has to be one of the rudest things around. I'm a tech guy so I love what they are capable of doing. But that doesn't mean everyone should be using them 24/7 especially driving a one ton moving weapon. An example is my wife. I beg her not to use her phone while driving. She is a prime example for not using one while driving. She wrecked my truck with her car while in the two car driveway. AND SHE WASN'T ON THE PHONE!!!! Listening to the radio or having a simple conversation with someone in your vehicle while maintaining 100% thought on driving is acceptable. Yeah I'm an old fogey and I ride a Harley and I for dam sure wouldn't talk on a phone (handsfree or not) while riding.

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Posted by harley1953 on 12/29/2011 at 7:43 PM

Re: “Blood Feud? Or: The Art of Shelby County Redistricting (Cont'd)

Also what do you see when you see a bi-racial couple? You see black and white and hate. Most people see two people that most likely love each other and their children. You can't see that. And it is a shame. And no there are no 'CODE WORDS' in my statements meaning racism. Life's too short dude to hate 24/7/365. But you will anyway

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Posted by harley1953 on 12/29/2011 at 7:23 PM

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