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Re: “Letter from the Editor

Why is it always the "evil white man" every single article you ever put n the paper says the same thing......... Go back to school......better yet go teach at some liberal college like USC Berkley. If you insist upon writing then at least give us a better argument that white populism!

Posted by jsimon on 11/04/2010 at 11:05 AM

Re: “Anchor Babies

Packrat, after reading many of your posts on multiple articles one theme comes back over and over....the white this and that, i have to agree with cdog you sir are a racist. I was taught long ago by a black woman who is like a second grandmother to me that racists come in all colors. You blame everything bad on white middle and upper class people, It makes me sad that in this day and age someone such as yourself is the way they are in those aspects. I don't see people as colors but rather judge them on actions. America is great in that anyone can make themselves into a success story......many many legal immigrants have. Yet here we have you a man who's not an immigrant that would rather point his finger at a group of people based on what.......the fact that they are successful......no, the fact that they have opinions other than yours ......no, you choose their skin color. To base your opinions. I was under the impression that all conservatives especially the tea party people were the racists according to the liberals I meet, funny it took a liberal who is a rascist to prove that to be false, I will pray for you, asking for forgiveness for your bigotry. By the way I do have many liberal friends, none of them have based their arguments on half truths and opinions such as you have, most concede the democratic party has lost it's way, and most do not like Obama care or illegals reaping the benefits of their hard work

Posted by jsimon on 09/16/2010 at 12:12 AM

Re: “Anchor Babies

Illeagals under the new healthcare laws are covered by Obama care, thus they are covered by my taxes, and the taxes of all of the people in this country that work. Given that Obama care will bankrupt the country how can this not be a major issue? Independently wealthy.....I think not I have worked my entire life bettering myself, I am upper middle class thru my hard work and my hard work only. Any man or woman in this country who has done the same should be upset and angry with the present status quo. I also was a die hard republican for years, however due to the issues that have been forced upon this country by both parties, ESP since Obama. I now consider myself a constitutionalist. Our fore fathers are rolling in their graves right now, at the pure audacity of our politicians in general. To say the tea party is wrong is to take sides with the present group we have in office, many who have been there for 2 or more terms. The tea party is more a group of conservatives screaming out their displeasure at the idiots in office, will it cause change overnight........no and anyone who thinks so is a fool. But what they have done is get their voices out to those politicians saying we are hold you responsible. I would personally have more respect for democrats if they had formed their own group with the same battle cry.....but the didn't instead they accept the status quo like sheep. I also hate to tell you but it was the democrats that loosened the lending practices leading to the housing bubble, to deny that is a farce in itself.

Posted by jsimon on 09/13/2010 at 10:14 PM

Re: “Anchor Babies

pack rat, corporate masters......really, wow that's really a dumb statement! Guess the whole world is involved in 1 great conspiracy to keep the man down also huh? Also it wasn't the banks that wanted to give out loans to people who could not afford them, it was your beloved democrats who mandated that banks and lending agencies (fanny & freddy) would lend money under federally backed laws that forced the housing bubble in the first place. Don't blame that one on conservatives! It is also not the conservative who are paying tax payees money to the unions right now via the SEIU and teachers unions. In regard to Illegals here to work......your illegal I don't care if you work or not your not paying taxes, get out. And in terms of "your country" in what way have you served your country? Think long and hard there, people like you don't serve anything but your own self righteous crap, you think your helping by feeding your own ego with the crap that you post. Do you really think your helping make America better by bashing other Americans who believe the best course of action is going back to true constitutionalism, the federal government was meant for the providing of defense, and diplomacy not the bloated welfare state that we are right now. Tell me your kids and your kids kids are going to be better off with a bankrupt country, if you say yes then I think you really need to take a long hard look at your life. I will respect your opinions, but to me your everything that is wrong with this country right now, "spend till we have nothing, but I feel good about myself right now

Posted by jsimon on 09/13/2010 at 5:14 PM

Re: “Anchor Babies

The question is not one of legal immigrants, do you not understand the question is why should working tax paying Americans pay for illegals, and all the benefits they receive including schooling, welfare, and now healthcare. Wake up you idiots do you not understand no one cares about legal immigrants they pay taxes! or better yet how about we Americans just pay 99.9 percent taxes and just send all of our money to every other country and their people and all just kick back and enjoy our social utopia where the wealth is spread to everyone, including the lazy assholes. If you truly believe that, get out of our country and move to Cuba

Posted by jsimon on 09/13/2010 at 3:45 PM

Re: “Anchor Babies

I think people need to understand that most people are all for any immigrant that comes to this country legally, and works hard to make something of themselves. What's is pissing people off the the assumption that just because this is America, it means we are gonna support your lazy ass and the 15 kids you have or intend to have, to ensure we don't kick you out of our country. There is a legal way to go about becoming an American citizen, if your too damn lazy to get off your rear and make an effort to do so, then why in the hell should we give a damn about you! Legally speaking if your not a damn citizen you have no rights!

Posted by jsimon on 09/13/2010 at 2:46 PM

Re: “The Rant

So let me get this straight if I buy property in the middle of the grand canyon and get all the proper zoning permits, and then decide to put up a great big neon sign that is also readable from space that says "all liberals are sheep of the democratic party" then I have the right to desecrate a national treasure! just as a group of Muslims have the right to desecrate a place where Americans were slain by fanatical Muslims! My question for you is why do you hate my country so much packrat, and why are you still living here?

Posted by jsimon on 09/02/2010 at 6:28 PM


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