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Re: “Anna Mae He Case is Resolved

Anna Mae's "plight", Scott Enk, has been the denial of her right to be raised by her parents, Jack and Casey He - the denial of her right to know and grow up with her own brother and sister - the denial of her right to know and love her extended family in China. Your maudlin and self-indulgent meanderings are nothing short of a disgrace. The kindest thing you could do now is to leave this child and her family alone - and stop your silly posing as some sort of "expert" in child welfare matters. It is right and good that Anna Mae is now away from the Bakers. The tragedy is that this should have happened years ago. I hope her legacy will be that no other child and no other parents will ever have to endure such injustice. Child stealing is wrong. Period.

Posted by Mary Mackenzie on 07/21/2007 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Anna Mae He Case is Resolved

That statement by Larry Parrish exemplifies the truly unhinged thought patterns that have dominated this case - and which have resulted in a child's cruel and needless separation from her parents and siblings. That it was allowed to happen at all is a sad and savage indictment of an unholy combination of corruption, greed and - on the part of the authorities in Tennessee - an attitude of inertia and laissez-faire. If Larry Parrish believes that this, his most recent outpouring of rubbish and narcissism, brings any credibility and justification to his and the Bakers' cruel campaign to steal a child from good and loving parents - he is sadly deluded. The best thing that he and the Bakers can do now is to butt out of the He Family's life - and cease using Anna Mae as some sort of a 'poster child' for those 'foster carers' who would seek a convenient shortcut to adoption simply by playing the system to their advantage when parents whose lives are temporarily undergoing crises entrust their children to such unscrupulous individuals. Quite apart from the cruelty experienced by Anna Mae and the Hes, this case has done so much harm to the whole issue of foster care. A sacred trust was betrayed by the Bakers - and that is unforgivable. Shame on them! And shame on Larry Parrish for encouraging them in their greed!

Posted by Mary Mackenzie on 07/20/2007 at 2:01 PM

Re: “Read the Anna Mae He Ruling — From the Source

"And out of the eighty-thousand hours of her whole life, the He's only spend eighty hours with her." Yes, Sparrowscall - and why do you think that might have been so? Ummm,let's see now - could it have been because the Bakers effectively, and pretty much continuously, thwarted the Hes' attempts to visit with their daughter and did their utmost to ensure that bonds were never allowed to form? And what a reliable source of information Ms Mullins' daughter must be to be able to impart such insight into this case! Such silly and subjective comments bring nothing constructive to the very serious debate relating to Anna Mae in particular - and to the issue of reuniting children with their birth families after time spent in foster care in general. I would have thought that the Hes' dogged determination in fighting for their child's return over this prolonged time, in the face of hardship and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, clearly demonstrates their love for their firstborn child. So, disowning their daughter? Loving the media attention more than their child? I think not!

Posted by Mary Mackenzie on 05/25/2007 at 1:38 PM

Re: “Read the Anna Mae He Ruling — From the Source

"Justice delayed is justice denied." I can't remember the name of the person who originated that quote - but it resonates just as much today as it did when first uttered. It is encouraging to see that most of the comments regarding the long-overdue court ruling which returns Anna Mae to her parents clearly recognise the sheer nastiness of the Bakers' conduct for what it is - a gross betrayal of the trust placed in those who FOSTER children while those children's own parents are temporarily unable to care for them. Sad then, that a small minority seem to feel that the Bakers have been hard done by. Those who support them should stop and consider how THEY might feel, if they were to fall upon hard times and maybe need to have their children looked after by others while they tried to get their own lives back in order. Those among us who are older know full well that life can kick you in the teeth when you least expect it - and that bad luck is no respecter of personal circumstances, wealth, creed, gender or nationality. The Hes couldn't have anticipated the chain of devastating events which would follow, one after the other, upon their arrival in Tennessee. An unfounded accusation of rape, a loss of placement and income - even though there was ultimately no criminal case to answer, an attack on Mrs He when pregnant with Anna Mae, the subsequent birth of a premature baby in desperate need of expensive medical care - oh, the list goes on! But surely their greatest misfortune was in placing their trust in a so-called Christian couple who promised to look after their beloved child until they got back on their feet - and who then used every trick in the book to steal that child. They were the proverbial wolves in sheep's clothing. Some of those who would advocate keeping Anna Mae in the clutches of the unscrupulous and treacherous Bakers should try walking in the shoes of the Hes - and pray that they themselves never encounter misfortune, never need help when they are far from home and reliant on the kindness of strangers. Anna Mae's return to her parents must not be delayed any further - the definitive ruling has been made by the Supreme Court and it is time for the Bakers to show some true Christianity and let her go to her family without threats of any further attempts to thwart the court's decision.

Posted by Mary Mackenzie on 03/21/2007 at 11:37 AM

Re: “What Will AMH Think?

The last two postings on the fate of Annna Mae make disturbing reading. Do I understand that, even though the Tennessee Supreme Court has made its ruling abundantly clear regarding the Hes' regaining custody of their daughter - and that the Federal Supreme Court will not intervene, the Bakers and Larry Parrish can effectively filibuster the whole reunification process to such an extent that Anna Mae remains in the clutches of these child-stealers - for that it what the Bakers are - until Anna Mae is a young adult? If that is indeed so, what does this say about justice? And what sort of a signal will it be sending out to any other unscrupulous people who might be tempted to help themselves to someone else's child - and use or abuse the court system to achieve their ends? I have seen this case compared to that of Elian Gonzalez, whose relatives in Little Havana shamelessly used that poor child as a propaganda tool against Castro. They were utterly and deliberately blind to that little boy's need to be reunited with his dad - and it did seem that the authorities allowed that state of affairs to drag on for far too long, before he eventually had to be rescued by the Federal authorities. He was to all intents and purposes a hostage. And, as I recall, right-wing political opportunists even tried to have Elian Gonzalez given American nationality, in their efforts to keep him in Miami. How sickening! And now it seems that, once again, opportunists are using Anna Mae and her family in a similar manner. Why should this child and her parents be treated so badly? The Bakers abused the trust placed in all those people who foster children when their own parents are TEMPORARILY unable to care for them. We have fostered many children over the years while their own parents have faced illness, unemployment, lack of housing, loss of a job - or others of the misfortunes that life throws up to many of us from time to time. If you are to do your job as a foster parent decently and properly - then yes. You will grow to love those children - and you will feel pangs of loss and sadness when their parents are able to take them home again. That is only natural. But while you experience such emotions, you also have great joy in knowing that you have given those children a secure base while their parents' lives have been in turmoil - and that, in so doing, you have earned their parents' eternal gratitude for such nurturing. You do NOT make those children feel ashamed of their backgrounds and terrified of their own mothers and fathers. You do NOT parade them in front of the media, paying them $5 for every 'answer' they give which might depricate their ethnicity. Above all, you do NOT act as thieves in the night - seizing an opportunity to use fostering as a backdoor means of adoption - to use your comparative financial security and knowledge of how to play the system in order to beat off the child's own parents. It is the grossest betrayal of trust that I can imagine. I only hope the courts of Tennessee expedite the reunification of Anna Mae with her family - and stop allowing the Bakers and Larry Parrish to use this child any longer. Again I ask - now that the definitive ruling on Anna Mae's care has been delivered by the Supreme Court - do the Hes have to put up with any more delays? They are their daughter's legal guardians - and that should be the beginning and end of it.

Posted by Mary Mackenzie on 03/13/2007 at 10:11 AM

Re: “What Will AMH Think?

This longstanding child custody dispute has been making the news over here in Britain - and rightly so. Sadly, our own family courts can be just as susceptible to the sorts of unscrupulous actions that the Bakers and their attorney have employed in order to steal someone else's child - so I'm not suggesting that Tennessee's legal system is alone when it comes to allowing racial prejudice and money take precedence over doing what is fair and right for children. However, it is disturbing that the visits between anna Mae and her parents are to take place under such strictly monitored conditions - supervised by people who have ill-judged and preconceived notions of China and its people. And I find it unbelievable this child, who has already had a dislike of anything Chinese - and a fear of her own mother - firmly entrenched in her mind by the duplicitous Bakers, should be remaining in their clutches for the duration of these scheduled visits. How easy it will be for them to continue their brainwashing and then assert that Anna Mae is being terrorised by having to meet with her own flesh and blood. Why has the court not ruled that she should live somewhere neutral during the reunification process - where she could continue to have links with both families, while not being pressurised by the Bakers? And just how long is this process of reunification to take? Anna Mae needs to be quickly reintroduced to - and intigrated with - her own family. No more shillyshallying! But the issue that really concerns me is this. The Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that Anna Mae is to return to her real parents. And as I understand it, the Federal Supreme Court will not interfere with that ruling. Therefore her parents now have legal custody. Can they actually be legally prevented from taking Anna Mae home with them after the meeting on Thursday - or at any time during these coming weeks? i really wonder how the Bakers have the cheek to call themselves christians. Perhaps a re-reading of the Ten Commandments would not come amiss. Or do they think that loving your neighbor need not apply if you are not white and do not have English as your first language? They should hang their heads in shame - such greedy, greedy people.

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Posted by Mary Mackenzie on 03/12/2007 at 7:15 AM


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