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Re: “Game On!

Just keep this in mind : The phrase is "Jack In The Box"....NOT...."Fart On The Crocs". Could you ALL....PREeesszzzee remember that next time? As for THIS time: FIRE ON THE POLE, DAHLING! Fire on the pole.

Posted by Michael Sturm on 04/18/2007 at 3:10 PM

Re: “Fly on the Wall

If I could explain what the realpolitik behind the reason for Black Snake Moan it would make you sick. The Idea of Black Snake Moan makes me sick, incidentally. Nigger bangin'-on "Windsday" dosen't even begin to cover it. You know : How the symbol of a little girl growing-up to be molested or otherwise symbolically perverted is what L.A. politics is rife about....What you could fail to protect because a little girl needs to "Come Up" in the world is what it's a boiling-down too. While "they" are chaining Wendsday Addams too the radiator you might as well be chaining every father of a gifted child to the one on the other side of the room where "We All" may view her serial rape and molestation at the hands of a proxy...a bought-and-paid-fa nigga. The subject setting that sponsors the "Hero Subject's" subjugation, ( Ricci...) becomes a metaphysical cyanide tablet poisoning all available victims into a state of grace through the torture and victimisation. Thereby using the venue of a theatrical event to manufacture consent for child molestation by proxy. Ring any bells?....You may have heard that Los Angeles if full of creepy freaks. Well, IT IS ; and they are all about "Making The World Into A Whore" just because they are the type of people who buy whores; and what that comes to mean about their hidden desire to pervert the purity of a small child's innocence all along....It's L.A. pseudo-political satanisim at it's nastiest; and those critics know what's really up with it.

Posted by Michael Sturm on 03/08/2007 at 3:46 PM

Re: “Cohen vs. Colbert: Now Let’s Have the Rematch!

Memphis life is just a study in futility. Not a closed-circuit or moot point.... I think that the real problem is that Tennessee, as a whole, WAS apart of some conpiratorial and illegal effort to undermine the temerity of the purity in the democratic standards which the United States represents academically and clinically to the world theatre. For civilised advancement through consistent and progressive efforts. Therefore a repeatable process once proven effective....Which simply boils-down to a conversation that a few evil people had about how Tennesse was going to shape-up in the New Reich Order that the rest of us must guess about; and affords a dividend to the enemy in a high-degree of deniability that anything foul like that ever happened at all....The real trancendant issue of "America" as a subject on the world stage in values and elevation in civilisation is as it's assertion of fact as a worthy tool for advancement. "The Reich" did not make that cut as a formulaic process of governence in the eyes of the indigenous german government at the end of World War II by vote; and they knew everything that there WAS to know about the whole of it....many were obesant too The Reich because it simply was their governemnt for a time. For them I'm sure the idea is that you must do what The Law says. Ideally, The Teutonic effort is framed like a machine made of administration alone. "Gotta Do What The Cops Say".....So, I think that the place Tennessee had in this now-illegal continuation of sponsorship for this ineffective administrative mode was simply not picked-up by the co-ordinating "Reich Supporters" in the right place. Certainly not for any lack of effective posturing as "Wanna-Be Evil Nazi Types", however. That renders a price from needless suffering without the known-puncline to "The Joke" that becomes a wasted life in-hand while serving......So, the portion where it lies applicably-connecting to The Articles of Confederation for the "Party Guys Process" is in legally-supported interfacing through, I suppose, county/'area' community-consular creation for the purposes of self-support by taxation extortion-based legislation then verticle ratification of confederated agreements. Thus providing the necessary organisational identification to the waiting Reich co-conspirators in Tennessee legislature at all positions.... This never having been effectively-done by Reich supporters; administrative synchronisation with the specificities of The Tennessee Constitution can't be completed....Finally, we come to this lovely situation here. Where the whole mess lies like a squirming frog in formaldahyde for someone who supports US constitutional formulas to fix, dissect, or know....break.

Posted by Michael Sturm on 03/03/2007 at 1:47 PM

Re: “Memphis Outlasts UTEP, 78-67

I hope that coach Calipari remembers that the outside conspiracy that works against the University of Memphis boils down to 'noteriety' for the Tigers during the regular season until Sweet Sixteen. Then somebody throws-out the clutch; and rushes the BCS door. In-between there must be the few, the unseen, the schedule-makers casting the yearling stones for all......"What would The Gestapo come too say; and how much would That come too pay?"

Posted by Michael Sturm on 03/03/2007 at 1:07 PM

Re: “Grizzlies News: Pau Trade Talk and a Heisley Interview

Yeah; I suppose it wouldn't be "costco stadium-effective" of me to try to re-assemble Shane and Pau for my second-term scoring stumblers. After all I'm just a number-cruncher from The Mint trying to find-out where I'm making money out of The Hawks besides selling tickets. That does, I suppose, make me stupid about big-time basketball....Really, I could take alot of teams apart by rotating walk-ons for Ten-too-fifteen thou a game...(...keep the suit). It's hard-after all for a hustler to make $15,000 a game on the playground. None of those guys would have "The Cheatsheet"; and , obviously, neither would I. Then I can bring back-on my first team. Nobody can adjust to a two-team game in the NBA.

Posted by Michael Sturm on 02/20/2007 at 2:52 PM

Re: “Faith-Based Initiative

I've got about seven minutes to blow-you-up. The less my critical number exceeded the the amount-to-be-gained through being "bonded"...repeatedly...Then I was simply remanded to a fraudulent court process for isolation and torture. Which generates a huge identification database that can....and in Los Angeles IS...used for I.D. theft portions of high-end federal fraud schemes. My time as a wretched-poor in Memphis rendered worthless and trodden-upon while I was there. The entire Shelby County Government is under license for extermination, as far as I'm conerned. The idewa that such things are conducted in THE city MLK was assasinated is beyond gaul. You are History.

Posted by Michael Sturm on 02/15/2007 at 2:55 PM

Re: “Is Memphis Too Timid for its Own Good?

Whoever wrote the "semi-autobiography" of my personality-type...{ Insert gay guy from Disney }...had it right about me on one thing : Memphis Is A Suck-Hole. I've been too ridiculous cities all over the Suck-Hole Stats and the worst is always memphis. I'll never go back there. You guys stay in your homes and don't get serious abou the most onerous Nazi-Formula New World Order formula and Chris Turner, and The New Shelby County Assesor's office, and their New Butt-Kissing Nigger-Pet will pick you apart, blacken your fur until you bleat for mercy...or assitance... and throw you in jail to rob you of what savings you have left. Then whn the number you have "In Savings" that has been "den-nominated from your possesion by paying $150.oo-at-a-time to extrixcate yourself from tree-month block jail-stays for pissing-on-a-public curb you might as well commit suicide. If, (I'm sorry, "When") I gain my military forces you can be expecting more "Phil"....only for real. You idiots deserve no better than to be governed like a buch of hypnotised idiots in a constant state of martial law. You can't handle a damn thing yourselves....

Posted by Michael Sturm on 02/13/2007 at 2:06 PM

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