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Re: “RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric

Jeff, Colin Powell's presentation to the UN wasn't deceitful but wrong. It is possible to be wrong without lying. Every responsible intelligence service on the planet thought that Iraq still had WMD's, including Russia, France, and Germany, you know those countries who were trying to get us not to invade. Later on, we found that they were trading secretly with Iraq. Egypt and Jordan thought that Iraq had WMD's. Were all of these countries lying? No, they were just wrong and so was Colin Powell. Apparently Bill Clinton thought Iraq still had them when he bombed Iraq. You state repeatedly that your comments are truthful and anyone who had disagreed with you as being deceitful, stupid, and/or clueless. You have also said that I have said that I have misrepresented your statements and also that I am trying to WIN this debate. True debates are not about winning or losing, but about the sharing of idea. Let me put another way, most of my friends, that claim a political party, are Democrats. A couple of them are party activists. We argue all the time, but they are good arguments and manage to not call each other names and say we are making stuff up as we go along. We back up what we say. In this thread I have backed up what I have said with the Congressional Voting Record. You have apparently misstated what I have said was, i.e., "but it was, as you say, the Civil Rights Act that largely sent the old Dixiecrats in droves over to the Republicans, where they remade the party into what it is today." When did I say that? You are the one saying the Dixiecrats went over to the Republicans in droves. NAME THEM. Anyway, the Dixiecrats height in "power", for lack of a better word, was around 1948. When they lost that Presidential election, they went back to the Democratic Party. The main reason many of the Democrats that switched to the Republican Party had a lot more to do with Conservative principles than racism. Remember, that the Democrats have trended more and more to the left since FDR. During the 1960's and 1970's, they began to switch. It may have had something to do with the antiwar movement, maybe, just a little bit. As I said before, it make little sense that segregationists would leave the Democrats to join a part that voted at higher percentage for the Civil Rights Act, if racial politics were the only reason why. "What I find truly interesting is the offence taken by my truthful statements. Whoever doesn't agree with me is stupid or deceitful? That would indeed be a broad brush to paint with, if we were talking about debatable issues. But you are debating from a fundamentally bankrupt position, if you are arguing the modern Republican party doesn't exploit racists feelings and fears. What is more, if you're going to twist my words and misrepresent what I say, then what else should I call it? Need an example?" What exactly isn't debatable? Let's ASSUME just for a moment, that the Republicans exploit racial tensions. The Democrats play the race card every time they get a chance. The Democrats are, at least, just as bad as the Republicans on racism. As far as my family is concerned, what myths are they holding on to? My biggest problem with you is that you really don't say anything and then say things such as, "Tseneau, is there any other kind of julep? No, they aren't all tokens and Uncle Toms. Some are just stupid, as are the many many more stupid poor and middle class white people who vote Republican against their own economic and social interests." Well then, who are the ones that are Uncle Toms, who are the ones who are just stupid, and are there any that get your approval? You also go on to recommend some books by a left wing author. I can recommend several books by conservative authors, such as, Ben Stein, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Bernard Goldberg. I am sure you can come back with an even longer list of authors. I actually don't care for people saying that others need to read certain book like that proves their point. It is like Catholics and Protestants using Chapter and Verse in an argument going nowhere. What I do is look at their endnotes and check their sources when I feel they make a good point. I could go on and on in this post, but I won't. This will be my last post in this thread, because it obvious to me, that in your mind you are right and everyone else is wrong, clueless, and deceitful. You also seem to be more concerned with winning the debate than anything else. So if you want to claim victory, go ahead if that so important to you.

Posted by Philip Todd on 01/07/2009 at 3:06 AM

Re: “RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric

Jeff, you are the one that has been misreading my statements. You made your point that Lincoln would probably not be a modern Republican. However, I have repeatedly state that MY FAMILY has been Republican since they fought for the 7th Tennessee Calvary Regiment, Army of the Tennessee, USA. Answer this simple question, when did my family suddenly become racist? I have not repeatedly stated Lincoln was a modern Republican. I said that once and stated in my previous post I meant to tie that to my family's history. It is also not true that Dixiecrats left the Democrats in droves to the Republican Party. That is blatant misinformation. If that would was true, then Republican would gained much more swiftly than they did, but the facts do bare that out. Saying it a lot does not make it true. If you have any actual facts to back up your claims, please share them. Also, the Democrat Party began to move shift to left under FDR and the New Deal. As you have made great pains to point out the Democrats of yesteryear is not the Democrat Party of today. The primary reason some Democrats left the party was moving to left in most political issues. It also doesn't make any sense that if race was the main reason the Dixiecrats would switch to the Republican Party when they voted 80% for the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Democrats voted about 65% for it. I also think that is interesting that anyone that doesn't agree with you is stupid and/or deceitful. According to you Colin Powell is stupid. I guess being the National Security Adviser and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, the highest military officer, (appointed by George H.W. Bush) isn't good enough for you. He also supported Barrack Obama. Was that being stupid too? I would suggest to you that evidence of having an open mind and thinking for himself.

Posted by Philip Todd on 01/06/2009 at 1:37 PM

Re: “RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric

Jeff, I wasn't aware that the Secretary of State was a token, unimportant position that anybody could do. There is a very real possibility that the next chairman of RNC could be African American. That's not exactly a "just a friend" position. You talk about the racist actions of the Republican Party for decades. What actions are those? And when did they start? Did they start going racist after the vote of 1964 Civil Rights Act where 80% of Republicans voted for it? Democrats kick and scream about how racist the Republicans are to try hide their history on the subject, especially when Sen. Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights Act for fourteen hours. Admittedly I fell short of making one of my points in my original post. I said that my family has been Republican since the Civil War. I should have went on to ask at what point did my family become racist or have they always been racist, since "all Republicans are racist". Please continue with the name calling, insults and general flaming.

Posted by Philip Todd on 01/06/2009 at 2:39 AM

Re: “RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric

Jeff, where did I misread you? You need to better explain what you mean. Have you considered that the problem is not me, but you. If you can't explain yourself clearly, how would you expect anyone comprehend what you saying? Basically, what you have told me is that I am wrong and stupid. That is a common tactic of anyone when they unable to argue the issues. I was taught from an early age that opinions are neither right nor wrong. It only matters how informed they are. That makes me to look at any issue and try to understand issues that I don't agree with. It also allows me to change my opinions over time. I look at the facts and other people's opinions. The facts are that minorities are a part of Republican administrations and two of the six candidates for RNC chairman are African-Americans, Micheal Steele and Ken Blackwell. What specifically does the Republican Party is doing that is racist that the Democrats aren't doing? What specifically would the Republican Party would have to do to stop doing or begin doing to end racism in the Party? If you are going to condemn an entire group because one person, then what does that make you?

Posted by Philip Todd on 01/05/2009 at 1:02 PM

Re: “RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric

Jeff, you are contradicting the point that you trying to make. How are you defining a modern member of any party? You are comparing the times of Hitler to the times of Lincoln and Davis. About seventy years separate the two. It would be better to compare Hitler to other times of our history. How about JFK or Nixon, who has been brought up previously in this thread, and both of whom fought in WWII. If you don't like Hitler for Socialist of choice, how about Stalin? If he isn't "modern" enough, how about most of the Soviet leadership. I think it is intersting when the left has taken control of government whether it be the Soviet Union, South East Asia, or Central America, when they don't like someone that someone has a habit of "disappearing". You're biggest charge against the right wing is that say something that "crosses the line". You are the one that is blind and ignorant about the minorities that choose to serve in Republican administrations. You would think that they would be in a much better position than you to decide for themselves what the best thing to do is. However, since you apparently you know so much more than people that have careers in national politics, they should have given you a call before they made a final decision. I personally like you comment about "their willingness to ignore or pretend to ignore the Republican party's history and platform." Are you kidding me? I could go on for days about the Democrats in that regard and I could start from now and go back as far as you want. For starters, Sen. Harry Reid's comments about who shouldn't replace Obama. We can go back to the Civil Rights Era unless that isn't modern enough for you?

Posted by Philip Todd on 01/03/2009 at 7:43 PM

Re: “RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric

Jeff, what does Hitler have to with anything I have said? Hitler went to war with the Soviet Union, a nation known for socialism, and massacred millions of them too. So please explain what Hitler has to do with anything?

Posted by Philip Todd on 01/01/2009 at 1:40 AM

Re: “RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric

rantboy, if the Republican party is the Klan party then please explain the Cabinet under President Bush. You know people like Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Alberto Gonzales, Carlos Gutierrez, Elan Chao, Rod Paige, Mel Martinez, Alphonso Jackson and Norman Mineta. Clarence Thomas was appointed by Bush 41. If Republicans are so racist, then why do they keep on putting minorities in positions of power? Oh, while we are on the subject of the Klan, Sen. Robert Byrd was an actual member of the Klan. In response to Packrat, I am very much aware of the Southern Strategy. However, that dealt with mainly integration and the Civil Rights movement, as well as, an effort to deal with George Wallace and the other segregationists. Also remember that the two of the last three Democrats elected President since Nixon were from the South, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. I know what the Republican Party was and is now, as well as the other political parties. One thing it is not is racist or please explain why minorities end up in powerful positions under Republican administrations. Saltsman is a moron, however, both Democrats and Republicans have plenty of them. If you need an example, look at Congress.

Posted by Philip Todd on 01/01/2009 at 1:34 AM

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