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Re: “Gay Former Student Sues CBHS for $1 Million

Good for the kid! I hope he wins. Even if he doesn't win, though, if even a shred of what is stated in the Complaint is shown to have actually occurred, then it reflects very poorly on the "Christian" Brothers.

The kid would have had an easier time if he and/or his date were gay AND illegal immigrants. If that were the case, C.B.H.S. probably would have caved for fear of being labeled a racist and C.B.U. would probably have jumped in and offered the kid AND his date full scholarships to college.

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Posted by William J. Clinton on 09/21/2016 at 6:12 PM

Re: “The Seismic Shift in Voting Demographics


I was going to leave. However, I have GREAT NEWS!!!! King Obama has just granted me unlimited, deferred status to stay. So, I get to stay FOREVER!!!. Of course, now I owe a debt of gratitude to King Obama and soon to be Queen Hillary so I am going to vote for Democrats forever and I am going to encourage all my friends and family to vote for Democrats forever.

GREAT, GREAT news all around, don't you agree?

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Posted by William J. Clinton on 08/31/2016 at 4:44 PM

Re: “The Seismic Shift in Voting Demographics

Oh Oak,

So simple,
So rigid and dense,
So full of termites.

It's no wonder that you make so little sense.

Is a misplaced homophone really the best you can come up with? Next, you will be parsing commas. Very sad. I pity you or maybe I should putty you, instead.

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Posted by William J. Clinton on 08/31/2016 at 3:12 PM

Re: “The Seismic Shift in Voting Demographics

Hello Trolling Club Members,

Hil and I are finishing up our trip to the Caymans and are going to make a detour to Hawaii. Do you Trolling Club members want me to bring you back a lei? I know you guys don't get offered those much. The yutes these days just aren't that into old, white men with thick blinders on and who wreak of Vics vapor rub.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a note to say that most of you guys are still missing the mark by a mile. Any mention of limiting immigration based on ethnicity or race was only as a natural product/result of their nationality. Granted that, depending on the demographics of countries, nationality and race/ethnicity may be more or less the same. After all, I don't think there are that many Kurds in Brazil.

Without some numerical limits or quotas of some kind based on something concrete --usually nationality -- how could we possibly have any sort of fair immigration system?? The U.S. and many other countries have and do use quotas.

Otherwise, it would just be a first come, first serve free for all. And the people in the continental neighborhood would always win that "race" (double entendre intended).

Perhaps things got lost in translation in the verbal melee. I'll take some of the blame. Hil has had me shredding e-mails and destroying servers night and day. On the other hand, its pretty obvious that mental rigidity (and almost certainly sexual frustration) are endemic in the Trolling Club.

As the Syrian Latinos say, hasta la vista.

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Posted by William J. Clinton on 08/31/2016 at 2:31 PM

Re: “The Seismic Shift in Voting Demographics


I know you weren't playing - you got played. But my parents taught me to be kind to the elderly.


Congrats on the KY marriage to your brother, Pops. I understand that's a tradition in your family. Explains a lot. Anyway, be careful. Nobody wants flipper kids.

Hil is motioning me to board the private jet we chartered to fly a load of "donations" down to the Foundation account in the Caymans. She gets testy if I don't move fast enough, and she's got a left hook like a professional boxer. So, I gotta go.

P.S. I notice that you responded like 15 minutes after my post. Get out of the house guys. It's just not good to spend that much time communicating with strangers over the internet.

Peace OUT!

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Posted by William J. Clinton on 08/30/2016 at 11:53 PM

Re: “The Seismic Shift in Voting Demographics

Packrat, CL Mullins, Oaktree, ArlingtonPop and anyone else who may belong to their cozy little trolling club:

For the purposes of this post, I am assuming that you are actually 4 real individuals who are just regular readers like me and not 1 person posing as 4 individuals and not 4 employees of the Flyer who get paid based on how many trolls you conduct. Based on the timing and content of your incoherent, idiotic posts, these are rather big assumptions, but I will graciously give you the benefit of the doubt.

Throughout this whole thread, you have shown an amazing capacity to be wrong about pretty much everything. Considering that even a stopped clock is correct twice a day, I can only explain your remarkable feats of inaccuracy and pigheadedness as being caused by:

A. Onset of acute mad cow disease;

B. Onset of acute reefer madness;

C. Patients need to increase the dosage of their blood thinners since enough blood is obviously not reaching what's left of patients' brains;

D. It's an ego thing. Patients just can't stand for someone to horn in on their trolling territory because they think that they own these comment sections, and the comment sections are a big part of their lives -- commonly referred to as "You can't argue with an old man disease."


PROGNOSIS: Terminal. Any further attempts to remove old, white, male blinders from patients faces and brains not recommended as could be fatal.

Thanks for playing, boys. Good luck on your next trolling mission.

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Posted by William J. Clinton on 08/30/2016 at 9:55 PM

Re: “The Seismic Shift in Voting Demographics


I don't know where you are getting the "zero sum game" thing. Who said that anywhere?? Regardless, you've got the "un-American" thing bassackwards. What is un-American and un-democratic is to heavily favor one group (in terms of who gets to immigrate to the U.S.). Those immigration slots should be evenly distributed in some form or fashion to people all over the world (including Latinos) who want to come to the U.S. That's the American thing, the democratic thing to do. And in theory that's what is supposed to be happening under our laws. But in practice, Latinos physically swamp the system. Because of their physical proximity, they can just walk in and wait for someone to make them leave -- which usually never happens.

As for Latinos, the only thing that I've got against them is that they are, by far, the most common, the most prevalent of the cheaters. Whether you call them illegal immigrants or "undocumented workers" as the pro-amnesty people euphemistically like to call them, they are simply cheaters to me. I think something like 60% of the cheaters are from Mexico alone with several more percentage points being from other parts of Central and South America.

Quite simply, if 60%+ of the cheaters were coming from Cambodia or Austria, then I would feel the same way and would be saying the same things about Cambodians and Austrians.

So, this whole thing that you and your top commenters/top troll buddies such as CL Mullins, ArlingtonPop and Oaktree have going that I have some sort of race-based hatred of Latinos is simply not true.

Moreover, the only reason why I started commenting on these Latino immigration stories was after reading one nauseating and much-less-than-completely-honest-and-accurate, yellow journalism story after another by Ashby & LaRosa. Unlike you and your professional, pontificating buddies, I have not and do not comment on other, un-related stories on this site or any other site.

I suppose whoever manages the content of the Flyer also bears responsibility for the pitiful quality of these "Viewpoint" pieces by Ashby/LaRosa as well as some other bad writing by other authors in this column. At the very least, the Flyer could change the name of this column from "Viewpoint" to "Our Favorite Biased Versions of the Truth" or maybe simply to "Glaucoma."

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Posted by William J. Clinton on 08/30/2016 at 2:27 PM

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