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On the Fly: Week of 01/19/24

Your weekly to-do list with the Memphis Flyer (weather-permitting).

MLGW Directs Customers to Conserve Water

The utility has repaired 27 broken water mains since Saturday.

Memphis In May Triathlon Up For Sale

Many pro athletes, including Lance Armstrong, have competed in the MIM Tri.

More Than 100 Birds Euthanized After Being Seized From Duplex

Memphis Animal Services said the birds were “discovered to be kept in cramped cages."

Arctic Blast in Memphis: Immediately No

Memphis is not about this life.

I Am Somebody

An affirmation that has reverberated all these years.


We’ve all been sliced and diced.

Cold Reckonings

Republicans bite the bullet in Iowa; city council has key votes coming up.

Mean Girls

Tina Fey gets a musical adaptation for the 20th anniversary of her breakthrough film.