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Gun Lobby Calls Lee’s Gun Proposal a “Knee-Jerk, Emotional Response”

Says governor is caving to "progressive Democrats and their mobs."

Newly Named “Ducks Unlimited Park” Formalizes for the Future

Future plans include new trails, a welcome pavilion, restrooms, and a dog park.

Pearson is Back!

The County Commission votes 7-0 to return Justin Pearson to the state House.

Governor Calls for Law to Keep Guns From “Dangerous People”

“We can’t stop evil, but we can do something."

OUTMemphis and Nike To Host Queer Youth Field Day

The event is free to the public, and registration is required for entry.

Bottom Lines

Updates on deadlines regarding the mayor’s race; plus, Lowery and Chumney.


Good Trouble

Expelled by the state House, Pearson and Jones continue their fight for gun safety.

Michael Wolff’s Life in Jazz: A Memoir

The musician, raised in Memphis, details his life’s devotion to jazz.

MEMernet: Tennessee Three Edition

The MEMernet reacts to the expulsion of three Tennessee Democrats.